24.09.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Mother of Crimean Tatar prisoner of conscience prosecuted for solitary picket in his defence

The Russian-controlled police in occupied Crimea have initiated administrative proceedings against Venera Mustafayeva after she stood on the street alone, with a placard reading “Conversations in a mosque are not a crime – bring back my son” | detail

24.09.2020     The right to liberty and security

Russian-controlled Luhansk militants claim young hostage ‘spied’ for Ukraine as a 16-year-old

Militants from the self-proclaimed ‘Luhansk people’s republic’ have seized a 21-year-old man from Luhansk, Vladislav Lilipa and accused him of passing ‘state secrets’ to Ukraine’s SBU | detail

23.09.2020     Terrorism

Ukraine brings criminal charges against Russian Orthodox priest involved in torturing POWs

Although the SBU do not name the man, it is likely that it is Boris Khlypytko who is accused of having taken part in brutal interrogations and torture of prisoners of war in the Donetsk oblast | detail

23.09.2020     News from the CIS countries

Russia seeks surreal 8-year extension to sentence against abducted Ukrainian political prisoner

Ukrainian political prisoner Oleksandr Shumkov is due to be released from a Russian prison on 24 December 2020, however the prison administration has asked for him to be placed under ‘administrative surveillance’ for a further eight years | detail

22.09.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Nariman Memedeminov freed after sentence for reporting on political trials in occupied Crimea

Although no restrictions have been imposed on his public activities, any such journalist activities in occupied Crimea carry enormous risks | detail

22.09.2020     News from the CIS countries

How post-election protests are creating a new Belarus

When these protests first erupted seven weeks earlier following a flawed presidential election, few expected them to last | detail

22.09.2020     News from the CIS countries

Russia sentences 19 men to over 300 years’ imprisonment without any crime

The ruling is a shocking travesty of justice and one that Ukraine should not ignore, as Russia is staging the same fatally flawed ‘trials’ in occupied Crimea | detail

21.09.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia will imprison all Crimean Solidarity journalists & activists if Ukrainians and the West let it

Any silence from western countries, the Ukrainian Diaspora and from human rights and journalist organizations will be taken by Russia as a carte blanche for further persecution. | detail

21.09.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia sentences Seiran Saliyev to 16 years on same political charges as his great-grandfather in Soviet times

A Russian court on 16 September 2020 sentenced Crimean Tatar civic journalist Seiran Saliyev to 16 years’ imprisonment on an identical charge to that used by the Soviet regime against his great-grandfather. | detail

18.09.2020     On refugees

SBU demands that asylum seeker retracts testimony to ECHR about torture in secret SBU prisons

An asylum-seeker from Tajikistan is believed to have been detained by Ukraine’s SBU just days after the European Court of Human Rights sent a letter asking for information about the man’s case, which informs his account of torture at the hands of the SBU | detail

18.09.2020     The right to liberty and security

Donbas militants ‘allowed to torture 500 innocent Ukrainians to death, to find one spy’

48-year-old Serhiy Kuris’ openly expressed pro-Ukrainian position and refusal to sign any ‘confession’ mean that he is in real danger. | detail

18.09.2020     Implementation of European Law

Ukraine takes important step towards punishing for war crimes - 7 years

Almost seven years after Russia began its aggression against Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada has passed, in its first reading, draft bill 2689 enabling punishment for war crimes and crimes against humanity, including crimes that Russia is trying to claim fall under the Minsk Accords’ commitment on an amnesty | detail


17.09.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Acquittal and monstrous sentences in Russia’s offensive against Crimean Tatar civic journalists & activists

f Russia was hoping through the wonderful acquittal of Ernes Ametov to prove that these are real ‘trials’ before independent courts, there is no chance. All eight civic journalists and activists have long been recognized as political prisoners, and all should have been acquitted. | detail

07.09.2020     Victims of political repression

Contentious choice of Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Complex is a win-win situation for Russia

A large number of prominent Ukrainian Jews have voiced opposition to the current Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Complex (which they refer to as Russian) and have called for the Ukrainian concept for a memorial complex to be accepted | detail

11.08.2020     Penal institutions

On the readiness of the penitentiary system of Ukraine to counteract the spread of COVID-19

Currently more than 52 000 persons are detained in penitentiary institutions and pre-trial detention centers in Ukraine, according to the information from the Ministry of Justice. Add to this number 28 000 of employees and we will receive the real picture that indicates another risk group that must be kept in sight when we talk about counteracting COVID-19. | detail


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