Democratic Alliance: Overcome your fear and act!

The Democratic Alliance is demanding that Maxim Panov and Vasyl Hatsko be released and calling on Ukrainians to stand up for their rights | detail

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Protecting the President’s Patch

It was bad enough that all peaceful actions for the last three years have been banned anywhere near the President’s estate at Mezhyhirya. Now peaceful protesters are being jailed . | detail

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Activist jailed for 7 days for visit to Mezhyhirya

On the same day that the European Court of Human Rights urged Ukraine to sort out its legislation on peaceful assembly, further worrying reports are emerging about ongoing violations of this fundamental right. | detail

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Long-needed ECHR judgement on freedom of peaceful assembly in Ukraine

Given the ever-increasing number of peaceful protests banned by the authorities, Strasbourg’s judgement could not be more appropriate. The Court noted the “20-year legislative lacuna concerning freedom of peaceful assembly” and stressed the need for urgent reform | detail

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Journalists obstructed, activists detained outside President’s scandalous residence

A TVi film crew, who went together with Democratic Alliance activists, to investigate how the authorities were fighting the flood used as justification for banning yet another peaceful demonstration, encountered problems from the police, not the elements. | detail

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New excuse for banning protest outside Mezhyhirya

The latest reason for banning a totally peaceful protest outside the estate which once belonged to the State but is now owned by an outfit closely associated with the President was an expected flood - on the very day of the protest ... | detail

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Don’t make a police dispersal where there wasn’t one

While accusations that the police dispersed a protest outside the Prosecutor General’s Office on Monday are oversimplified, civic observers and Amnesty International are adamant that a blanket ban on any protests is disproportionate | detail

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Four civic activists detained at peaceful protest

On Monday morning four prominent civic activists were “taken to the police station” though supposedly not detained as they attempted to take part in a peaceful protest in support of Vinnytsa Human Rights Group Coordinator Dmytro Groisman | detail

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TOP 6 absurd court bans on peaceful assembly

Members of the Partnership “For Freedom of Peaceful Assembly” have issued a list of the TOP 6 court orders which violated the right to peaceful assembly. | detail

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Court bans peaceful protest outside Hostynny Dvir

Judge Keleberda of the Kyiv District Administrative Court has banned any protests or rallies outside Hostynny Dvir, the landmark in central Kyiv which is currently undergoing controversial reconstruction work | detail

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Activists detained outside President’s Administration

At least 8 young members of the Coalition of Participants in the Orange Revolution were detained by police on Monday afternoon during an entirely peaceful, if not overly flattering, expression of their opinion of President Yanukovych | detail

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Glimmers of hope: positive court rulings from 2012

An excellent initiative giving “positive feedback” and a good example to others by noting those courts and judges whose rulings have upheld freedom of peaceful assembly, of expression, the rights to wheelchair access and others | detail

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Another dangerous and baffling ruling from the High Administrative Court

With a decision to cancel two MPs’ mandates having already raised eyebrows, the Court has effectively handed city authorities carte blanche to demand unreasonably long advance notice of planned peaceful protests. The move seems likely to strengthen the worrying encroachments on freedom of peaceful assembly | detail

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Protesters outside President’s Administration could face 15 day sentences

Seven activists protesting sentences over anti-Yanukovych images are charged with petty hooliganism, and some with resisting police officers | detail

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20 years on, and still waiting for a decent peaceful asssembly bill

A number of civic organizations are concerned that having passed a new law, the authorities will impose additional restrictions which will obstruct people from exercising their right to peaceful gatherings | detail

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Sharp rise in number of bans on peaceful assembly in 2012

Since 2009 (the last year before the judicial reforms introduced by President Yanukovych) the number of applications to the courts for bans on peaceful assembly has tripled, with the number of bans in 2012 four and a half times higher. | detail

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Peaceful demonstrations banned during Kozhara – Lavrov meeting

The Chernivtsi Regional Court of Appeal has issued a ban on any peaceful assembly on 13 January duriing a Ukrainian – Russian Interstate Commission meeting chaired by the Ukrainian and Russian Foreign Ministers | detail

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Civic organization law and its critics

The new law which has just come into force considerably simplifies registration procedure, removes a number of artificial restrictions on NGOs and means that the organizations will no longer be subject to checks at any time | detail

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No victims, no video footage – or so the police claim

Allegations of police brutality against people protesting against the controversial conviction of the Pavlichenko father and son for murder not investigated, the police department CCTV footage “automatically deleted” … | detail

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Peaceful protest in support of imprisoned Nigerian student stopped

On 27 December peaceful protesters in Kyiv were prevented from holding a demonstration outside the Prosecutor General’s Office in support of Olaola Femi, the Nigerian student in custody for over a year following a racist attack in which he tried to defend himself. | detail

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