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What Europe’s Forgotten War Actually Feels Like

Ukraine World met some veterans of the war in Donbas and talked about their memories. Their stories are a mosaic of danger, difficulties, heroism, friendship, and work. Here are some. | detail

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Washington, D.C., Votes To Name Street Outside Russian Embassy After Nemtsov

The U.S. capital’s city council plans to rename the street in front of the Russian Embassy after slain Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, a move that Moscow has complained about. | detail

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OSCE Monitoring Mission patrol member killed in Luhansk oblast

The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission observer was killed after the car he was traveling in hit a mine near the village of Pryshyb in the Luhansk region | detail

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Winter On Fire Blazes Oscar Trail With Gripping Account Of Ukraine’s Maidan Moment

Twelve-year-old Roma Saveliyev is one of the most captivating interviewees in Evgeny Afineevsky’s documentary Winter On Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom, which has just been nominated for an Oscar. | detail

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That Time A Russian OSCE Monitor In Ukraine Got Drunk, Said Too Much

The Ukrainian-language TSN new channel, a partner of Ukraine Today, on October 27 aired video footageof a man identified as Maksim Udovichenko revealing his past as a Russian military officer and giving locals his opinion on the situation in Ukraine. | detail

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine an attack on democracy

In its just published annual report, Freedom House cites Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including the outright seizure and formal annexation of Crimea, as a prime example of “the open disdain for democratic standards that coloured the words and actions of autocratic governments during the year.” | detail

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Kharkiv court defends Shevelyov memorial against Kharkiv authorities

The ruling comes15 months after a memorial plaque to renowned and falsely maligned Slavist Yury Shevelyov was senselessly destroyed by ‘unidentified individuals’ half an hour after Kharkiv’s Mayor Gennady Kernes had ordered its removal, with the police seeing nothing | detail

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More and more Ukrainians want closed border with Russia

The number of people wanting union of the two countries has fallen in both Ukraine and Russia, and was not high to begin with. In Ukraine it fell from 8% in May to 5% in September; in Russia from 12% to 7% | detail

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Support for independence at record high

The percentage of Ukrainians supporting independence has risen from 83% to a record 90%. | detail

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Mustafa Dzhemilev is 70 today!

We join the International Committee for Crimea in extending very best wishes to Mustafa Dzhemilev , the renowned Crimean Tatar leader and former Soviet dissident. | detail

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Desecrators of Jewish Graves in the Vinnytsa Oblast

The Vinnytsa Regional Police believe they have identified three young people - two 14-year olds and one 18-year-old - responsible for smashing 66 graves in the old Jewish cemetery | detail

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Democracy in ongoing decline in Ukraine

Freedom House’s 2013 Freedom in the World Report speaks of “noteworthy declines” in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. Some of Ukraine’s other post-Soviet neighbours presumably didn’t have far to fall. | detail

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Main hero of illegal mining film savagely beaten

One of the two young heroes of the harrowing film about illegal mines or “kopanki” in the Donbas region, “Pit No. 8, Yura Sykanov” is in urgent need of an operation | detail

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Round Dates and Warmest Wishes!

Many Happy Returns to Yevhen Zakharov who turned 60 on Monday and to the Kharkiv Human Rights Group which he co-founded 20 years ago. | detail

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Monument to the Victims of the Holocaust vandalized in Mykolaiv

During the night from 15 to 16 September, on the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, a Monument to the Victims of the Holocaust was desecrated. Those responsible daubed foul anti-Semitic words on the memorial stone. | detail

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Bronze sculptures of Brezhnev and Kuchma from Dnipropetrovsk taxpayers’ pockets

In Dnipropetrovsk almost 2 million UAH of city funding has been spent on an artistic composition including bronze sculptures of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and former Ukrainain President Leonid Kuchma. | detail

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Holocaust Monument desecrated near Dnipropetrovsk

In the early hours of 1 July the Monument outside the town of Novomoskovsk 40 kilometres from Dnipropetrovsk was daubed with various symbols including a swastika | detail

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Jewish mass grave at Sosonki vandalized

Sosonki Clearing near Rivne which holds the mass grave of seventeen and a half thousand Jews murdered by the Nazis has been vandalized | detail

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Ukrainian electronic rail tickets incompatible with travel

Maxim Shcherbatyuk, UHHRU lawyer, relates his travel (or otherwise) experiences following the statements Ukrzaliznytsya [Ukrainian Railways] made throughout the country on 10 February asserting unheard of progress in electronic ticket sales | detail

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Stus Awards presented in Kyiv

On 14 January the Stus Prize was awarded in Kyiv to Yevhen Zakharov, Co-Chair of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group, the poet Iryna Zhylenko and historian Volodymyr Vyatrovych. | detail

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