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Witamy! A warm welcome to Andrzej Wajda

“It was only after I made the film “Katyń” that I had the grounds to come here and visit his grave”, Pan Wajda explained before the film showing in Kharkiv. “My father was a witness to the Katyń Crime, and my mother lived through the Katyń lie ..." | detail

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Textbooks on Ukrainian history to be rewritten

The Institute of National Remembrance has been instructed to draw up new textbooks on Ukrainian history “in order to help bring up the younger generation in a spirit recognizing their national identity, respect and love for their native land”. | detail

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Freedom House reports a setback in global freedom

The good news from Freedom in the World 2008 is that Ukraine remains one of the 90 countries classified as free. Concern was expressed about many other former Soviet republics and over a general decline worldwide | detail

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From 24 December all foreign films to be dubbed in Ukrainian

According to a judgment from Ukraine’s Constitutional Court issued on 20 December 2007 all films shown must have dubbing or subtitles in Ukrainian | detail

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Less and less Ukrainians

Over the first 10 months of the year, according to the State Committee of Statistics, there were 398 thousand births against 630 thousand deaths however the Ministry of Justice asserts that the ratio is decreasing | detail

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Working to reveal the truth about OUN and UPA

The Ukrainian Security Service [SBU] has created a special working group to study and then make public archival documents on the activities of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian Resistance Army], as well as on well-known figures of the Ukrainian liberation movement | detail

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More information from SBU archives

The SBU have published details about special units of the Soviet security and enforcement bodies which pretended to be resistance fighters, as well as information about the extra-judicial bodies used to pass sentence during the Terror | detail

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SBU is planning to tell the truth about Soviet efforts at discrediting the UPA

The Security Service has a document providing evidence of crimes committed by agents of the Security Service who disguised themselves as Ukrainian Resistance Army fighters and tortured and murdered people in Western Ukraine | detail

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President called on to help lift the seal on KGB archives

The Institute of National Remembrance wants the Russians “to declassify the KGB archives from the time of the Second World War, in particular as regards the activities of the OUN – UPA, as well as the pseudo-Bandera-supporting groups of the NKVD” | detail

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On the 65th anniversary of UPA the arguments still rage

14 October marks the official founding date of the Ukrainian Resistance Army [UPA]. An administrative court in Kyiv on Friday allowed all applications make by the Kyiv City State Administration to restrict mass actions by political factions and organizations with very different attitudes to the date | detail

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First joint memorial unveiled for Soviet soldiers and fighters of OUN-UPA

The Mayor of the village Kryhyvtsi calls on people to refrain from spreading enmity and dissent. , This is our history and nobody should speculate on it.” | detail

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More than 72% of Ukrainians consider Victory Day to be a special anniversary

Asked what needed to be done to resolve conflict after a century in which “there were many events in Ukraine’s history where Ukrainians killed one another in large numbers”, 52.3% answered that there must be reconciliation and believed that it was not a question of some having been right, and others to blame. | detail

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In the Donbas area the mortality rate is far outstripping new births

Over the first three months of 2007 the death rate was 250-300% higher than the rate of births in the Chernihiv, Sumy, Donetsk, Luhansk and Kirovohrad regions. | detail

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Corruption is Ukraine’s scourge

According to the US State Department Country Report on Human Rights Practices, corruption remains widespread in all branches of power in Ukraine. Other problems highlighted were an increase in racial intolerance; violations of the rights of women and of children; and law enforcement officers frequently resort to torture and extortion | detail

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Apparently all is clear now ...

The National Expert Commission for the Protection of Public Morals has approved criteria for defining pornographic and erotic products | detail

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Yushchenko instructs Prosecutor General to deal with the court and Ukrainian film translation

President Yushchenko has already instructed Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko to appeal against the court ruling revoking a previous decision to make dubbing of a percentage of foreign films into Ukrainian mandatory | detail

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Ukraine included in list of countries safeguarding their citizens’ human rights

What this means in practical terms is that from 1 January next year the Swiss authorities will no longer consider applications for political asylum from Ukrainian nationals | detail

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Ukrainian human rights defenders point to a worsening in the human rights situation

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union reports the worrying reappearance of pressure on businesses from the tax authorities, as well as language and religious conflict and the emergence of skinheads in eastern regions with support coming from certain political forces | detail

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Ukrainian historians are against joint work on history textbooks of Russia and Ukraine

Stanislav Kulchytsky considers that former Soviet republics have the right to their own history and the energetic development of a Ukrainian school has made a return to the days when the history of each people was written as a part of the history of Russia impossible | detail

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Ukraine’s mortality rate is the highest in Europe

Life expectancy in Ukraine remains the lowest in Europe and mortality the highest, the Deputy Ministry for Employment and Social Policy stated last week at the International seminar on Mortality in countries of the former USSR. Fifteen years after break-up: change or continuity? | detail

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