Around 200 thousand arrive on Khreshchatyk

A huge number of Ukrainians have arrived on Khreshchatyk, bearing the Ukrainian flag. They are hearing towards Maidan Nezalezhnosti in defiance of the court ban issued during the early hours of Sunday morning | detail

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Court Ban vs President’s Words

Ukraine’s leaders and public officials continue to demonstrate blithe disregard for glaring discrepancies between words and actions. The Kyiv City Administration has just applied for and received a court ban on demonstrations in the centre of Kyiv from Sunday, Dec 1 to Dec. 7 | detail

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Ivano-Frankivsk EuroMaidan organizer brutally assaulted

In Ivano-Frankivsk EuroMaidan organizer, Maxim Kytsyuk was brutally attacked. He was set upon by three men at around three a.m on Nov 30 and received head and leg injuries. | detail

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Growing anger and pitiful attempts by Ukraine’s leaders to shift the blame

Both Yanukovych and prime minister Azarov have tried to absolve themselves of any responsibility. There are, however, signs of schism within the Party of the Regions with three MPs – Bohoslovska, Zhvania and Tihipko – having left the party faction in protest. | detail

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Not Cowered: Lviv EuroMaidan

Up to 10 thousand people came out onto Lviv EuroMaidan on Saturday however nobody can believe the authorities’ assurances anymore that no new violent offensive is planned, and there have been calls for women and children to not stay overnight | detail

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International Renaissance Foundation breaks off collaboration with Ukrainian authorities

“After the brutal dispersing of EuroMaidan, we consider collaboration with the Cabinet of Ministers, the President and his Administration profoundly immoral and therefore unacceptable”. | detail

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"Real Prospect of a return to totalitarian days"

The Congress of National Communities of Ukraine and the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities [VAAD] have issued a joint statement in response to the dispersing of a peaceful demonstration on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv on Nov 30 | detail

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UHHRU calls for President’s Impeachment and Dismissal of Government

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union is appalled by the cynical and senseless violence demonstrated during the unlawful dispersing of the peaceful protest on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv and other acts of violence throughout the country | detail

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Police action incompatible with democracy

The violent dispersal of EuroMaidan came almost 3 years to the day that similar action was taken against the Tax Code Maidan. There are other sinister parallels, including people remanded in custody on dubious grounds in a clear attempt to warn others of likely consequences of peaceful protest.. | detail

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Berkut violently breaks up EuroMaidan

Over the last week those in power have proved willing to use hired thugs to provoke trouble in a crowded peaceful rally attended by children. They have now violently dispersed a peaceful protest, indicating that they are incapable of understanding any other language but that of sanctions | detail

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Applauded and Banned

President Yanukovych’s stated “applause” for those who have come out in support of European integration could profitably be translated into action to prevent the ever-increasing number of court bans on such protest | detail

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Cherkasy authorities ban EuroMaidan "to safeguard the will of the people"

Cherkasy’s Acting Mayor claims that protests in support of European integration and supposed “serious provocation” could obstruct the course of the election re-run on 15 December. The ban obtained runs to 25 January next year | detail

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Luhansk: Worryingly inadequate excuses for banning peaceful assembly

A Luhansk court has effectively banned all peaceful protest in the centre until 14 January 2014. The court in this way allowed an application from the Luhansk Regional Police and City Council which claimed that a ban was needed due to possible clashes between supporters and opponents of European integration | detail

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Thugs beat Dnipropetrovsk EuroMaidan protesters unconscious

Clear signs of close coordination between the police, the city authorities and a gang of thugs probably paid to beat up peaceful demonstrators protesting against the government’s about-face on European integration | detail

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Mykolaiv bans peaceful assembly altogether

Mykolaiv breaks all records with the ban extending until Orthodox Christmas, Odessa is not far behind with a ban until New Year A number of other cities have imposed bans on tents which Berkut riot police, as well as some strange assistants, are highly proactive in enforcing | detail

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Prosecutor initates criminal proceedings over EuroMaidan

Some of the confrontation which is now being investigated occurred around the same time that unidentified individuals, some of fairly specific appearance, were being sent off in procession from outside the President’s Administration | detail

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Berkut riot police beat up Lviv EuroMaidan supporters

Seven students from Lviv who were returning from the Kyiv EuroMaidan rally in support of European integration allege that they were assaulted by Berkut riot police officers | detail

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Chernihiv: EuroMaidan tent removed

At midday on Monday municipal workers dismantled the tent in Chernihiv’s central square erected by civic organizations protesting against the government’s decision to ditch the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement | detail

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Kharkiv Mayor uses flu as pretext to ban EuroMaidan

Kharkiv’s Mayor Hennady Kernes has issued an entirely illegal directive banning all mass events in Kharkiv as an obvious attempt to put an end to the EuroMaidan demonstration protesting against the government’s about-face on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement | detail

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Odessa EuroMaidan: Heavy-handed measures by police and their questionable back-up

Police enlisted down-and-outs to remove the tents and detained three of the peaceful demonstrators after the administrative court issued a blanket ban on all demonstrations | detail

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