30.11.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

New offensive against wife of Crimean prisoner of conscience sentenced to 12 years for converting to Islam

This new visitation only confirms the suspicion that Anna Bogacheva’s husband, Vadim Siruk, an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience, was targeted by the occupation regime as an ethnic Ukrainian convert to Islam. | detail

30.11.2020     News from the CIS countries

Russia sentences Ukrainian political prisoner to 10 years after abducting him from Donbas

A Russian court has sentenced Oleksandr Marchenko to 10 years’ imprisonment, despite the evidently flawed nature of the charges against him and his consistent account of torture inflicted by Russian-controlled militants in eastern Ukraine before being abducted to Russia | detail

27.11.2020     The right to life

Total impunity for Ukrainian politician suspected of involvement in killing of journalist Serhiyenko

On 25 November, Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Court revoked a ruling against former MP Hennady Bobov over his failure to list an incredible 124 million UAH worth of his own and his wife’s assets | detail

27.11.2020     News from the CIS countries

Russian prevented from appealing against 9-year sentence for supporting Ukraine

In August 2020, Vladimir Domnin was sentenced in Russia to 9 years’ imprisonment for supporting Ukraine in the conflict in Donbas | detail

26.11.2020     Terrorism

Hague Court rejects Russian MH17 defendant’s attempt to endlessly investigate ‘alternative versions’

The pre-trial stage is now over, and the charges against three ’former’ Russian FSB and military intelligence officers, as well as one Ukrainian militant, will be examined on their merits from 1 February 2021 | detail

26.11.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Ukraine charges judges with treason over persecution of Crimean Tatar Mejlis leader Ilmi Umerov

Ukraine’s Crimean Prosecutor has passed to the court indictments against two turncoat ‘judges’, involved in Russia’s politically-motivated persecution of Crimean Tatar Mejlis leader, Ilmi Umerov | detail

24.11.2020     News from the CIS countries

Model concentration camp deployed in Russia for Putin regime’s rewriting of history

A replica concentration camp for schoolchildren has been built in Karelia (northern Russia), with the first kids due to be taken there for a ‘patriotic weekend’ in December | detail

24.11.2020     The right to a fair trial

Ukrainian political prisoner: “I didn’t come to Moscow on a tank. You came to me in Crimea”

Russia’s FSB have accused 63-year-old Oleh Prykhodko of planning serious terrorist attacks, yet they stopped searching his two garages after ‘finding’ explosives in the first garage and saw no need to check why the phone Prykhodko used was registered in somebody else’s name | detail

23.11.2020     News from the CIS countries

No end to Russia’s revenge for Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity

If Russia’s protection of suspected Maidan killers can be seen to have a political objective, the motive behind the ongoing persecution of Ukrainians involved in the Maidan protests seems solely about revenge. | detail

23.11.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia instils ‘patriotism’ in occupied Crimea with automatic rifles and propaganda

Air pistols; automatic rifles; sniper and air rifles have been purchased for the Artek children’s camp in occupied Crimea, with this Russia’s latest criminal use of weapons to attract Crimean children to the occupiers’ army and to inculcate a war-focused notion of ‘patriotism’ | detail

20.11.2020     Human Rights Violations associated with EuroMaidan

Ukrainian prosecutor hurries to acquit judge who persecuted Maidan activists

After almost four years of dragging out the trial of Viktor Kytsiuk, a judge involved in the persecution of Automaidan activists, the Ukrainian prosecutor and court have suddenly begun moving with breath-taking speed | detail

20.11.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Forcibly disappeared Crimean Tatar activist ‘summoned’ to appear at Russia’s grotesque trial of Mustafa Dzhemilev

A Russian-controlled court in Armyansk has ordered that Ervin Ibragimov be forcibly brought to the court to give testimony, four years after the Crimean Tatar activist was abducted by men in Russian road patrol uniform and disappeared without trace | detail


13.11.2020     News from the CIS countries

Russia makes third try on the same debunked charges to jail historian of the Soviet Terror for 20 years

A third trial is due to begin on 24 November of Yury Dmitriev, world-renowned historian of the Soviet Terror and Russian political prisoner. | detail

13.11.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Convicted of worship as Russia steps up persecution of religious ‘dissidents’ in occupied Crimea

Ablyakim Galiyev has become the latest Imam in occupied Crimea to be found guilty of ‘illegal missionary activity’ for having held Friday prayers in his own mosque in a village near Sudak | detail

11.11.2020     Politics and human rights

Opinion on the political motives of criminal persecution and violation of human rights in the case of Sergiy Pashinsky

The aggregate analysis of the facts of the case indicates that the political motivation of Pashinsky’s persecution is caused by illegitimate considerations of the social and political nature of the high state officials. | detail

05.11.2020     Politics and human rights

Human Rights Agenda calls on the government to return to legal means of leaving the constitutional crisis

Once again Ukraine ended up in a constitutional crisis aggravated by the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the Draft Law introduced in response by the President . | detail

26.10.2020     The right to a fair trial

Ukrainian life sentence – because they needed to arrest somebody

14 years after a Lviv schoolgirl was killed when a bomb exploded under a local politician’s car, an innocent man is serving a life sentence for the crime, and at least two of the men involved in convicting him have received promotions in post-Maidan Ukraine | detail

19.10.2020     Human Rights Abuses in Russian-occupied Crimea

Ukraine’s government steals money allocated for Kremlin hostages

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers has quietly ‘reallocated’ funding set aside for supporting the ever-mounting number of Kremlin hostages and their families, in a move that they probably hoped would pass unnoticed | detail


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