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Sanctions for wiretapping and search may be issued not only by court, but also by prosecutors

The Supreme Rada Committee in charge of the legislative provision of law-enforcement activities recommended to take as a basis the draft of the law about the introduction of changes into Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On the ODA”, which would change the existing procedure of issuing the permissions to law-enforcing organs for wiretapping and search. | detail

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Question about the refusal from identification numbers will be considered in Parliament

Soon the Parliament will consider three law drafts on the introduction of changes to the Law of Ukraine “On State register of physical persons – payers of taxes and other obligatory payments”. The drafts will concern the problem of the refusals of citizens from obtaining the identification numbers because of their religious views. The author analyzes some peculiarities of these drafts. | detail

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Again about the monitoring

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Legal principles of the monitoring of telecommunications

Report at the public hearings "On the monitoring of telecommunications". The report contains the analysis of the drawbacks of the draft of the law and the recommendations on the improvement of the draft. | detail

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Be careful! You are monitored!

On 26 November the public hearings "On the monitoring of telecommunications" was held. The adherents and opponents of the control over the users of the Internet and other telecommunications met at the hearings for the discussion. | detail

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Dnepropetrovsk oblast: 200 Pavlograd dwellers refused to get the identification codes

200 inhabitants of the Zapadnodonbasskiy district turned to tax inspection with the appeal. They refused to get the identification codes because of the religious views. | detail

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The appeal concerning the adoption of the Law "On telecommunications". | detail

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Parliament started to regulate the Internet

The Supreme Rada of Ukraine adopted in the third reading the Law "On telecommunications", which stipulates the opportunity for the permanent monitoring of the Internet. | detail

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Communal services are divulging confidential information.

The services make public the lists of debtors. The lawyer of the KhG explains the situation from the legal viewpoint and advises how to protect the right for privacy. | detail

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