Ukrainian Council of Churches calls for real safeguards of peaceful assembly

At present religious organizations are discriminated against since the law on freedom of conscience imposes a permission-based system of informing, 10 days in advance, of a planned religious gathering | detail

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Ukrainian Muslim woman loses court battle for the right to be photographed in headscarf

The court had been asked to find that the procedure for getting a passport which made it impossible for her to be photographed in her hijabi was in breach of Article 3 of the Law of Freedom of Conscience as well as Article 35 of the Constitution, guaranteeing freedom of worship. | detail

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Important Precedent from the Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University

I would like to ask one key question: how many trials do we have to still go through before we understand that the old Soviet model of subjugating university rectors by making them dependent is a relic of a totalitarian era which we have supposedly put aside? | detail

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Spooked by spooks

The British journalist Economist has drawn attention to certain behaviour by relations between Russian and Ukrainian Security Services, and, noting the recent visit by the SBU to the Ukrainian Catholic University says that “the difference between its tactics and those of the Russia’s FSB seems to be narrowing” | detail

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Disturbing Security Service Visit to the Ukrainian Catholic University

The following Memorandum from Fr. Borys Gudziak, Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University concerns a visit from the SBU, which as Fr. Gudziak points out, is the successor to the Soviet KGB. It warrants attention from all those concerned about the development of democratic institutions and protection of fundamental human rights in Ukraine | detail

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Ukrainian Muslim woman contests right to be photographed in headscarf

A Kyiv court is hearing a case which could create a legal precedent: Susanna Ismailova from Bakhchysarai is demanding that the Ministry of Internal Affairs allow her to have a passport photo taken in her hijab or Muslim headscarf | detail

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Parliamentarians propose ban on “totalitarian sects”

Representatives of the main Churches and specialists have already slammed one such draft law, believing that such legislative initiatives unwarrantedly narrow the right to freedom of religion whereas dangerous totalitarian sects can even now be stopped in accordance with current legislation | detail

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Draft law restricting freedom of conscience tabled in parliament

The Institute of Religious Freedom notes with concern that the draft law envisages restrictions on freedom of conscience in cases involving terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism, yet does not provide a definition or the characteristics of such activities | detail

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Draft laws tabled on State-Church relations

By the end of January 2010 the Verkhovna Rada is due to consider around 10 draft normative acts pertaining to freedom of conscience and the activities of religious organizations | detail

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Predictions of Church engagement in presidential elections

Andriy Yurash from Lviv University was commenting in the wake of a clear statement from the Metropolitan of Lviv and Sokal who believes the Church should become involved and guide believers on who to vote for | detail

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The Politics of Traditional Values

On the “Basic Teachings of the Russian Russia Orthodox Church on Dignity, Freedom and Human Rights”, and the apparent obliviousness of Ukraine’s Ombudsperson and National Deputy Kolisnychenko, to their staggering dissonance with Ukraine’s constitution and, in fact, with human rights | detail

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Measures on improving conditions for ministers of religion

The Cabinet of Ministers on 21 August passed a Resolution on improving procedure for entry into Ukraine of ministers of religion from other countries and proposed that parliament waive VAT on Bibles imported into the country | detail

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Call to protect right of believers to peaceful assembly

The Institute of Religious Freedom is calling for one law covering all peaceful gatherings, religious or not, and says that the present anomalies have led to violations of believers’ rights | detail

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Human Rights Ombudsperson’s Report ignores freedom of conscience issues

The Institute for Religious Freedom has analyzed Nina Karpachova’s first “annual report” since 2005 and found it seriously wanting as regards religious freedom issues | detail

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Parliamentary committee against allowing religious organizations to open educational institutions

Those opposed to the bill claimed that it was in breach of the Constitution and Ukrainian legislation, basically, the separation of religion and State | detail

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Believers cannot do business without ID number

On 17 March the Verkhovna Rada rejected a draft law to bring in amendments to the law on business activities so as to enable believers to carry out business activities without having an identification number | detail

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Good news for private religious school in Donetsk

On 13 March the private school “Rostok” in Donetsk received the permit it needed for carrying out its educational activities in the rented premises | detail

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No further forward on the right of religious groups to found educational institutions

Members of the parliamentary Committee on Culture and Spirituality were unable to come to any decision following their review of a new draft law proposing amendments to law enabling religious organizations to found educational institutions | detail

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Parliamentarians defend private religious school in Donetsk

The school “Rostok”, which was founded and is maintained by the Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church, is for the second year running encountering obstacles from the authorities | detail

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Finally … the right of religious organizations to land fixed in law

On 30 January the President signed the Law “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the right of religious organizations to permanent use of land sites”. | detail

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