26.02.2020     Victims of political repression

Crimean Tatars proved Crimea did not ask for Russian annexation – and have paid a huge price

It is impossible to overstate the vital role that Crimean Tatars played in upholding Ukraine’s territorial integrity on 26 February 2014, and in preventing Russia from achieving a coup without the open use of soldiers | detail

26.02.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia seeks record sentence against Ukrainian Jehovah’s Witness in occupied Crimea

Russia has marked the sixth anniversary of its invasion of Crimea by proposing to sentence Ukrainian Jehovah’s Witness, Serhiy Filatov, to seven years in a maximum security prison for supposedly “undermining state security” by practising his faith. | detail

25.02.2020     Freedom of expression

Journalists face criminal charges for probing Ukraine police head’s unexplained assets

Criminal proceedings were initiated on 13 February, after journalists took photographs of what they believe to be an undeclared and very expensive vehicle belonging to the First Deputy Head of the National Police, Yevhen Koval | detail

25.02.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russian FSB arrests two Crimean teenagers, claim link with Kerch massacre they missed

The FSB in occupied Kerch have arrested two boys, one 16, the other just a year older, and are claiming to have thus averted terrorist attacks on two educational institutions | detail

24.02.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Stark warning that Russia could use military force to get water for occupied Crimea

Oleksiy Melnyk from the authoritative Razumkov Centre believes that Russia will use blackmail or resort to a military operation to get Ukraine to reinstate water supplies to occupied Crimea | detail

24.02.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia threatens sister of Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev with prosecution for “extremism”

Dilyara Seitveliyeva, sister of veteran Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev, has received a “warning against extremism” from the Russian occupation regime | detail

21.02.2020     News from the CIS countries

Ukrainian political prisoner Vyhivsky imprisoned longer in Russia than his grandfather was under Stalin

Valentin Vyhivsky’s grandfather, Stepan, was released from the GULAG as part of a mass release of political prisoners after Stalin’s death. His grandson has now been held longer by the Putin regime | detail

21.02.2020     Court practices

Ukraine to generously pay “judges” in Russian-controlled Donbas after shock Constitutional Court judgement

Ukraine’s Constitutional Court has issued a shock judgement overturning major parts of the 2016 judicial reforms, making it all but impossible to stop paying judges who have failed qualification assessment, as well as those judges who betrayed their oath by working as ‘judges’ for the Russian proxy ‘Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics’ | detail

20.02.2020     The right to a fair trial

Kyiv court refuses to detain ex-officer accused of killing & wounding unarmed Maidan activists

Former Omega special force officer Volodymyr Kosenko, who is accused of killing one Maidan activist and wounding another, has been placed under house arrest | detail

20.02.2020     Human Rights Violations associated with EuroMaidan

Sombre Anniversary with hopes of justice for Maidan victims waning

It is six years since the last and bloodiest days of Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity (Euromaidan), with the anniversary coming after major upheavals which could jeopardize the fate of most investigations into Maidan crimes | detail

19.02.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russian "experts" claim calls to pray for political prisoners are proof of terrorism

International outrage over Russia’s huge sentences against seven young men from Penza for involvement in an entirely fictitious “Network” is undoubtedly warranted, however frustratingly selective | detail

19.02.2020     The right to liberty and security

Luhansk hostage likely crippled after torture in Russian proxy Donbas “republic”

Ukrainian hostage Roman Sahaidak is in acute pain and may suffer irreparable damage to the spine after the beatings he received by militants from the self-proclaimed ‘Luhansk people’s republic’ | detail


03.02.2020     Implementation of European Law

Letter from the Registrar of ECtHR to the Government’s Agent before the ECtHR

We are publishing a letter from the Registrar of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), Roderick Liddell, in response to a request from the Government’s Agent before the ECtHR, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Ivan Lishchyna. This letter was declassified by the ECtHR and received at the request of a lawyer. | detail

03.02.2020     Implementation of European Law

The New Trial: Kafkaesque Punishment for Cooperation with the ECtHR

By Prof Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou (University of Liverpool), Editor-in-Chief of the European Convention on Human Rights Law Review. | detail


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