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Human rights in Ukraine – 2004. Human rights organizations’ report.

/ Editors Y.Zakharov, I.Rapp, V.Yavorskiy / Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. – Kharkiv: Folio, 2005. – 312 p. ISBN 966-03-3012-Х. The book examines the human rights situation in Ukraine in 2004, researched by various human rights non-governmental organizations and experts in the field. The book examines the situation with human rights and fundamental freedoms as of the end of 2004. The conclusions of the research contain recommendations for eliminating violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms and improving the overall situation | detail

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The Presidential elections – 2004 in Ukraine. A Human Rights perspective

This book is devoted to the 2004 Presidential Elections in Ukraine. The texts are original articles, reports, public statements and personal appeals, all written in direct response to the events unfolding in the months preceding the elections and during the «Orange Revolution». They provide insight and analysis into the human rights issues which came to the fore and prompted an unprecedented affirma-tion by millions of Ukrainians of their fundamental rights, including the right to choose their own leaders. | detail

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