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New draft law on civic organizations

The new draft law tabled recently in parliament has failings which need to be ironed out, but also some positive amendments on the current law | detail

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Journalist imprisoned for 24 hours for clapping

A journalist from “Ukrainska Pravda” Vitaly Selyk has, according to the newspaper, being placed under custodial arrest for 24 hours accused of resisting the police - he clapped when two police cars hit each other | detail

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Kyiv police alleged to have beaten protesters

The civic organization “Foundation for Regional Initiatives” asserts that police officers were brutal in their treatment of demonstrators protesting against the recent increase in the price of public transport | detail

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Court bans Eurasian Youth Union

On 6 November the Kharkiv District Administrative Court allowed the application of the Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor to forcibly dissolve the Kharkiv regional branch of the Eurasian Youth Union | detail

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Privately commissioned “Berkut”

On the events of 17 October around the Institute “Respublica” involving several dozen men from the “Berkut” Special Forces and peaceful protesters | detail

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Police detain 40 people including journalists during a protest over building seizure

The Police claimed on Friday evening that their actions in detaining a group of people in the premises occupied since 1997 by the Institute “Respublica”, a human rights organization, had been justified | detail

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Seizure of human rights organization’s premises

During the night from 14-15 October members of a private security firm, accompanied by National Deputy Vasyl Hrytsak battered down the door and burst into the address on Gorky St in Kyiv which the Institute “Respublica” has occupied since 1997. | detail

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“Respublica” Institute speaks of systematic abuse of freedom of assembly

It states that this right has been infringed in 2008 by representatives of the Presidential Secretariat, the local authorities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the courts though unwarranted bans on rallies, pickets and demonstrations, or obstructions to these | detail

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Another local authority bans public rallies

On 27 June the Uzhhorod City-District Court banned until the end of the summer (until 31 August this year) rallies outside the Transcarpathian Regional Administration. | detail

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Crimean authorities violate the right of peaceful assembly

The Simferopol authorities have banned the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists from holding a rally on Lenin Square on 29 June to mark the anniversary of the birth of the Head of the Ukrainian Resistance Army Roman Shukhevych | detail

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Donetsk bodies of local self-government once again obstruct religious communities

Officials of the Executive Committee of the Donetsk City Council are putting obstacles in the way of believers holding a peaceful gathering on 1 June | detail

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Mass events will only be cancelled on the grounds of national security

The right to hold an event is granted without any permits from the local authorities. It is necessary to mere warn them within five days | detail

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Strasbourg finds that Ukraine violated the right of freedom of association

In an important judgment on 3 April in the case of Koretskyy and others v. Ukraine, the European Court of Human Rights found that Ukraine had violated Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights | detail

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Fastidious disgust but firm measures

The Eurasian Youth Union raised its ugly head in Ukraine on Friday, with the desecration of Ukrainian State emblems on Mount Hoverli in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. After photographing their “heroic deeds” , the three culprits sped out of the country in the direction of Russia | detail

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On the 65th anniversary of UPA the arguments still rage

14 October marks the official founding date of the Ukrainian Resistance Army [UPA]. An administrative court in Kyiv on Friday allowed all applications make by the Kyiv City State Administration to restrict mass actions by political factions and organizations with very different attitudes to the date | detail

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Legal assistance for NGOs

A project has been launched to provide legal advice on State registration and relations between civic organizations, religious organizations, trade unions, charities and regulatory bodies | detail

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Temporary ban on Eurasian Youth Union

A temporary court order was asked for by the Prosecutor on this Union which is notorious for its radical pro-Russian views and excesses and claimed responsibility for the removal of an UPA monument late last year | detail

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Police confirm criminal investigation over attack on picketers

Around 40 supporters of Valery Kaurov’s Yedinoye Otechestvo [Common Fatherland] are believed to have beaten up the picketers, with four people hospitalized, and some of the injured including women | detail

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Criminal investigation over assault on picketers

On Sunday morning 2 September members of a peaceful picket against the restoration of a monument to Catherine the Great were attacked by supporters of Valery Kaurov “Common Fatherland” movement.. Several picketers were hospitalized. | detail

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Kyiv’s Mayor prohibits campaigning tents

Leonid Chernovetsky says he will not “allow Kyiv to be turned into a battleground for political opponents” and claims the tents create disorder. Various political factions have already reacted angrily and say they will take him to court | detail

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