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Ukraine’s Parliament may restrict the right to hold meetings

The draft law which could be passed within the month contains a number of worrying restrictions which would effectively ban spontaneous gatherings and in other ways also seriously endanger freedom of peaceful assembly | detail

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Kharkiv police break up peaceful protest

Here too the actions of the police were clearly unlawful since a peaceful gathering can only be banned by a court order which was not obtained | detail

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Ban on demonstrations during Medvedev’s visit

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union points out that such an unwarranted ban fails to comply with case law of the European Court of Human Rights with regard to Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights and sees it as yet another example of a wide-scale clampdown on freedom of peaceful assembly over the last two months. | detail

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Freedom March banned for the first time in five years

The District Administrative Court in Kyiv on Friday banned the annual Freedom March for reform of State policy on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs planned for 15 May. | detail

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“Respublica” Institute issues protest over banned Falun Gong demonstration

The “Respublica” Institute has issued a statement expressing concern over interference by the Chinese Embassy’s interference in Ukraine’s internal affairs and the resulting violation of freedom of assembly | detail

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Flagrant violations of key human rights

The traffic police used pressure on private transport firms to stop supporters of the opposition reaching Kyiv on 11 May. The scale and similarity of pressure in different parts of the country suggest that the instructions came from Kyiv | detail

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Mohylev: I’d set aside a big field on the edge of Kyiv for political rallies

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Anatoly Mohylev, has spoken in an interview of his attitude to opposition rallies. Mr Mohylev’s understanding of political demonstrations in London would seem rather questionable, but this, we would politely suggest, is not the only quibble over the sentiments expressed | detail

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Kremenchuk: Police detain flashmobbers

The police on Wednesday detained around 40 people, mainly students, who organized a flash mob on the Kryukovsky Bridge. Their banners seem somewhat senseless, but even more worrying were the heavy-handed measures of the police | detail

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Respublica Institute warns of widespread violations of the right of peaceful assembly

The human rights organization points to a government document, as well as numerous detentions during March and April which indicate negative trends emerging in the behaviour of the new regime which present a threat to the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression | detail

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A toughening experience for NGOs

In an article about the trials and tribulations of civic organizations in Ukraine, Tetyana Yatskiv, Head of “Community Centre”, notes that for all the apparent movement with legislative acts passed, revoked, lobbied for, there is a sense that nothing is moving forward. | detail

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Appeal launched against encroachment on public participation

The Civic Assembly of Ukraine’s members have thoroughly analyzed certain Cabinet of Ministers Resolutions and reached the conclusion that the “additional measures” severely narrow the possibilities for civic organizations to take part in forming and implementing State policy | detail

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Venice Commission reiterates human rights groups’ concerns over law on peaceful assembly

The draft law, for example, “contains provisions that lack clear standards to guide official decision-making. This creates a potential for abuse that needs to be remedied” | detail

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Freedom of assembly, a cornerstone of democracy, under threat in Ukraine

The draft law would seriously restrict freedom of assembly, contains unconstitutional restrictions on freedom and numerous violations of Ukraine’s international commitments regarding peaceful assembly | detail

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Civic organizations call on Prime Minister to keep her promises

They point out non-fulfilment of paragraph one of the Government’s Programme regarding adoption of a new version of the Law “On citizens’ associations” and the blocking of this process by deputies from the BYUT faction | detail

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Parliamentarians refuse to consider draft law on civic organizations

This extraordinary behaviour is in contravention both of parliamentary regulations and of Ukraine’s international commitments | detail

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UHHRU Legal Opinion on the Draft Law on Peaceful Assembly

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union believes that the draft law will significantly narrow the scope of existing freedom of peaceful assembly and lead to social tension due to the unwarranted stopping of peaceful assembly | detail

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Sharp criticism of the draft law on peaceful assembly

Volodymyr Chemerys from the “Respublica” Institute has little positive to say about the draft law “On the procedure for organizing and holding peaceful gatherings” (No. 2450) passed in its first reading on 3 June | detail

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Unprecedented ruling touching on freedom of assembly

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has taken this case on as a strategic litigation involving as it does a Soviet decree which is in breach of the Constitution | detail

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Call to protect right of believers to peaceful assembly

The Institute of Religious Freedom is calling for one law covering all peaceful gatherings, religious or not, and says that the present anomalies have led to violations of believers’ rights | detail

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New draft law on civic organizations

The new draft law tabled recently in parliament has failings which need to be ironed out, but also some positive amendments on the current law | detail

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