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Public Information: Journalists arm themselves with the Law

Three months ago laws supposed to make the authorities more transparent came into force. In spite of bureaucratic difficulties in implementing the legislative norms, journalists do say that information of public significance has become more accessible | detail

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Zaporizhya Mayor’s Closed Door Policy for Journalists

The Mayor of Zaporizhya, Oleksandr Sin has prohibited journalists from attending the weekly meetings with the heads of departments within the City Council. He claims that officials are scared to tell the truth so as not to attract journalists’ attention | detail

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Ukrainian officials still concealing their finances

The Office of the Verkhovna Rada has refused to provide information about the income of all National Deputies, citing the Law on Personal Data Protection as their grounds. More than two months after the Public Information Act came into effect, public officials are in no hurry to disclose information | detail

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NGOs: Government fails test on implementation of Public Information Act

Over 50 civic organizations making up the partnership New Citizen have issued an appeal expressing concern over the effective sabotage by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Law on Access to Public Information | detail

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President’s Meeting Schedule classified as secret

STB’s journalist Serhiy Andrushko had tried to find out what the meeting was which had prevented the President from carrying out his promise to allow journalists to visit his residence Mezhyhirya, given at a press conference on 4 June 2010 and to date not kept | detail

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Did President Yanukovych show everything at Mezhyhirya?

Journalists who have long been trying to get the President to reveal his sumptuous residence uggest that the select group of journalists invited were shown far from all that Viktor Yanukovych owns | detail

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Ukrainian media controlled from offshore companies

Media specialists criticize the lack of transparency and accessibility of nformation about media owners and say that the relevant legislation is inadequate. | detail

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Verkhovna Rada Office refuses to hand over Deputies’ declarations

"“Although Article 6 of the Law on Access to Public Information stipulates that income declarations of National Deputies and members of their families do not constitute information on restricted access, these documents do contain personal data of members of their family and other information which the law has stated is information on restricted access” | detail

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SBU to question another 16 people in Ukraine’s “historian case”

The SBU [Security Service] has decided to question another 16 people, all employees of the National Memorial Museum of Victims of the Occupation Regimes “Tyurma na Lonskoho” in Lviv regarding their work with historical documents | detail

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Public Information Law like a Bolt from the Blue for the Authorities

NGOs stress the need for important amendments to legislation to enable the Law on Access to Public Information to function as it should. They have put forward draft bills to rectify key problems | detail

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Only two TV channels showed the journalists at Mezhyhirya

Considering that a peaceful gathering timed to coincide with Journalist Day and intended to remind the President of a promise made on television a full year earlier and not kept, was banned by the court, the events were surely of public importance. | detail

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Stop Censorship calls on journalists to gather at Mezhyhirya

On Sunday 5 June, the civic movement Stop Censorship issued a call to journalists to gather at Mezhyhirya to monitor how the court ruling banning their planned peaceful protest action will be implemented | detail

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President’s Day of Shame

Serhiy Leshchenko writes about President Yanukovych’s promise to show journalists his residence at Mezhyhirya and on the efforts of the local Village Head and a judge to prevent journalists from reminding him a year on that the promise has not been kept | detail

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Court bans Stop Censorship action near President’s residence

One year after Yanukovych’s promise to show journalists his reportedly sumptuous residence Mezhyhirya came to nothing, a peaceful protest near Mezhyhirya had been planned. On Saturday, the Village Head of Novi Petrivtsi obligingly for a court ban. The court proved equally obliging | detail

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On heightened criminal liability for violation of unclear and flawed data protection legislation

The Media Law Institute expresses grave concern over a new and highly dangerous law which could jeopardize freedom of speech and of the media in Ukraine and calls on the President to use his power of veto | detail

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Public Information Act is for others, not Kramatorg’s Mayor

All knew that resistance would be fierce... Hennady Kostyukov, Mayor of Kramatorg, has refused to provide a copy of his income declaration to journalists | detail

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CVU: Ukrainian authorities not ready to be open

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] have given a negative assessment of the authorities’ readiness to implement the Law on Access to Public Information which came into force on 9 May. | detail

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Media Law Institute law suit against Verkhovna Rada rejected

On 19 May 2011 the hearing took place into the law suit lodged by the Media Law Institute against the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada over the lack of response to a formal information request back in September 2010. | detail

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120 billion UAH for Ukraine’s leaders to ride about in Mercedes etc

The newspaper Segodnya [Today] decided to test how the new Public Information Law which came into effect on 9 May 2011 worked in practice, and on a subject dear to the hearts of those in power and close to the pockets of the Ukrainian taxpayer | detail

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First legal proceedings over alleged infringement of Public Information Law

17 May saw the first law suit lodged against alleged breach by the head of the Transcarpathian Regional Council of the Law on Access to Public Information which came into force on 9 May 2011 | detail

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