In June the average monthly salary was 823 hryvnas

The nominal salary in June 2005, in comparison with June 2004, increased for 36.9% and was 823.10 hryvnas, which exceeded the amount of the subsistence wage for able-to-work person in Ukraine (453 hryvnas) for 81.7%, informed Vyacheslav Kirilenko, the Minister of labor and social politics. | detail

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Open letter to the Minister of Health

“We are writing to you on behalf of human rights organizations who very frequently deal with violations of patients’ rights. We can say openly that the current situation in this sphere violates the basic constitutional right of citizens of Ukraine – the right to life.” | detail

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Work of the program “Hippocrates” in the Rivne region

In connection with active discussion of patients’ rights in the recent numbers of the bulletin “Prava ludyny”, we want to propose to our readers brief information about the work of the program “Hippocrates” in the Rivne region. We also want to tell about our successes and failures and to present our propositions aimed at development of human rights protection movement in the Rivne region. Besides, we are inviting for cooperation and exchange of experience the organizations, which work for prevention of violations of the rights of patients and medical staff. | detail

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Ukraine: women are discriminated on the labor-market

Sexual discrimination in Ukraine deprives women of the opportunity to work, and the Ukrainian government does nothing for the improvement of the situation, reads the report of "Human Rights Watch". | detail

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New protest actions in Odessa

On 27 December the activists of opposition political parties and organizations again went into the Odessa streets. They protested against the recent increase of the tariffs for communal services. | detail

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What part of the medical services must be free?

Several months ago the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the resolution about the creation of the list of the guaranteed free medical services rendered in state and communal medical establishments. However, in the Poltava oblast the patients do not know until now which services are free and which must be paid. | detail

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Public organizations of Odessa protest against the abuse of social and economic rights

On 17 December 2002 several Odessa public organizations and parties picketed the session of the city council to prevent the adoption of the decisions concerning the increase of payments for communal services, fare in the route taxis and against the sale of the land plots at the seaside of Odessa to some officials for private building. In spite of the protests, the decision on rising the tariffs was approved. On 20 December Odessa dwellers are going to resume the protest actions. | detail

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On discrimination in Ukraine

One more opinion on the situation with discrimination in Ukraine. | detail

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The short report on fulfilling the second stage of the project "Non-discrimination Review".

A general article analyzing different forms of discrimination of different categories of the population observed in Ukraine. | detail

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TB is advancing in Ukraine

Every 25 minutes one person dies of TB in Ukraine. Investigations at schools showed that the majority of Ukrainian children carry TB germs. | detail

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TB is spreading in the Lugansk oblast.

Concrete data are given | detail

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Some remarks concerning medical reform

Analysis of the opinions of ’Prava ludyny’ readers concerning medical reform. | detail

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TB is spreading in Ukraine

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Actual statistics on Ternopil oblast

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The sad statistics

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