NGOs call to unite in defence of freedom of assembly

A number of prominent human rights organizations, concerned by increasing encroachments on freedom of peaceful assembly have formed a partnership and call on others to join efforts in upholding this fundamental right | detail

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Maidan 2012: scuffles between riot police and demonstrators

During a mass rally on Independence Square to mark the eighth anniversary of the Orange Revolution at least 5 activists were arrested and the riot police out in force | detail

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Opposition MP gets police visitation

MP Iryna Herashchenko has reported that she received a visit on Thursday morning from a local police inspector. She says that he tried to draw up a protocol against her for participating in a rally outside the Central Election Commission on 5 November | detail

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Defending the right to peaceful assembly

The High Administrative Court has finally stated clearly that the notorious Soviet Decree which is regularly used to restrict peaceful assembly breaches Ukraine’s Constitution by using a permission-based procedure and demanding 10 days warning | detail

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Free and Fair Elections? Court bans meetings in Kyiv centre till 12 November

If the information from the Coalition of Participants in the Orange Revolution reported by Ukrainska Pravda is true, then he District Administrative Court in Kyiv has banned protests in the centre of Kyiv up till 12 November inclusive. | detail

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Kharkiv court bans opposition rally in city centre

The Kharkiv District Administrative Court has allowed an application from the Kharkiv City Council and prohibited one of the leaders of the United Opposition from meeting with voters on Freedom Square on 15 October. | detail

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Call on politicians to defend freedom of peaceful assembly in Ukraine

Members of NGOs and other concerned members of the public have endorsed an open appeal to Ukraine’s politicians regarding legislation in parliament on peaceful assembly | detail

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Cherkasy Court extends indefinite ban on protests

The ban on political protests on Soborna Square in the centre of Cherkasy, originally imposed from 16 July to 10 September has now been extended up till 7 October | detail

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UHHRU Position on the Peaceful Assembly Draft Law

Following all kinds of rumours and inaccuracies regarding the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union’s position, the Head of the Board and Executive Director have issued a statement outlining reasons for believing the draft laws on peaceful assembly are of vital importance | detail

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Peaceful assembly bill again put on hold “to avoid misunderstandings”

The Verkhovna Rada has yet again deferred consideration of Draft Law No. 2450 on Peaceful Assembly while the draft Law on Amendments to Some Legislative Acts on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly failed to gain enough votes | detail

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NGO Open Appeal in Defence of Freedom of Peaceful Assembly

In 2011 administrative courts issued over 200 decisions regarding applications to ban peaceful gatherings, with the gatherings being prohibited in 90% of these cases. The tendency this year has been towards an increase in the number of such cases and in the percentage of bans | detail

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Kharkiv Anti-Language Law protest camp restored following attack

During the early hours of Wednesday morning an attack took place on the tent camp of activists protesting against the language law increasing the role of Russian which President Yanukovych signed a week ago. | detail

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Peaceful language law protest banned from another site in Kharkiv

The court ban was again instigated by the City Council with the grounds raising questions about both the Council’s and court’s familiarity with the European Convention and European Court of Human Rights case law | detail

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Anti-language law protest a health hazard … - if you want to ban it

The Kharkiv District Administrative Court has allowed an application from the City Council and banned an indefinite protest against the Law on the Principles of State Language Policy beginning on 10 August on Freedom Square | detail

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Crimean courts find against civic activists

Simferopol and Sevastopol courts found two young activists of the campaign “Revenge for Dividing Ukraine” guilty under electoral legislation, although the Party of the Regions is continuing to break the law by advertising without registration | detail

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Ukraine against Yanukovych peaceful protest tents dismantled

The police accompanied by the Deputy Mayor of Chyhyryn in the Cherkasy region refused to allow a tent set up by the United Opposition to gather signatures in support of the campaign Ukraine against Yanukovych | detail

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Pretexts for banning peaceful protest: if you could only laugh

Maxim Sereda and Tetyana Pechonchyk have examined the ever-increasing number of occasions where totally peaceful protests are banned in Ukraine, and the frequently extraordinary pretexts offered. | detail

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Cherkasy court bans political protest for nearly 2 months

The Cherkasy District Administrative Court has banned any political protests on Soborna Square in the centre of Cherkasy. | detail

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Language law prompts most protests in three years

The Centre for Public Research reports that despite summer usually being a dead time for socio-political life, the number of protests in Ukraine has broken all records. | detail

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Two cases thrown out of Kharkiv court over language law protest, one remains

The police had accused them of infringing the rules for holding a protest rally. The judge found no administrative offence | detail

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