Railway ticket are again to include names

The introduction of named railway tickets and the gathering of information about passengers’ movements infringe the right to privacy. Nobody has informed passengers of such a database, and has not asked for their consent to having data about their travels inserted and retained | detail

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Travel by passport from Thursday

Despite vehement protest from human rights organizations, from 21 March it will not be possible to buy a train ticket without providing ones (internal) passport details which will be indicated on the ticket. | detail

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Named railway tickets an unwarranted restriction of people’s freedom

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has initiated an open appeal against the Cabinet of Ministers’ plan to bring in a system where people’s (internal) passport details are given on railway tickets | detail

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Named railway tickets again planned

The Ministry of Infrastructure is planning to introduce changes to railway transport, including checks on passports (internal ID documents) both when buying tickets and when boarding a train | detail

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Passengers prepare to take Ukrainian Railways to court

Ukrzaliznytsa [Ukrainian Railways] should not only take money from passengers, but also answer for inconvenience caused by the bad quality of services. This was the tenor of an appeal initiated by Maxim Shcherbatyuk, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union lawyer | detail

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Truly extra security measures for President Yanukovych

In Mykolaiv residents are still fuming over the security measures taken during Yanukovych’s visit to the city on Friday 21 September. | detail

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To the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Mr. Emomali Rahmon

The Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group is seriously concerned by the deepening crisis in the city of Khorog, Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast of Tajikistan, where for the third day the situation remains unstable. | detail

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Entitled to wheelchair access

Disabled access – or the lack of it – remains a major problem in Ukraine where public buildings often don’t even have ramps. Dmytro Zharyi has experienced this himself and he’s not prepared to tolerate it | detail

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Ukrainian Railways heed human rights organization’s objections to cuts

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has received a letter from Ukrzaliznytsa [Ukrainian Railways] agreeing to reinstate one important routes. Others still need to be fought for | detail

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UHHRU concerned over consequences of railway cuts

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has issued a statement expressing concern over the significant decrease in the number of train routes offered by Ukrainian Railways [Ukrzaliznytsa] and is asking the company’s management to reconsider | detail

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Calls for modern system of registration

The President, government and parliament will soon be receiving an appeal to reform the present practice of registering citizens. The appeal was drawn up by participants in a forum of civic organizations entitled “What rights does a person without an internal passport have?” | detail

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Tymoshenko prevented from visiting voters within Ukraine

On the same day that the media reported plans by the European Parliament to hold a debate on “the cases of Yulia Tymoshenko and other members of the former government”, the Prosecutor General’s Office refused to allow Tymoshenko to travel on a working visit to the Lviv region | detail

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Small business owners once again protest in Kyiv

Over 200 organizations and trade unions supported Thursday’s protest action “Vpered!” [“Forward] outside parliament. Small and medium business owners say that the actions of the authorities are depriving them of their work and that they have no option but to protest | detail

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Transport companies “strongly advised” not to carry protesters to Kyiv

The Union of Transport Firms and Union of Drivers are calling on the traffic police to not obstruct the movement of people taking part in the 19 May protest amd on the media to ensure objective coverage of all preparations for it | detail

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Reports again rife that police stopped demonstrators reaching their destinations

On 27 April , the anniversary of the contentious Kharkiv Accords and the day that Freedom House published a report sounding the alarm over the decline of democracy under President Yanukovych, there were reports that people were prevented from attending peaceful demonstrations | detail

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More reports of traffic police used to stop protesters

According to the head of one group of protesters, Mykola Zaharchuk, traffic police have again been used this time near Kirovohrad to stop coaches with Tax Code protesters heading for Kyiv | detail

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Traffic Police again used against demonstrators

The number of transport firms with non-roadworthy vehicles trying to leave Cherkasy, Lviv and many other cities to reach the demonstration in Kyiv would be frightening were it not so entirely improbable. | detail

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Traffic police accused of preventing 140 coaches with protesters from coming to Kyiv

According to the organizers of the protest actions on Maidan Nezalezhnosti [Independence Square], the police prevented 140 coaches with people from various regions from reaching Kyiv for the protest against the Tax Code | detail

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Authorities prevent protesters against the Tax Code from reaching Kyiv

For the third time in recent months, reports are coming in of the police, tax and other regulatory bodies being used to obstruct the planned protest on 22 November against the Tax Code | detail

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MIA denies any obstruction by traffic police

The Minister of Internal Affairs has, in response to a deputy’s query, asserted that an official check by the MIA found that there had been no cases where the traffic people obstructed believers of the Orthodox Church under the Kyivan Patriarchate. No explanation for specific cases cited was given | detail

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