For a tolerant Crimea

The civic movement “For a tolerant Crimea” has directed an appeal to the Simferopol Mayor and Deputies expressing concern over discrimination against Muslim and other religious communities in the city | detail

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Crimean Muslims begin protest over obstruction in building a Mosque in Simpferopol

On 23 January they held a picket and prayer service in the place where the Simferopol City Council had previously given permission to build the Soborna Mosque. At one of the last sessions, the Council’s deputies reversed this decision | detail

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Council of Evangelical Protestant Churches appeals to the President

The appeal is prompted by cases where police officers have exceeded their authority and flagrantly infringed the rights of believers from Evangelical Protestant Churches | detail

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Compulsory course on the foundations of Orthodox culture in Russia may reach the court in Strasbourg

The Russian Human Rights Ombudsperson has called on the regions forcing children to study the subject to remove the compulsory element however thus far without success and parents are planning to take their case to the European Court of Human Rights | detail

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Disturbing rise in anti-Semitism and xenophobia in Zhytomyr

Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi Azriel Khaikin has addressed a letter to main government bodies with regard to constant incidents involving anti-Semitism in Zhytomyr | detail

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All-Ukrainian Council of Churches supports moratorium on privatizing places of religious worship

They believe that the draft law proposed will help in completing the return of Church property in Ukraine in accordance with Ukraine’s commitments to the Council of Europe | detail

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Leaders of Ukraine’s main denominations repeat their call for their right to permanent use of land to be reinstated

Their reasons remain as compelling as ever so it is only to be hoped that this time they will be heeded | detail

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Christian Churches in the Lviv region feel insulted by recent Jehovah’s Witness material

A picture in a Jehovah’s Witness publication “The End of false religion is nigh!” has angered the Churches who consider that the image not only offends, but also incites religious enmity | detail

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Can they listen this time?

A new draft law has been registered in the Verkhovna Rada on reinstating the right of religious organizations to permanently use land | detail

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Verkhovna Rada ignores the interests of believers

On 17 October the Verkhovna Rada rejected the draft laws on amendments to the Land Code of Ukraine (on the right of religious organizations to permanently use land | detail

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Religious organizations call for their right to permanent use of land to be reinstated

They have appealed to parliament to support the draft law “On introducing amendments to Article 92 of the Land Code of Ukraine” on the right of religious organizations to permanently use land | detail

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Religious freedom and the right of peaceful assembly violated in the Luhansk region

The Ivanivka Settlement Council has banned a concert of Christian songs near the settlement club under a ban on “any activities of totalitarian sects” | detail

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Police temporarily detain 27 members of the Youth National Congress in Chernihiv

St. Catherine’s Church in Chernihiv has once again been made the centre of religious confrontation | detail

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Inter-denominational conflict emerges in Kharkiv. Who is to blame?

The recent picket organized in Kharkiv against a believed visit by Patriarch Filaret was in breach of Ukrainian law, an affront tothe religious feelings of many worshippers, and a very dangerous precedent | detail

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“We don’t need a temple: we’ve got nowhere to go for walks”

Genuinely conflicting interests, or an excuse to infringe the right to practise their religion of Kharkiv’s Buddhists? | detail

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End of the State Committee in charge of religion?

President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko declared his intention to start shortening of the state committees from the State Committee of Ukraine in charge of religion. | detail

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Open letter of the Kharkov group for human rights protection

The appeal to the top Ukrainian authorities on the problem described in the previous article. | detail

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What is Falun Dafa and what are the reasons of the repressions in China?

The author expresses his indignation at the persecutions of the Falun Dafa followers by the Chinese authorities are described and the attitude of the Ukrainian authorities to these repressions. | detail

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The analysis of the Law of Ukraine „ introducing changes into the Law of Ukraine „ the freedom of consciousness and religious organizations““

The analysis of the drawbacks of the Law draft. „Prava ludyny“ commentary by Inna Sukhorukova is also presented. | detail

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Why the authorities work side by side with Judaists?

The administration of Dnepropetrovsk does not register a progressive Judaist community. The reason, perhaps, is that much money changed hands. | detail

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