Ukrainian Council of Churches calls for real safeguards of peaceful assembly

At present religious organizations are discriminated against since the law on freedom of conscience imposes a permission-based system of informing, 10 days in advance, of a planned religious gathering | detail

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PACE Monitoring Report sees threats to democratic freedoms

The PACE Co-Rapporteurs believe that the authorities are using the police to obstruct peaceful acts of protest | detail

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UEFA concerned over events around Gorky Park in Kharkiv

The Director of Euro 2012 Martin Callen has addressed an official letter to the Ukrainian Government asking it to investigate the situation which has arisen around Gorky Park in Kharkiv and to inform of specific measures taken to resolve the problem | detail

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President’s Guard disperses peaceful gathering of Crimean Tatars

The peaceful demonstration was organized to protest at the lack of possibility for several years now to receive land legally for building homes | detail

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Kharkiv produces prisoners of conscience, not-so-public hearings

The Kharkiv authorities, having run roughshod over residents’ rights and the law, then resorted to a pitifully unconvincing imitation of public participation | detail

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Two more court rulings to appeal

On 14 June the Dzherzhynsky District Court in Kharkiv found two of the peaceful protesters detained by police in Gorky Park on 28 May guilty of disobeying a police officer (Article 185 of the Code of Administrative Offences] | detail

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Authorities in Odessa cite a Soviet decree to ban a meeting in defence of peaceful assembly

The planned protest in Odessa was entitled “Exit from Democracy. Password: 2450”. In response to their letter of notification, the organizers were told by the Head of Internal Policy of the Odessa City Council that their protest was unlawful on the grounds of a decree passed back in Soviet times | detail

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Protest against peaceful assembly draft law in Kyiv

There is growing feeling that the draft law, as well as containing unwarranted restrictions, is too vague and gives worrying scope for arbitrary interpretation and bans on peaceful assembly. | detail

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Police in Luhansk threaten and try to detain protesters

On 10 June young Luhansk residents joined the nationwide protect “The Police will answer for murder” prompted by the death in police custody of student Ihor Indylo who was studying in Kyiv | detail

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UHHRU Legal Opinion on the Draft Law No. 2450 “On Peaceful Assembly”

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has issued the following legal opinion of the bill on peaceful assembly presently awaiting its second reading | detail

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Open Appeal over the lawless actions of the Kharkiv authorities and Police

It is vital that we demonstrate to the crushing of peaceful protest in Gorky Park has no justification in a democratic country and that such actions must not go unpunished. Please add your voice to our appeal to the Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner | detail

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Action incompatible with democracy. Part 1: Kharkiv

100 days it took to come up with a speech about wrenching the country out of crisis and to jeopardize Ukraine’s fairly modest achievements on the road to democracy. At the moment the authorities respond to criticism. With words, yet those demonstrate that they cannot do without an imitation of democracy. And if imitation doesn’t suit? | detail

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All court rulings regarding Gorky Park defenders will be appealed

Y. Zakharov points out that although rulings in administrative cases cannot officially be appealed, any restriction of freedom are subject to appeal. This, he stresses, is the position of the European Court of Human Rights. | detail

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Four court verdicts regarding Gorky Park tree defenders

The fact that all four are different is indicative of the grotesque absurdity of a situation where police escort thugs who beat up peaceful protesters, while the police see fit to detain only the protesters | detail

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Freedom House: Ukraine’s free status could be in jeopardy

According to Ann Paddington from Freedom House: “We are disturbed by the development of events in Ukraine. Ukraine is in the category of free countries, but free countries with some problems. Therefore if even a small deterioration is observed, Ukraine will fall into the category of “partly free” countries. | detail

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Police in Kyiv dispersed only the opposition

A rally in support of President Yanukovych passes without obstruction while opposition actions were dispersed. The opposition claim that the police were brutal. | detail

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Where is the draft law on peaceful assembly?

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has issued an open statement stressing the need to make public the draft law on peaceful assembly in advance of the imminent vote in parliament and for parliamentary hearings with public involvement | detail

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That Vital Component of Constructive Proposals

Most impressive that the President recognizes the need for criticism from opponents, but how should we understand serious efforts by the traffic police, the Security Service and others to prevent voices of criticism from being heard? | detail

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Ukraine’s Parliament may restrict the right to hold meetings

The draft law which could be passed within the month contains a number of worrying restrictions which would effectively ban spontaneous gatherings and in other ways also seriously endanger freedom of peaceful assembly | detail

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Kharkiv police break up peaceful protest

Here too the actions of the police were clearly unlawful since a peaceful gathering can only be banned by a court order which was not obtained | detail

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