Yushchenko will push the Verkhovna Rada to recognize soldiers of the OUN-UPA

In speaking about the historical reconciliation of soldiers of the Ukrainian Resistance Army and the Soviet Army, the President once again stressed that this conflict is based on a distorted knowledge of the period of history | detail

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Advertisers remove offensive labels and apologise

After the recent scandal over an anti-drugs campaign, the Ukrainian Association for External Advertising and the All-Ukrainian Association for Harm Reduction have agreed that when organizing such campaigns people working with vulnerable groups will be involved | detail

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President Yushchenko unveils a Memorial to the Heroes of Kruty

In paying tribute to the 300 students who were killed, the President stressed that their act had been concealed for almost 90 years and that there were many places in Ukraine which still hide the remains of such innocent victims | detail

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Criminal proceedings against local council deputies in the Chernihiv region

The author suggests that the recently abolished "immunity" led to local deputies assuming they could act with impunity | detail

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Leader of the Belarusian Opposition imprisoned

“It is absolutely obvious today that the regime is afraid of us, and this will certainly lead to the collapse of the dictatorship”, Milinkevich said after the sentence was read out. | detail

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Average amount of a bribe in Ukraine is 8600 UH

Since the beginning of the current year investigative departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have uncovered 3721 facts of bribe-taking. | detail

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Are violations involving disclosure of state secrets really so frequent?

A document under the title “On some results of the work of the Security Service of Ukraine during the first half-year of 2005”, which can be found at, suggests that such violations are rampant. | detail

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Human rights in Ukraine: annual report of Amnesty International for 2003.

The report states the situation in Ukraine did not improve during the part year. | detail

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KHPG Commentary on the current political events in Ukraine (November 2003).

Some reflections on constitutional reform in Ukraine and the political situation as a whole. | detail

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80,6% of Odessa dwellers do not support the propositions of Leonid Kuchma on the political reform

Several Odessa oblast public organizations carried out the street voting of the city dwellers on the question: "Do you support the propositions of President Leonid Kuchma concerning the political constitutional reform?". | detail

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The open letter to President of Ukraine L. Kuchma.

The appeal signed by a number of human rights protecting organizations (the Kharkov Group for human rights protection, the Kherson oblast fund of charity and health, the Sevastopol human rights protection group, the International Society of human rights – Ukrainian section, the Lugansk public organization for protecting the constitutional rights of citizens), where the authors comment the activities of President Kuchma during the last time rather negatively. | detail

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The appeal of the Kharkov Group for human rights protection on the parliamentary crisis in Ukraine.

The recent events in the Supreme Rada of Ukraine essentially abuse the constitutional rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens. The appeal of the Kharkov Group for human rights protection expresses their attitude to the situation. | detail

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Beggary in the Lugansk oblast

The article gives some details about the pauperization of various groups of the oblast population and offers some measures to improve the situation. | detail

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The Lugansk oblast before the protest campaign

The Lugansk oblast authorities do all they can to prevent or diminish the opposition mass protest actions planned on 14-16 September. | detail

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"Revolution" is lasting

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