Press release of the Sevastopol Media Center

On 7 December the Sevastopol Media Center held the round table ’The role of journalists in a democratic society’. | detail

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All national TV channels refused to cooperate with Timoshenko’s block

All national TV channels refused to cooperate with the party ’Batkivshchina and the block headed by Yu. Timoshenko during the election. In particular, official refusals were given by ’The New Channel’, ’СТБ’, ֵ+1’, ’YT-1’, ’Inter’ and ’ICTV’. Such attitude Timoshenko explains as the direct order of the authorities to exclude all TV and video features about the party and the block headed by her. | detail

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Journalists are beaten again

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No free press in Bukovina

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Kharkov authorities cannot master article 39 of the Constitution.

During the meeting of the Russian and Ukrainian Presidents in Kharkov youth headquarters of the party ’Batkivshchina’ and the Kharkov organization of the committee ’Za pravdu’ planned to hold an action against President Kuchma. The participants were detained and taken away from the route of Presidents. | detail

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The appeal of the collective of the Lugansk TV company ‘Efir-1’.

The Lugansk TV company ‘Efir-1’, which supported the town mayor, was closed by the local administration using dishonest manipulations. | detail

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Is our society respectful?

Meditations about the state of the freedom of speech in Ukraine one year after the cassette scandal. | detail

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Security is displeased

On 31 October the National Council of Security and Defense (NCSD) considered the measures of improvement of state informational policy and providing informational security of Ukraine. | detail

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A useful meeting

The public organization ‘Khartia-4’ gathered at the invitation of the Poltava media-club and held a number of actions directed at the support of the Poltava mass media. | detail

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A journalist can easily get into the USS cobweb

Tetiana Chornovil, a young journalist opened in Kyiv a Chechen press center and even attended Grozny to get objective materials. Moscow reprimanded Kyiv and as a result Tetiana and her family began to experience some pressure from the USS. | detail

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‘Do not defame my deceased colleagues, Mr. Minister!’

Open letter of the head of the Independent Union of Journalists of Ukraine, to Minister of Interior Yuri Smirnov . This is a reaction to the speech of the Minister of Interior, who asserted that 80% out of 18 murdered journalists (i.e., 14.4 persons) perished not because of their professional activities, but by their own guilt – from hard drinking. The author accuses the Minister of heartlessness reminding him that militiamen drink not less than journalists. | detail

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On what topics do our political journalists remain silent?

Larysa Ivshyna, editor-in-chief, The Day, Lavrenty Malazoniya, general producer, TET Television, Oleh Medvediev, journalist, political technologist. The interviews present the points of view of three journalists on the topic used in the heading. | detail

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At last the intimidation of journalists may be punished

Officials from the Prosecutor’s Office of the Crimea confirmed that a criminal case was started against Saki mayor Volodymir Shvetsov, who threatened a journalist. This is the first case in the Crimea, where a top official may be punished for the pressure on mass media. | detail

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Ukrainian language press needs protection...

A Nikolayev newspaper is published in Ukrainian in the region, where the Russian language dominates. That is why the paper is badly sold and needs financial support from the government. Yet, the newspaper is oppositional. | detail

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Amnesty International intends to demand independent investigation of Gongadze’s case

(Ukrainian service of the radio station ‘Deutche welle’). | detail

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The USS intends to tail the Internet users.

’The USS would like every Internet user to register’, said Viktor Radchenko. | detail

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Authorities vs. Ludmila Kucherenko.

Journalist Ludmila Kucherenko considers that the National council in charge of TV and radio broadcasting dismissed her from the post of a representative in the Poltava oblast absolutely without any grounds. | detail

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