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Even film about Mezhyhirya scares the authorities

Various means were used to stop documentary film showings which include a film about the President’s controversial and top secret residence at Mezhyhirya | detail

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Mayors’ Limited Access

The Mayors and Deputy Mayors of Kharkiv, Kherson and Sumy are refusing to scan their declarations into digital form which effectively restricts people’s access to important public information | detail

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Only 183 MPs have revealed income declarations

The civil movement CHESNO reports that only 183 MPs have published income declarations in open sources. The other 261 MPs have not published them, nor did they make them available when requested by CHESNO | detail

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Excellent Choice

One of the heads of the money watchdog “Nashi Hroshi” and regular writer for Dzerkalo Tyzhnya Oleksy Shalaisky has received the Oleksandr Kryvenko Prize for Progress in Journalism | detail

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Journalists demand transparency on public procurement

Journalists writing on corruption have begun collecting signatures to a petition calling for a return to transparency over public procurement following the disastrous bill signed by the President in August 2012 | detail

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Not overly accessible

Two years after adoption of the Public Information Act, Roman Kabachiy from the Institute of Mass Information writes that officials either don’t know their duties or know them enough to write formal fob-off responses. There remain also areas of great importance which the public are prevented from knowing about. | detail

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The Minimalist Approach to Fighting Corruption

On Tuesday Ukraine’s parliament adopted a law on implementing State anti-corruption policy, and rejected two draft bills aimed at strengthening that same anti-corruption policy | detail

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President’s Administration pays rent to shadowy firm behind Mezhyhirya

During 2012 the President’s Administration paid 100 thousand UAH to Tantalit - a firm believed to have links with the Yanukovych family - for renting an office for Viktor Yanukovych in the latter’s sumptuous residence at Mezhyhirya. | detail

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Those in power declare modest earnings, flaunt expensive watches

Oleksy Khmara from Transparency International in Ukraine believes the President’s "royalties" for non-existent publicaitons, as well as the entire business of Yanukovych’s elder son may be about trying to legalize income | detail

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OPORA takes secretive Verkhovna Rada Office to court

The Verkhovna Rada has refused to publish information about the officials working for the Office of the VRU and indicate how much they earn, claiming that this is internal organizational information | detail

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Ukraine: the book scandal that never was

Mega-earnings in royalties for a second year running with not a word published and from a printing firm not known for publishing books - everything ripe, you’d think, for a grandiose scandal and some very hard-hitting questions. Not, however, in Ukraine. | detail

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Court upholds right to see constitutional submission regarding language law

Well-known journalist Serhiy Leshchenko’s appeal was lodged after the first instance court upheld the Constituitonal Court’s refusal to show the submission claiming that it contained official information and personal data | detail

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Head of Ukraine’s Archives:wants access limited

The Head of Ukraine’s State Archive, Olha Ginzburg from the Communist Party continues to assert that Ukraine’s archives are the most open in the world and still maintains her position that they should be much more restricted. | detail

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Regional courts uphold taxpayers’ right to know

The Regional Press Development Institute has reported two cases where the court has allowed legal suits against refusals by the authorities to provide information | detail

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Yanukovych royalties for unwritten books can be viewed as a political bribe

Olexander Afronin, President of the Ukrainian Publishers and Booksellers Association has never heard of royalties (like the President’s 15 and a half million UAH) for books which have not been written where there isn’t even a plan for it | detail

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President once again declares millions in royalties

The largest amount in President Yanukovych’s income declaration, as in the previous year, is supposed to be 15 and a half million UAH in royalties according to an agreement signed in 2011. | detail

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Roma Strategy – for government eyes alone?

Not only are the Roma being used to nominally fulfil EU requirements needed for visa liberalization, but the “Strategy” supposed to fulfil these is being treated as classified information. | detail

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Vast amounts spent on effectively secret MPs’ aides

OPORA has drawn attention to the questionable situation where public funding is allocated to pay MPs substantial amounts for “assistants”, yet the public and media are refused information about who these assistants are | detail

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Right to know about controversial Presidential residence to be defended in Strasbourg

Serhiy Leshchenko, well-known Ukrainska Pravda journalist is asking the European Court of Human Rights to confirm his right to know how much the President paid for a State-owned piece of land within Mezhyhirya | detail

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Regional Journalists to seek access to withheld information in Strasbourg

The Regional Press Development Institute are preparing an application to the European Court of Human Rights over refusal to provide information about public funding allocated for each official of the Rivne Regional State Administration | detail

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