The Cabinet of Ministers approved the temporary regulations on mass actions

The Cabinet of Ministers stipulated the procedure of organizing and conducting the peaceful mass actions. It will operate until the adoption of the corresponding legal act. | detail

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The Odessa court prohibited the planned protest actions, but they will be conducted

The Odessa court again prohibited the protest actions organized by the opposition, but the actions were hold all the same. | detail

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The report on the fulfilment of Article 11 of the European Convention by Ukraine is needed

The situation with human rights, in particularly the right for peaceful gatherings is deteriorating in Severodonetsk and in Ukraine as a whole. In this connection A. Svetikov offers to issue the report mentioned in the title. | detail

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The Severodonetsk executive committee has almost agreed that meetings may be held not only in the assigned places

The court consideration of the complaint against the resolution “On assigning the places for conducting meetings, rallies and other actions” of the local executive committee was hold in Severodonetsk. The resolution read that public gatherings might be organized only in three places assigned by the authorities. At the court the town official agreed for a compromise and replaced the word “assign” for the word “recommend”. | detail

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When at last the legislation will be controlled by right?

On 28-29 November the KhG, the Directorate of human rights of the Council of Europe and the Information office of the Council of Europe organized in Kyiv the seminar “The European standards on the freedom of peaceful gatherings and the freedom of associations in Ukraine and the improvement of the Ukrainian laws” that took place was also organized in the framework of this tradition. The problems were discussed of the freedom of associations and registering public organizations. | detail

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