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Russia wants other countries to arrest Crimean Tatar activist for calls to #LiberteCrimea

Five years after invading and annexing Eskender Bariev’s homeland, Russia wants to imprison Bariev for objecting, which it refers to as making ‘public calls aimed at violating Russia’s territorial integrity’. | detail

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Why are Ukrainian pensioners from Donbas forced to fight or die for their pensions?

At least ten pensioners have died this year alone at the checkpoints between areas under the control of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics’  and government-controlled Ukraine.  While the death certificate may well give ‘natural causes’, the conditions in which the 70-year-old man on 7 February, and nine others died were anything but normal.  | detail

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Russia moves political prisoner Balukh from Crimea in new revenge for Ukrainian Flag

Ukrainian political prisoner Volodymyr Balukh has been moved from a Crimean prison to Russia, with the gruelling journey to Russian Krasnodar likely to be dragged out for up to a month | detail

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Russia claims “more freedom of speech in Crimea than in Europe”, while silencing another Ukrainian journalist

Three days after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov publicly claimed that anybody can come to Crimea and see that there are no violations of human rights, Russia banned another Ukrainian journalist from Crimea for reporting on political prisoners | detail

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Ukraine to answer to ECHR for five years’ sabotage of Maidan investigations

Five years after the bloodiest days of Euromaidan, the families of the slain [Nebesna Sotnya] are planning to seek justice at the European Court of Human Rights | detail

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The Facts about Anti-Semitism in Ukraine that Russia doesn’t want known

There have been no acts of anti-Semitic violence in Ukraine over the last two years and relatively little anti-Semitic vandalism.  This lack of news would not be worth reporting if it wasn’t for the constant claims that the opposite is true, as well as evidence that paid provocateurs have been used to simulate hate crimes | detail

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Crucial hearing in Russia cancelled to block gravely ill Ukrainian student Hryb’s doctor testifying

The latest ‘court hearing’ in Russia’s trial of Pavlo Hryb lasted all of two minutes on 18 February.  Neither the prosecutor nor the interpreter had turned up in what was clearly a planned move to prevent Hryb’s doctor publicly spelling out how Russia is placing the young man’s life in jeopardy | detail

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Russia repeats lies about Crimean Tatars used by Stalin to justify the Deportation in school history textbook

Over 50 years after the Soviet Union formally refuted the lies about Crimean Tatars that Joseph Stalin used to justify the 1944 Deportation, Russia has reinstated them in a school history textbook + Update | detail

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Russian could face terrorism charges for defending Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov

Since the internationally condemned charges concocted against Sentsov and three other Ukrainians were of ‘terrorism’, Viktor Kotov, a municipal council deputy and activist, could face criminal prosecution for supposed ‘justification of terrorism’. | detail

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Russia brings terror to more Crimean Tatar families

After the latest armed searches and arrests in Russian-occupied Crimea, three more Crimean Tatars have joined Russia’s long list of Ukrainian political prisoners and five children have been left without their fathers, bringing the number of Russia’s smallest Crimean victims to well over 100 | detail

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Ukrainian human rights observers seized in Kazakhstan

Two Ukrainian human rights activists have disappeared in Astana while on a mission investigating cases suspected of being politically motivated | detail

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Assessment of the activity of the National Police of Ukraine by polling public opinion (summary of the national report)

The research was conducted by the Kharkiv Institute for Social Researches under a joint project with the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group “Fight against torture, ill-treatment and impunity in Ukraine” with the support of the European Union. | detail

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Russia moves to crush Orthodox Church of Ukraine in occupied Crimea

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine has been ordered to vacate the Cathedral of Vladimir and Olga in occupied Simferopol by the beginning of March, with this likely to lead to eight parishes in rural areas also being forced to close | detail

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Ukrainian could face 3-year sentence for daubing paint on monument to Russian invaders of Crimea

Maxim Sokurenko has been remanded in custody in occupied Crimea and could face a three-year prison sentence for hurling a bit of paint at a monument to the Russian soldiers without insignia who seized control of Crimea five years ago | detail

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Russia refuses to allow Ukrainian political prisoner Kolchenko to complete his studies

It is using its shocking claim that Kolchenko has ‘automatically’ become a Russian citizen which both Kolchenko and Oleg Sentsov have vehemently rejected | detail

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Suspected ‘Anti-Semitic’ provocateurs go on trial in Ukraine

Two men are about to go on trial in Ukraine charged with 27 apparent hate crimes in 2016 and 2017 which the prosecution believes were aimed at inciting inter-ethnic enmity in Ukraine and carried out for financial gain | detail

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Top Kherson official suspected of ordering fatal attack on civic activist Katya Handziuk

There may be compelling evidence against Vladislav Manher, however Lutsenko’s public statements on 11 February raise concerns, not least because of the different political affiliations of three high-ranking politicians whose names have recently been mentioned in connection with the savage attack on Katya Handziuk | detail

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Russian FSB terrorizes another Ukrainian activist in occupied Crimea

It seems clear that the FSB are either hoping to find something to pin on Oleh Prykhodko or to frighten him into leaving Crimea | detail

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Turncoats and torture deployed against Ukrainian Muslims in Russian-occupied Crimea

It is no accident that Russia’s censor has begun a new campaign to stifle information about human rights violations in occupied Crimea by trying to force YouTube to delete material about imprisoned human rights activist Emir-Usein Kuku and the arrests on 11 February 2016. There is a lot that the FSB, and especially Alexander Kompaneitsev, a notorious Ukrainian turncoat, should want to hide. | detail

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Economics textbook rejected in Russia for not fostering “love for the Motherland”

The author of a series of Russian school textbooks on economics has had one of the books rejected for lack of material fostering patriotism and for questions that might give rise to ’negative, unconstructive discussion’ | detail

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