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Crimean Tatar political prisoner’s life on the line, with Russia denying medical care

Server Zekiryaev has a tumour which may be malignant, yet his Russian captors are refusing to even get him a proper medical examination | детальніше

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Russia releases two Ukrainian political prisoners yet imposes new sentences

Nuri Primov and Rustem Vaitov are on their way home to Crimea after being imprisoned in Russia for five years for their religious and political views | детальніше

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Life sentence for defending political prisoners? Russia begins new trial of three Crimean Tatars

40-year-old Rustem Emiruseinov responded to the mounting repression in occupied Crimea by standing in peaceful protest with a banner reading “Muslims are not terrorists”.  The Russian FSB came for him on 14 February 2019, and he is now facing a potential life sentence on the same fabricated and deeply flawed ‘terrorism’ charges as the men he was defending. | детальніше

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Ukraine is abandoning its Church and believers in Russian-occupied Crimea

For almost six years, the Russian occupation regime has been trying to drive the Ukrainian Orthodox Church out of Crimea, with the reaction of Ukraine’s leaders varying from expressions of deep concern to very deep | детальніше

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Russia moves to hide its political trial of Crimean Tatar civic activists

A court in Rostov has banned any photos, videos or Internet streaming of the trial of eight Crimean Tatar civic activists, with this even extending to before the hearings begin, and during breaks. | детальніше

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Russia reduces horrific sentences against five Crimean Tatar political prisoners by all of 6 months

Russia’s Supreme Court has taken a mere two hours or so to consider the flawed charges against five Crimean Tatar political prisoners, and the lack of any evidence to back them, before upholding each of the men’s convictions | детальніше

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Crimean Tatar veteran: My grandfather was tried on the same charges as my son

Crimean Tatar political prisoner Seiran Saliyev is facing identical charges in a Russian court to those once used by the Soviet regime to imprison his great-grandfather | детальніше

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Heavy prison sentence against Russian Jehovah’s Witness for ‘holding conversations in public places’

A Russian court has sentenced 55-year-old Vladimir Alushkin to six years’ imprisonment for supposed ‘extremist activities’, namely reading the Bible and practising his faith | детальніше

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Russia brings 19-year sentences against religious ‘dissidents’ to occupied Crimea

The fabricated charges against Muslim Aliev and five other Ukrainian Muslims have prompted Amnesty International to call all six men prisoners of conscience and the Memorial Human Rights Centre to recognize them as political prisoners | детальніше

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Cathedral plundered as Russia pushes to crush the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Crimea

The Cathedral of Saints Vladimir and Olga in Simferopol has been vandalized and robbed in what is doubtless part of Russia’s ongoing offensive against the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and efforts to drive it out of Crimea. | детальніше

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Crimean Tatar sentenced to 17 years for ringing his cousin and practising his faith in Russian-occupied Crimea

Enver Seytosmanov, a 33-year-old recognized political prisoner, has been sentenced to 17 years’ maximum security imprisonment for his religious and political views | детальніше

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Crimean Tatars react to mounting repression by “becoming political prisoners’ voice”

Crimean Solidarity has lodged an important new initiative in occupied Crimea, in which members of the community “become the voice” of the mounting number of political prisoners whom Russia has imprisoned for their faith and civic activism | детальніше

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When the FSB’’s abduction of a Crimean Tatar human rights activist failed, they charged him with ‘terrorism’

Crimean Tatar human rights defender Emir-Usein Kuku has been sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment on bogus ‘terrorism’ charges because an attempt to abduct him went badly wrong. . | детальніше

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Ukrainian political prisoner: The real terrorists in occupied Crimea & those who carry out their orders

“The real terrorists are those who burst into the homes of people peacefully sleeping, who intimidate people who tell the truth; those who have turned a resort peninsula into a military base, bringing in thousands of items of military technology; and those who persecute and imprison people for their political and religious views.” – Vadim Siruk | детальніше

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Russia begins show trial of Crimean Tatar civic activists and journalists

Three days after a Russian court passed unprecedentedly long sentences against Crimean Tatar human rights activist Emir-Usein Kuku and five other Ukrainian political prisoners, the same Southern District Military Court in Rostov-on-Don has begun a new ‘trial’ of eight Crimean Tatars | детальніше

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The ‘terrorist threat’ Russia brought to Crimea ; six victims receive huge sentences

Six Ukrainian political prisoners from occupied Crimea, including human rights activist Emir-Usein Kuku, have been sentenced to unprecedently long terms of imprisonment on ‘terrorism’ charges without any crime | детальніше

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Refat Alimov: Final words to a Russian court when innocence is understood, but a long sentence demanded

So what do you tell a Russian court whose judges know perfectly well that all six Ukrainian defendants are innocent but are still likely to pass guilty verdicts and long sentences, because that’s what is demanded of them? | детальніше

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Inver Bekirov: If a Muslim observes his faith, the FSB makes him a terrorist

A Russian prosecutor has demanded a record 20.5 year sentence against 55-year-old Crimean Tatar Inver Bekirov because the latter discussed religious issues with friends at the school where he worked as a guard. | детальніше

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Solitary confinement in torture-like conditions for reporting on human rights abuse in occupied Crimea

Server Mustafayev, human rights activist and one of the coordinators of the Crimean Solidarity initiative, has been imprisoned since May 2018, with the last month and a half or more in conditions that amount to torture | детальніше

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Arsen Dzhepparov is facing a huge sentence in Russia for refusing to give false testimony

Arsen Dzhepparov was probably arrested in April 2016 and is now facing a huge sentence because he refused to act as an FSB informer, providing false testimony aimed at imprisoning fellow Crimean Tatars | детальніше

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