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Nariman Memedeminov freed after sentence for reporting on political trials in occupied Crimea

Although no restrictions have been imposed on his public activities, any such journalist activities in occupied Crimea carry enormous risks | detail

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Kyiv court upholds ex-Yanukovych aide’s attack on anti-corruption investigative journalists

Andriy Portnov was essentially found to have been entitled to divulge personal data, because the former top Yanukovych aide objected to the Skhemy anti-corruption journalists’ investigation into his activities | detail

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Russia uses multiple clone trials to hide mass operation against Crimean Tatar human rights movement

The real aim of five clone trials is almost certainly to deflect attention from Russia’s most brazen attack to date on Crimean Tatar civic journalists and activists informing the world about violations in occupied Crimea and helping the victims of persecution | detail

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Russian prosecutor demands 15-21-year sentences against 8 Crimean Tatar civic journalists and activists

A Russian prosecutor has demanded sentences of between 15 and 21 years against eight Crimean Tatar civic journalists and activists, including Crimean Solidarity Coordinator and Amnesty International prisoner of conscience, Server Mustafayev | detail

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Police refuse to react to threats against journalist who exposed pro-Russian Telegram sway over Ukraine’s legislators

Liubov Velychko has lodged a formal complaint over police failure to properly investigate the serious threats and harassment she has faced since her shocking investigation into the influence of certain Russian or pro-Russian Telegram channels on legislators from the ruling Servant of the People party. | detail

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20 years after Gongadze murder, the killers of another Ukrainian journalist are being protected

The widow of murdered Ukrainian journalist and civic activist Vasyl Serhiyenko has addressed an impassioned appeal to President Volodymyr Zelensky, asking him to take the case under his personal control | detail

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Zelensky reacts after arson attack on anti-corruption journalist investigators who exposed his trip to Oman

This attack comes just days after a Skhemy journalist discovered evidence of surveillance equipment in his home and several months after one rather notorious politician published personal date about Skhemy journalists and one of their drivers. | detail

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Russian court revokes detention of Crimean Tatar civic journalist, but refuses to release him

It has become so standard that ‘courts’ automatically extend detention without trial of Ukrainian political prisoners, that the hearings are scarcely worth reporting. Except when something goes wrong, which is what happened in the case of Osman Arifmemetov | detail

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Judge faces criminal charges over obstruction of Ukrainian journalist’s murder trial

The latest court hearing in the drawn-out trial of men suspected of killing Cherkasy Maidan activist and journalist Vasyl Serhiyenko took an unexpected turn on 16 July when the judge in the case was herself formally informed by prosecutors that she is facing criminal charges | detail

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Four years since Pavel Sheremet’s murder: From ‘a matter of honour’ for Ukraine to any arrests will do?

Finding the world -renowned journalist’s killers was declared “a matter of honour” for Ukraine. It remains so, however, four years and three arrests later, there is mounting concern that the wish to report the crime ‘solved’ has resulted in a further terrible injustice | detail

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Threats against journalist probing impact of pro-Russian Telegram channels on Ukrainian MPs

Lyubov Velychko has come under attack since she published a disturbing investigation into certain pro-Russian Telegram channels and the impact they have on MPs from the majority Servant of the People party | detail

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Russia blocks Ukrainian media in occupied Crimea while doctoring own Covid-19 statistics

Russia is intensifying its measures to block access to Ukrainian media in occupied Crimea with the latest increase in restrictions likely linked with efforts to control information about the pandemic | detail

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Civic groups demand protection for Ukrainian journalist who got death threats over controversial article

Professional discussion may be warranted over a recent, highly contentious, article, but not the shocking verbal attack and threats that prompted Yekaterina Sergatskova to leave Kyiv with her small daughter | detail

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Ukraine taken to European Court over Sheremet murder trial by press conference

Andriy Antonenko asserts that his right to a fair trial has been gravely violated, among other things by the public pronouncements made at a press briefing attended by the President, Prosecutor General, Interior Minister and Head of Police | detail

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Russian journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva convicted on ‘terrorism’ charge for criticizing state terror

“I am not afraid of criticizing the state. I am not afraid of criticizing the law enforcement system, and of telling the FSB that they are at times wrong. Because I know that it will really get frightening if I don’t say this, if nobody says it” - from Svetlana Prokopyeva’s final address to a Russian court | detail

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Pro-Kremlin ‘Ukrainian’ propaganda media created in occupied Crimea as smoke screen for court at the Hague

The new ‘media’ are in the Ukrainian language, but strictly pro-Moscow in content, and seem an obvious, though primitive, attempt to fool the UN’s International Court of Justice | detail

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Ex-Kremlin hostage Sentsov calls out Zelensky over flagrant violations in Sheremet case

Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov has addressed a hard-hitting letter to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over the high-profile arrests of three military volunteers on charges linked with the murder in 2016 of journalist Pavel Sheremet | detail

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Donbas ‘republic’ journalists trained in propaganda skills in Russia

A journalist who headed a television channel in occupied Horlivka for three years, ‘has defected’ to government-controlled Ukraine and provided important information about the workings of the propaganda media in the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ | detail

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Crimean Tatar civic journalist “taken at gunpoint and deported” for reporting on repression

If, as Kremlin-loyal academics claim, “the Deportation under Stalin was not part of the Russian state’s tradition”, “what am I doing here?”, Nariman Memedeminov asked in a Russian court on 14 May 2020 | detail

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Entire Crimean Tatar families persecuted under Russian occupation “We’ll have time to shoot you all!”

It is a year since the Russian FSB arrested Ruslan Suleymanov, a physics teacher and Crimean Solidarity civic journalist. Three months later, they came for his brother and fellow civic activist, Eskender | detail

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