New Resolution, same message

As well as the "step backwards" seen in the October elections and the ongoing issue of Tymoshenko and Lutsenko’s imprisonment, the European Parliament resolution adopted on Thursday expresses concern over the "homosexuality" bill as well as reservations on the Law on Referendums | detail

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Yet another Ukrainian exile gets political asylum abroad

The former owner of Prostoprint, the firm which produced T-shirts with the ironical slogan “Thank You, Residents of Donbas” reports that he and his family have been granted political asylum in Croatia. | detail

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Avakov returns to Ukraine

The opposition politician elected to parliament on 28 October presently has deputy immunity. It remains to be seen whether attempts to prosecute him on charges similar to those against Tymoshenko and Lutsenko will continue | detail

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Conditional Association

The conditions for the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement articulated at Monday’s meeting of EU Foreign Ministers were unequivocal, the headlines in the media often worryingly off the mark | detail

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Avakov: MP or Political Prisoner?

The leader of the Kharkiv opposition, Arsen Avakov, should be returning to Ukraine in December to be sworn in as MP. He could, however, face arrest if he returns and is likely to wait for the formation of the parliamentary majority before making a final decision, | detail

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Association Agreement without release of Tymoshenko & Lutsenko "unlikely"

On disagreement within the EU regarding the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, and the political conditions which could delay the signing until after the next presidential elections | detail

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Lutsenko may undergo surgery

The imprisoned former Interior Minister and opposition leader, Yury Lutsenko was taken from the Mensk Prison Colony to the gastroenterology department of the Chernihiv Regional Hospital on 3 December | detail

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President recognizes Kuzmin’s “personal contribution”

President Yanukovych has honoured Renat Kuzmin, Deputy Prosecutor General. Kuzmin is known far beyond Ukraine for his extremely active role in the criminal prosecutions of former Prime Minister and opposition leader, Yulia Tymoshenko | detail

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What now?

“Ukraine fatigue” is palpable in the wake of the parliamentary elections, however two more dangerous laws just signed into force make it clear that turning away cannot be an option | detail

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Dissenting voice in Lutsenko appeal ruling not heard

The court read only the justification for its (unfortunately predictable) rejection of the former Interior Minister’s appeal, not the (unfortunately unexpected))separate opinion. Lutsenko has also formally complained that he is not receiving prescribed medication | detail

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US urges release of Tymoshenko and Lutsenko

After several months of fruitless efforts, US Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft has finally been allowed to meet with former Interior Minister and opposition leader Yury Lutsenko in the Mensk Prison Colony | detail

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Lutsenko’s appeal rejected

Despite the fact that the supposedly aggrieved party has stated that he does not see himself as aggrieved, and most of the witnesses said the actions were within the law, the only surprise from Thursday’s ruling is, unfortunately, that there was a dissenting voice | detail

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Lutsenko appeal ruling likely on Thursday

The imprisoned former Interior Minister and opposition leader Yury Lutsenko told the judges that what was on trial in this case was Ukrainian law, not one man’s sentence | detail

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European Court of Human Rights upholds ruling against Ukraine in Lutsenko case

The news comes at the beginning of hearings in Kyiv over the appeal by the former Interior Minister and opposition leader, Yury Lutsenko in the second trial. Strasbourg’s judgement finding serious violations of Lutsenko’s rights has now come into force | detail

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Magnitsky Act passed by US House. Ukraine next in line?

The bill imposes assets freezes and visa bans on those respon¬si¬ble for the deten¬tion, abuse or death of the Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky. MEPs suggest that visa restrictions could be applied to representatives of the Ukrainian authorities | detail

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Conflicting reports about YuliaTymoshenko’s hunger strike

On Thursday afternoon, Ms Tymoshenko’s doctor from the Charité Clinic, Lutz Harms announced that they had persuaded the former Prime Minister and opposition leader to end her hunger strike on Friday | detail

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Opposition leaders call on Tymoshenko to end her hunger strike

On the same day that Ms Tymoshenko’s trial on new charges was again deferred, opposition leaders came to ask the jailed former Prime Minister and opposition leader to stop the hunger strike she declared in protest at election fraud | detail

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Lutsenko demands medical examination outside prison

The former Interior Minister and opposition leader, Yury Lutsenko demands that he be examined in a specialized hospital with the relevant specialists. The State Penitentiary Service is claiming there is no need for this, and that his state of health is “satisfactory”/ | detail

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Freedom House President sees no alternative to penalties

The President of Freedom House, David Kramer has said that some public officials in Ukraine should be penalized by withholding visas. | detail

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Lutsenko loses civil suit against prison administration

The Chernihiv Regional District Administrative Court has rejected the appeal lodged by lawyers representing jailed former Interior Minister and opposition leader Yury Lutsenko. The appeal was over infringements of the requirements regarding visits and confidentiality. | detail

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