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Ukrainian blogger to be deported from occupied Crimea after criticizing Putin and Russian annexation

A Russian-controlled court in Yalta has ordered the deportation of blogger Yevhen Haivoronsky from occupied Crimea. The move came just hours after police officers detained Haivoronsky and removed his Russian passport, and less than a month after the same ‘court’ fined him for a Facebook post critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin | detail

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Vital questions remain unanswered after Donbas volunteers arrested for murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet

While the police assert that they have solved the murder of renowned journalist Pavel Sheremet, his colleagues from Ukrainska Pravda have set out fundamental questions that remain unanswered. Others have positively asserted that this is an attack on defenders of Ukraine | detail

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Foreign Agents as new ‘enemies of the people’ in Russia and occupied Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a bill making it possible to brand virtually any journalist, blogger or civic activist a ‘foreign agent’, and MPs are pushing through a further law that will impose crippling fines or even imprisonment for failure to insert the label on any material they make public | detail

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Ukrainian journalist in Russian-occupied Crimea fined for negative Facebook post about Putin

A Russian-controlled Crimean court has found Ukrainian blogger Yevhen Haivoronsky (Evgeny Gaivoronskyi) guilty of ‘petty hooliganism’ over a Facebook post on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s birthday (7 October). | detail

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Freed Ukrainian journalist: Criticize those in power in Crimea, and you’ll end up behind bars

Crimean journalist Alexei Nazimov has been released after spending over three years in prison on fabricated charges | detail

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OSCE Media Rep collaborates with Russia on propaganda event in Moscow

An OSCE conference has taken place in Moscow and been very widely covered by Russian state-controlled media. This is hardly surprising, given the clear propaganda benefit for Russia from the event on 6 November, initiated by the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media | detail

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Ukrainian court orders TV Hromadske to retract correct description of C14 as ‘neo-Nazi’

Unless overturned by the Supreme Court, this ruling could force journalists and civic activists to censor themselves or face similar defamation suits for stating what they have every reason to believe is the truth. | detail

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Solitary confinement in torture-like conditions for reporting on human rights abuse in occupied Crimea

Server Mustafayev, human rights activist and one of the coordinators of the Crimean Solidarity initiative, has been imprisoned since May 2018, with the last month and a half or more in conditions that amount to torture | detail

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Ex-Yanukovych aide Portnov divulges personal data in aggressive attack against Skhemy investigative journalists

Controversial politician Andriy Portnov has published personal data of journalists from the Skhemy: Corruption in Details program carrying out an investigation into his alleged links with people in government and is threatening more ‘disclosures | detail

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Ukrainian gets suspended sentence for T-shirt with Soviet symbol

This is the second known criminal conviction made possible by a highly controversial law on decommunization which is likely to be slammed by the European Court of Human Rights | detail

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Russian FSB uses torture & threats for total Internet snooping in occupied Crimea

The FSB have total and uncontrolled access to information about the sites that a person visits, as well as to his activities in Russian social media | detail

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Ukrainian journalist Haivoronsky jailed in occupied Crimea for failing to treat politically motivated ‘drug dependence’

Yevhen Haivoronsky, a journalist and blogger from occupied Yatla, has been jailed for 15 days after allegedly having his head banged against a police car several times during his detention | detail

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Ukrainian Skhemy anti-corruption journalists face search after refusing to comply with sweeping divulgence demand

A court in Kyiv has ordered that the Skhemy investigative journalist team give full access to the State Bureau of Investigations of a huge amount of information, on threat of the information being forcibly obtained if they do not comply | detail

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Donbas militants ‘sentence’ journalist Stanislav Aseyev to 15 years for ‘spying’ & ‘extremism’

The bizarre charges from a criminal code which is not recognized by any dem | detail

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Crimean Solidarity civic journalist gets prison sentence for reporting political trials in Russian-occupied Crimea

A Russian court has sentenced Crimean Tatar civic journalist Nariman Memedeminov to two and a half years’ imprisonment, nominally for three innocuous YouTube videos, though in fact for reporting on political repression in occupied Crimea | detail

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Journalist Stanislav Aseyev held in Russian-controlled Donetsk ‘concentration camp’ for writing the truth

Stanislav Aseyev is turning 30 on 1 October, his third birthday imprisoned for his writing in occupied Donetsk | detail

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Russia demands 6-year sentence for reporting persecution in occupied Crimea #FreeMemedeminov

A Russian prosecutor has proposed imprisoning civic journalist Nariman Memedeminov for six years, with the formal charges against him pertaining to three totally harmless YouTube videos, two of which pre-dated Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea | detail

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Why does OSCE give Russia’s Crimean collaborators a platform for Kremlin propaganda?

Ukrainian delegates to the OSCE’s annual Human Dimensions Implementation Meeting walked out of the session on 17 September in protest over Crimean collaborators using the occasion to push Russian propaganda about Crimea; Crimean Tatars and Ukraine, including the claim that Crimea ‘is Russian’. | detail

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Why is another killing of a journalist in Ukraine going unanswered?

Over five years after the abduction and murder of Cherkasy journalist and Maidan activist Vasyl Serhiyenko, the suspected perpetrators are being released from detention one by one, and no charges have been brought over the commissioning of the killing | detail

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Russia brings tanks, weapons and its very own censorship to occupied Luhansk

One of the first steps that the Russian and Russian armed militants took on seizing control of Donbas cities in 2014 was to remove all access to Ukrainian television. Over the following months and years, Internet websites were also blocked | detail

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