Kharkiv court bans any advertising of Lutsenko’s rally

The Dzherzhynsky District Court in Kharkiv has placed a ban on advertisements in the mass media for the rally of the civic movement “Narodna samooborona” [“People’s Self-Defence”] in Kharkiv on 16 March | detail

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Human rights organization criticizes system for registering civic organizations

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union points to continuing lack of compliance with international standards in the system of registration of civic organizations in Ukraine | detail

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Ministry of Justice simplifies procedure for registering civic associations

The new procedure establishes single rules for the preparation and formalization of citizens’ associations and other civic formations, as well as on cancelling their registration | detail

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Can you step into the same river twice?

For the second time in Kharkiv meetings to organize a referendum calling for a vote of no confidence in the Mayor have been disrupted, with the tactics all too unpleasantly reminiscent of times we hoped had been relegated to the past | detail

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New human rights group “Article 11” formed in Kyiv

The Group hopes to attract public attention to the problems Ukrainian citizens face when registering civic organizations, problems they believe are hampering the development of civic society in Ukraine | detail

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System for legalizing civic associations equates to censorship of civic society and the fight against it in the European Court of Human Rights - Press Release

The case of Koretsky and others v. Ukraine presently under review in Strasbourg could have far-reaching consequences since the applicants are seeking fundamental changes to the present system for registering civic associations | detail

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Important ruling for protecting freedom of assembly

On 29 November the Shevchenkivsky District Court in Kyiv declared unlawful the refusal by the prosecutor’s office to launch a criminal investigation over the obstruction to the Freedom March on 6 May this year | detail

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Police temporarily detain 27 members of the Youth National Congress in Chernihiv

St. Catherine’s Church in Chernihiv has once again been made the centre of religious confrontation | detail

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Post-Soviet or not so very: Crimean authorities violate the right to peaceful assembly

Crimean Tatars taking part in a motor run commemorating the 62nd anniversary of the 1944 Deportation confronted local authorities unfamiliar with the Ukrainian (and not Soviet!) Constitution | detail

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Forbidden to forbid!

On 31 May 2005 Vitaliy Yarema, the head of the Ministry of Interior department of Kyiv, stated that the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine, jointly with Gennadiy Udovenko, the head of the Supreme Council committee in charge of human rights, elaborated the law draft “On the procedure of organization and conduction of peaceful actions in Ukraine”. This draft contains restrictions of the citizens’ right for peaceful assemblies | detail

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Kyiv mayor violates the right of citizens for peaceful assemblies

Participants of the meeting of protest against the actions of Kyiv mayor Oleksandr Omelchenko were beaten, and their leader Vitaliy Cherniakhovskiy was arrested | detail

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Chernigiv judges learned the freedom of peaceful assemblies and discussed the film about the storm of the town council

On 25-26 the seminar for judges of the Chernigiv region “The right for freedom of peaceful assemblies. Article 11 of the Convention on protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms” was held in Chernigiv. | detail

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Observance of the right for peaceful assemblies in Ukraine

Recently the institute “Respublika” has prepared the report on the observance in Ukraine of the right for peaceful assemblies in May-August of the current year. | detail

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Main principles of the future law on peaceful assemblies and demonstrations in the context of the European standards on human rights

Main principles of the future law on peaceful assemblies and demonstrations in the context of the European standards on human rights | detail

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Appeal of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union of human rights about the events in Sumy

The appeal concerns the illegal actions of Sumy militiamen against the students, who organized a protest action. | detail

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Parliament rejected all law drafts concerning the right for peaceful assemblies.

On 4 June the Supreme Rada of Ukraine rejected two law drafts concerning the right for peaceful assemblies. So, our country still has no legislative regulation of this question. | detail

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Open appeal of the Institute “Respublika” to MPs of Ukraine

The Institute “Respublika” appeals to the MPs of Ukraine: do not approve the President’s law draft “On assemblies, meetings, street marches and demonstrations”, because it violates the fundamental human rights and freedoms and contradicts Article 39 of the Ukrainian Constitution! | detail

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Militia tried to prevent the participation of citizens in a protest action

Krasny Luch dwellers, who wanted to take part in the protest hunger-strike in Lugansk, were not let out from the town. | detail

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Paradoxes of the Lugansk justice

On 5 February 2004 the Severodonetsk town court rejected the request of the town mayor about the prohibition of a public meeting. Yet, the meeting was planned to be conducted as early as in August of 2003, but it did not take place because of the court prohibition. | detail

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The authorities prohibited two meetings in the Poltava oblast

The Poltava town authorities prohibited two meetings: The commemoration meeting devoted to the victims of the famine of 1933 and The meeting, at which the Lubny dwellers demanded from the authorities to work off their high salaries and to obey the law. | detail

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