14.08.2020     News from the CIS countries

Lukashenko regime’s savagery may be backfiring in Belarus

Belarus is not Ukraine, and any comparison would be foolhardy, however it does seem likely that the shocking savagery that the regime of Alexander Lukashenko has unleashed on peaceful protesters, including many teenagers, has backfired | detail

14.08.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russian court revokes detention of Crimean Tatar civic journalist, but refuses to release him

It has become so standard that ‘courts’ automatically extend detention without trial of Ukrainian political prisoners, that the hearings are scarcely worth reporting. Except when something goes wrong, which is what happened in the case of Osman Arifmemetov | detail

13.08.2020     The right to liberty and security

Belarus initiates ‘mass riot’ criminal charges against detained Ukrainian rights activists

A Belarusian human rights activist has informed Radio Svoboda that the two Ukrainian rights activists brutally detained on 12 August are to face criminal charges over supposed ‘mass riots’. | detail

13.08.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Court in Russia refuses to hear defence witnesses confirming Crimean Tatar political prisoners’ innocence

The Russian court in Rostov first refused to allow four defence witnesses to give testimony once it was ascertained that they had nothing to say against the men, and then expelled Server Mustafayev until the end of the trial after the latter tried to object | detail

12.08.2020     The right to a fair trial

Yulia Kuzmenko released from detention as ‘proof’ of involvement in Sheremet murder increasingly in question

Kyiv’s Court of Appeal has released Yulia Kuzmenko into 24-hour house arrest seven months after the paediatric surgeon and military volunteer was arrested and remanded in custody, accused of involvement in the 2016 murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet | detail

12.08.2020     Politics and human rights

Russia’s fake ‘Ukrainian fascist’ returns to Ukraine to fight against ‘fratricidal’ war in Donbas

Edward Kovalenko has returned to the Kherson oblast seven months after his release was demanded by the Russian-controlled militants in Donbas as part of the 29 December exchange of prisoners | detail

12.08.2020     News from the CIS countries

Belarusian Opposition Presents Broadest Challenge Yet To Strongman Lukashenka After Disputed Election

Belarus does indeed appear to be a new country, one in which opposition to the 65-year-old Lukashenka, who has ruled the country since 1994, is broader and more confident than ever before | detail

11.08.2020     News from the CIS countries

Belarus: ‘I appeal to all Europe: Please help us, because they’re killing my family’

The Lukashenko regime is brutally seeking to crush the huge public protest against the rigged elections on 9 August, with the West at present falling very short of threatening real measures in response | detail

11.08.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Outrage as Ukraine’s government closes administrative border with occupied Crimea

Both the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people and human rights groups are appalled by the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers’ sudden announcement on 8 August that the administrative border between mainland Ukraine and occupied Crimea was to be closed from 9 to 30 August | detail

10.08.2020     The right to a fair trial

High-level sabotage of judicial corruption probe into Ukrainian judges boasting of ‘political prostitution’

Several weeks after Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU} publicly issued the most shocking allegations of judicial corruption and rigged court rulings, Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova has still not ordered the suspension of the judges implicated | detail

10.08.2020     News from the CIS countries

Belarus: Peaceful protester killed in violent crackdown after claimed Lukashenko victory

There were scenes of violence late on Sunday evening from the centre of Minsk, with police and military using rubber bullets, stun grenades, tear gas and water cannons at what appeared to be peaceful protesters | detail

07.08.2020     Human Rights Violations associated with EuroMaidan

Top post in Zelensky administration given to Yanukovych era police official implicated in Maidan crimes

Maidan lawyers and civic organizations have reacted with outrage to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s appointment of Oleh Tatarov as Deputy Head of the Office of the President | detail


12.08.2020     Privacy

The electronic communications law will allow the State to request the confidential information from phone users

It could be said that adopting the Draft Law 3014 in such a state is impossible, and the need for it is doubtful in principle, given that the communications market successfully regulates itself. | detail

11.08.2020     Penal institutions

On the readiness of the penitentiary system of Ukraine to counteract the spread of COVID-19

Currently more than 52 000 persons are detained in penitentiary institutions and pre-trial detention centers in Ukraine, according to the information from the Ministry of Justice. Add to this number 28 000 of employees and we will receive the real picture that indicates another risk group that must be kept in sight when we talk about counteracting COVID-19. | detail

05.08.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Ukrainian Orthodox Church in occupied Crimea under imminent threat following Russian Supreme Court decision

A week after Archbishop Klyment was threatened with criminal prosecution if he did not demolish a Ukrainian Orthodox chapel in Yevpatoria, Russia’s Supreme Court has taken a decision which places in jeopardy the very existence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in occupied Crimea | detail

03.08.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

The price of PACE capitulation to Russia: Soaring number of Crimean Tatar and other Ukrainian political prisoners

As of July 2020, Russia is holding a record number of political prisoners, with over 100 of these Ukrainian citizens, and is threatening to ‘extradite and imprison’ foreign nationals who correctly tell them that Crimea is Ukrainian. | detail

06.07.2020     The right to a fair trial

Ukraine taken to European Court over Sheremet murder trial by press conference

Andriy Antonenko asserts that his right to a fair trial has been gravely violated, among other things by the public pronouncements made at a press briefing attended by the President, Prosecutor General, Interior Minister and Head of Police | detail


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