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Constitutional Court allows use of Russian and other languages in court

In a Judgement passed on 13 December 2011, and made public on Thursday, Ukraine’s Constitutional Court rules that the languages of ethnic minorities may be used in Ukrainian courts, alongside the State language | detail

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People First: 20 years of Ukrainian Independence: progress or servitude?

"True nationhood can only come from the collective action of the people.. the current situation is a direct result of their over dependence on a corrupt and non democratic system that has been allowed to evolve in the interests of a select few" | detail

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Public Support for Independence never higher

However the percentage of those who said yes when asked whether Ukraine really was an independent country was less than the number who gave a negative answer (37.4% and 49.8% respectively). Last year the numbers were approximately equal (43.2% and 44.7%, respectively | detail

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Ukrainians believe that Mafia, swindlers and political intriguers rule

The survey has been carried out over many years by the Institute of Sociology around the anniversary of Ukraine’s independence | detail

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Holodomor Museum in Kyiv flooded

Torrential rain has led to flooding of the exhibit hall of the National Museum in Memory of the Victims of Holodomor in Ukraine | detail

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Anger over SBU questioning of Hungarian Ukrainians

The Hungarian community in the Transcarpathian region assert that the local department of the Security Service [SBU] is questioning people who have been to the Hungarian embassy trying to receive Hungarian citizenship. | detail

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Protest over closure of BBC World Service radio in Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe

In the light of all that is happening in these parts of the world, the UK’s National Union of Journalists and its members believe it “bizarre and inappropriate for the British government to axe essential parts of the BBC World Service” | detail

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Economist Democracy Index: Ukraine dips dramatically

In the Economist Intelligence Unit’s third Index of Democracy 2010, Ukraine shows the worst result of any European country, slipping 14 points (it held 53rd place in 2008 and is at 67 in 2010) | detail

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Moses Fishbein has been awarded the Order “For Intellectual Courage”

Ukrainian poet and translator Moses Fishbein has been awarded the Order “For Intellectual Courage” (Potocki Palace, Lviv, Ukraine, 15 December 2010). | detail

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Damning assessment of level of democracy

According to a survey by the authoritative Razumkov Centre, Ukrainians are registering a fall in the level of democracy | detail

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Israeli on pilgrimage killed in Ukraine

Police spokeswoman Natalya Taran told AP that a Hasidic Jewish pilgrim was killed in Uman, home to the grave of an important Hasidic rabbi who died 200 years ago, in a fight with local residents | detail

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Kharkiv wins the 2010 Europe Prize

Kharkiv, which was already awarded the European Diploma in 2003, Flag of Honour in 2004 and the Plaque of Honour in 2008, is the first Ukrainian town to receive this award | detail

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Serhiy Bukovsky’s film “The Living” honoured at the Yerevan Film Festival

The 75- minute film is about Holodomor 1932-1933. Work on the film spanned 11 months, and its premier was on 21 November 2008. | detail

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Amnesty International publishes its 2009 report

In Ukraine, it states, the authorities failed to respond adequately to rising racist attacks. Refugees and asylum-seekers were at risk of enforced return. Torture and other ill-treatment in police detention continued, and perpetrators of human rights violations enjoyed impunity | detail

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Results of a survey on the human rights situation in Ukraine (expanded)

Despite lots of dire reports and predictions of late, it would seem that Ukrainians are by no means eager to have fundamental rights and freedoms curtailed | detail

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Public perception of the human rights situation in 2008

The Razumkov Centre has published the results of a public opinion survey regarding the human rights situation in 2008. According to respondents, the situation in general worsened, as did observance of specific rights | detail

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Hans-Gert Pottering: Ukrainians unite!

The President of the European Parliament warned parliamentarians that the constant political instability was a serious problem for the country and was slowing down the process of reform | detail

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Tibetans’ lives ’hell on Earth’

On the 50th anniversary of a failed uprising against Chinese troops which led to his exile, the Dalai Lama has launched a fierce attack on Chinese rule in his Tibetan homeland | detail

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Majority of Ukrainians name the economic crisis the main event of the year

According to the latest Razumkov Centre survey, assessments of changes in Ukraine in various areas during 2008 are extremely negative and much worse than at the end of 2007 | detail

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Independence Day: Many happy returns!

Ukraine has every reason to cherish its statehood and to cultivate pluralism of opinion and diversity of culture. It needs support in ensuring that this is preserved | detail

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