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“Ukrainska Pravda” suit over President’s Mezhyhirya residence at cassation level

Two courts have rejected the suit against a refusal by the Vyshhorod District Administration a year ago to provide information about its sale of land in the middle of Mezhyhirya to President Yanukovych and how much was paid | detail

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President’s Administration claims no influence over MPs

The Administration had been called on to respond appropriately to the refusal by the Office of the Verkhovna Rada to reveal MPs’ income declarations claiming the information is “confidential” | detail

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Journalists prevented from informing on infringements of Public Information Act

Ukrainska Pravda reports that on 8 May a number of well-known journalists and civic activists were stopped by police when they tried to enter the area on Bankova St outside the President’s Administration | detail

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10 subjects the authorities are concealing

A year into the Public Information Act, the public are still prevented from learning about the highly controversial sumptuous residence of President Yanukovych at Mezhyhirya, the incomes, privileges, of MPs and high-ranking officials and more | detail

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CHESNO: Office of the Verkhovna Rada flagrantly violating Public Information Act

The Office of the Verkhovna Rada is flouting the Law on Access to Public Information and refusing to provide the civic movement CHESNO with MPs’ income declarations. | detail

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Ukrainska Pravda takes parliament to court over concealed information

The website Ukrainska Pravda is asking the court to order the Office of the Verkhovna Rada to inform which MPs elected in this session have received State-owned flats. | detail

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Justice Ministry in breach of Public Information Act

The Media Law Institute has won its law suit against the Justice Ministry which had asserted that documents about staffing arrangements contained confidential information about members of staff, namely the size of their officials’ salary | detail

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Refusals to allow access to archival material more frequent

According to a study carried out by the Liberation Movement Research Centre, 86.2% of the specialists surveyed had themselves come up against cases where access to archival information was restricted | detail

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On questionable news coverage by the Ukrainian version of Euronews

Letter sent to the Management of Euronews on 16 February giving some of the many examples of discrepancies between the language versions of Euronews showing that information is being muffled or distorted in the Ukrainian version | detail

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EURONEWS: Selective Coverage

There is a considerable difference between the Ukrainian version of Euronews and UTV-1 however, as feared, the same trend can be send of softening criticism of those in power, muffling or distorting information which could cause them embarrassment | detail

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Analysis of the CCU Judgement regarding confidential information

Political-Legal Commentary on the Constitutional Court Judgement in response to a constitutional submission from the Zhashkiv District Council (Cherkasy region) asking for an official interpretation of Article 32 § 1, Article 34 § 2 of the Constitution. | detail

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Question time

If the Constitutional Court has ruled that a politician’s home is his fortress barricaded from the public by a double wall of metal and the right to privacy, there is no sense arguing. Putting the questions that are begging to be asked is much more efficient | detail

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Communist Head of Ukraine’s Archives would remove access to half of them

Head of Ukraine’s State Archive, Olha Ginzburg from the Communist Party has said that she would like to close half Ukraine’s archives. She was responding to a question about introducing European norms regarding archival openness | detail

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Constitutional Carte Blanche for Corruption and Censorship

Ukraine’s Constitutional Court has passed a real gem of a judgement – one of inestimable value to corrupt officials precisely because the value of their family’s wealth need now not be disclosed to the public | detail

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Which public officials receive concessions on luxury homes is classified information

The President’s Administration has refused to provide Ukrainska Pravda with information regarding which residents of the government residential areas “Koncha-Zaspa” and “Pushcha-Volchytsa” receive concessions for communal services | detail

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Residences of Azarov, Lytvyn and Yushchenko to cost the taxpayer 50 million UAH

Maintenance of the residential areas “Koncha-Zaspa” and “Pushcha-Volchytsa” which contains the residences of Ukrainian public officials will eat up 50 million UAH from the 2012 | detail

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Ukrainska Pravda takes Finance Ministry to court

The suit is over the refusal by the Ministry to provide a copy of its letter of 16 June to the Cabinet of Ministers stating that it had no records of the company United Energy Systems of Ukraine’s debts to Russia as State debt | detail

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New draft law may place post-War archives at threat

The bill proposes introducing a norm which would ban removal from the archives of confidential documents or material containing secret information for political or ideological reasons, as well as any documents created before 1946 | detail

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Blitzkrieg Increase in Security Service’s Intelligence Powers

In accordance with the President’s initiative, a new body will be protecting some nebulous “information security” not only from the “subversive intelligence activities of foreign security services” but from “unlawful encroachments from organizations, groups or individuals”. | detail

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NGOs remind government of duties regarding access to public information

The Institute for Mass Information, the Media Law Institute and UA Centre stress the need to provide money and technical backing to ensure that official websites and personnel provide the public with the information they are entitled to | detail

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