Silence on Critical Verdict Will Free Kremlin Hand for More Repression in Crimea

Russia is already imprisoning 14 Crimean Muslims, almost all Crimean Tatars, on trumped-up charges. Without international protest, that number is certain to rise, with Russia as occupier of Crimea using such conveyor-belt prosecutions to imprison rights activists or others who take a strong civic position | detail

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Jailed Crimean Tatar rights activist’s lawyer banned from Russian-occupied Crimea

The FSB must view telling the truth as a threat to Russia’s national security since there were no other grounds for banning Yevhenia Zakrevska. She is representing Emir-Huseyn Kuku whom the FSB first tried to ‘recruit’, then abduct, and are now holding in prison on trumped-up charges | detail

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Russian prosecutor demands long sentences for 4 Crimean Tatar political prisoners

The ‘trial’ is ending in Rostov [Russia] of four Crimean Muslims from Sevastopol, who are accused by the Russian occupiers of involvement in an organization which is legal in Ukraine. The prosecutor has demanded sentences of from 7 to 17 years. | detail

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Collective prayer in Russian-Occupied Crimea could be banned as ‘extremist’

Crimean Imams have been warned that traditional prayer rituals at the homes of Crimean Muslims could fall under Russia’s new draconian ‘anti-extremism’ laws and be effectively prohibited. Such a new repressive move under Russian occupation has thus far only been hinted at, however the warning seems clear | detail

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Russia’s Crimean Political Prisoners: Rustem Vaitov

Rustem Vaitov, a recognized political prisoner, is facing a 10-year sentence in a trial which Russia is using as part of its policy of intimidation and terror in occupied Crimea | detail

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Russia’s Crimean Political Prisoners - Ferat Saifullaev

Ferat Saifullaev is facing a 10-year sentence for alleged involvement in an organization which is legal in Ukraine. Russia is using such trials as part of its policy of intimidation and terror in occupied Crimea, and there is also evidence that the men’s arrest may be revenge by a former Ukrainian SBU officer who betrayed his oath and is now serving in the FSB. | detail

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Russia’s Crimean Political Prisoners – Nuri Primov

Nuri Primov is the oldest of four Crimean Muslims now on trial in Rostov (Russia) accused of involvement in Hizb ut-Tahrir, an organisation which is legal in Ukraine, but which Russia has declared ‘terrorist’ without ever providing any grounds. | detail

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Terror on a Conveyor Belt in Russian-occupied Crimea

The 14 Crimean Muslims now facing huge sentences in Russian-occupied Crimea for unproven involvement in an organization which is legal in Ukraine include rights activists or people active in their communities, and the prosecutions seem clearly intended as a form of intimidation. | detail

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Psychological Torture against Crimean Political Prisoner Ruslan Zeytullaev

Ruslan Zeytullaev, a recognized political prisoner, is facing a life sentence in a trial which Russia is using as part of its policy of intimidation and terror in occupied Crimea | detail

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Jailed Crimean human rights activist isolated as ‘dangerous’ prisoner

Crimean Tatar lawyer and rights activist Emir-Huseyn Kuku and two other Crimean Muslims - Vadim Siruk and Refat Alimov - who are all in custody on concocted charges have been placed on a so-called ‘prophylactic register for dangerous remand prisoners’ and moved to a special unit | detail

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An Orthodox Procession with Political Aims?

As believers arrive in Kyiv, views remain sharply divided on both the controversial religious procession organized by the Orthodox Church under the Moscow Patriarchate and how the Ukrainian authorities should have dealt with it. | detail

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Jitters in Ukraine as Politically Charged Religious Processions Approach Kyiv

Two religious processions converging on Kyiv have Ukrainian authorities warning that provocations could spark violence in the capital. | detail

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Russia warned it is occupying Crimea, must stop persecuting Crimean Muslims

The renowned Memorial Human Rights Centre has called on Russia to release four Crimean Muslims from Sevastopol and reminded it of restrictions under international law since Crimea is occupied territory. This is of critical importance since Russia has (unwarrantedly) charged the four men now on trial and 10 other Crimeans with involvement in an organization which is totally legal in Ukraine. | detail

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Concerns expressed over amendments proposed to the Law on Freedom of Conscience

The religious community in Ukraine have criticized some aspects of amendments proposed to the Law on Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations in draft law No. 4128. Particular concern was express about the changes to how religious communities are to change their subordination | detail

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Back in the USSR: All ’dissidents’ in occupied Crimea under FSB surveillance’

Anybody in Crimea who thinks independently is in a group at risk, according to Crimean Tatar human rights lawyer Emil Kurbedinov. The arrests and ongoing detention of 14 Crimean Muslims serve a number of purposes - none has anything to do with the cause of justice. | detail

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Kremlin Donbas Proxies launch Russian-style ‘fight against Ukrainian extremism’

While Russia continues, without any credibility, to deny its undeclared war against Ukraine, the Kremlin’s proxies in Donbas are introducing measures to ‘combat the ideology of extremism and terrorism’ copied straight from the Russian original. | detail

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Russian FSB jails Crimean Muslims, then terrorizes their children

The children of Crimean Muslims imprisoned in Russian-occupied Crimea on fictitious ‘terrorism’ charges have been accosted and frightened by FSB officers who tell them that their fathers are in prison and will stay there | detail

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Crimean Tatar Arrested for Refusal to be FSB Informer?

Arsen Dzhepparov, one of the two youngest Crimean Tatars facing invented ‘terrorism’ charges in Russian-occupied Crimea may well have been arrested as revenge for his refusal to secretly collaborate with the local FSB. The lack of any grounds for the accusations is of no concern to the courts and both Dzhepparov and Refat Alimov have been remanded in custody for a further 3 months | detail

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Pressure on Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Occupied Crimea Intensifies

While not daring to provoke international protest by openly banning the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the Kyiv Patriarchate, the occupation regime has from the outset done everything to drive its clergy and believers away, including the latest eviction and attacks on churches. Archbishop Kliment says that the pressure is mounting and he has received threats. | detail

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Russia Uses Suspect ‘Secret Witness’ for Concocted Crimean ‘Terrorism’ Trial

Ruslan Zeitullayev is spending his second birthday in custody, facing absurd charges. Please help inform the press and your governments of this case - pressure is needed to force Russia to put an end to this terror and help Ruslan and the others return home to their families | detail

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