Traffic police and SBU again obstructing protesters?

Ukrainians trying to reach the opposition demonstration in Kyiv report pressure from the traffic police and heightened interest from the SBU [Security Service] | detail

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How the Traffic Police do not ensure safe travelling

The traffic police have almost certainly now been used twice to deny citizens their most fundamental human rights. With local elections looming, the consequences of ignoring such violations surely do not need to be spelled out | detail

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Call for investigation into police obstruction of supporters of the Kyiv Patriarchate

The Minister of Internal Affairs should carry out a thorough check into numerous violations by the police of the rights of believers from the Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate [UOC KP) during their attempted pilgrimage to Kyiv to celebrate the Baptism of Kyivan Rus. | detail

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Administrative Court bans MIA from destroying internal passports

The Administrative Court has issued a judgment stating that “A passport is the property of a Ukrainian citizen”, and in accordance with Article 41 § 4 of the Constitution nobody can be unlawfully deprived of their right of ownership | detail

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Is Ukraine planning to extradite its own citizen?

Don’t go with your internal passport and don’t come back for one! Ukrainian national Viktor Kardash has run into a bizarre situation with potentially serious consequences | detail

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Why does the MIA remove and destroy citizens’ internal passports?

Ukrainians who leave the country permanently do not lose their citizenship. Yet according to an instruction from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, their internal passport (i.e. identity document) is taken away and destroyed | detail

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Polish court finds in favour of its border guards

The District Court in the Polish city of Zgozhelets has rejected the claim brought by Ukrainian national Irina Fris against Polish border guards and declared that her detention on 7 January this year for entering Poland without an entry visa was lawful. Irina Fris is planning to appeal | detail

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Ukrainian takes Polish border guards to court

The Ukrainian Consul in Krakow considers that Irina Fris’ case could help Ukrainians in future to uphold their rights in disputes with the border guard service | detail

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Humiliating treatment of Ukrainians on German-Polish border to be investigated

Dozens of workers have been deported and subjected to humiliating searches due to discrepancies in legislation within the Schengen zone | detail

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The right to education and of freedom of movement violated in Crimean villages

The Crimean Prosecutor is demanding that the government of the autonomous republic take urgent measures to safeguard the rights of residents of the Crimea to education, medical care and freedom of movement. | detail

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Yushchenko prohibits obstruction of traffic to let corteges carrying high-ranking state officials pass

The Decree is apparently aimed at ensuring the constitutional right to freedom of movement, introducing European standards on cortege security as well as at making substantial savings from the state budget on serving state officials. | detail

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How hard is it to be disabled in Ukraine?

As so often, a cheering account of what civic organizations are doing to help people with disabilities, and depressing details of how the authorities are failing such people | detail

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Where do disabled children study?

Faltering steps in Ukraine towards recognizing and meeting the needs of all members of sociiety | detail

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On discrimination in Ukraine

One more opinion on the situation with discrimination in Ukraine. | detail

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The short report on fulfilling the second stage of the project "Non-discrimination Review".

A general article analyzing different forms of discrimination of different categories of the population observed in Ukraine. | detail

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