Tolerance needed not only on paper

The Justice Ministry has presented a draft strategy for fighting discrimination for public discussion. Critics say that measures to counter discrimination will remain words unless the authorities change their attitude to the public. | detail

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Alternative Report on Ukraine’s implementation of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

There is no systematic State policy in Ukraine for countering discrimination. Various bodies of power deal with particular areas while other directions, such as protection from discrimination or help for victims of discrimination do not exist at all | detail

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Comprehensive anti-discrimination law drafted

The Coalition on Countering Discrimination which is made up of over 20 civic organizations has prepared a comprehensive draft law “On protection from discrimination”. | detail

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Disabled demand proper conditions in public transport

At present Ukraine’s transport infrastructure cannot meet even the most basic needs of people with limited possibilities | detail

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Ukrainian classes being cut in Donetsk region schools

According to Donetsk human rights campaigner, Maria Oliynyk, in the Donetsk region they have begun cutting classes where tuition is in Ukrainian and moving senior school students into a national minority school with Russian as the language of tuition | detail

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Disabled children win civil suit against the Cabinet of Ministers

The District Administrative Court in Kyiv has found unlawful and invalid the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution where it deprives disabled children of the right to an electrically powered wheelchair up till the age of 14 | detail

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Constitutional Court allows teachers to speak Russian at school

The Constitutional Court has found the provisions of the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution from 30 September (No. 1033) regarding the compulsory use by teachers during working time of Ukrainian unconstitutional | detail

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On protecting the electoral rights of people with sight impairments

While Ukrainian legislation guarantees people with sight impairments the right to participate in the electoral process, the right of people with disabilities to access to information regarding electoral law is often not implemented | detail

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Parliament ratifies UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol

By ratifying this document, the authorities commit themselves to closely consult with people with disabilities when drawing up and applying legislation and strategies aimed at implementing the Convention | detail

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What is being done to safeguard the rights of the disabled?

On International Day for Disabled People, Radio Svoboda looked into facilities to enable those in wheelchairs to enjoy a full life | detail

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Discrimination on language grounds?

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union believes that the law just passed on liability for crimes based on racial, ethnic or religious intolerance could lead to manipulation of the “notorious language issue” | detail

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Parliament increases liability for discrimination, and changes nothing

The law in fact makes no significant change since the article of the Criminal Code is still phrased in such a way as to make it virtually impossible to prosecute people | detail

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“It’s normal to know the State language”

The Minister of Education, Ivan Vakarchuk, spoke to journalists from the newspaper Komersant in Ukraine on a number of issues regarding recent controversy over a government resolution on language in schools, external testing and history textbooks. | detail

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Cabinet of Ministers rules on language

In a rather bizarre resolution, the Cabinet of Ministers has stipulated that Ukrainian should be the general language in schools, even where tuition is in a minority language | detail

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No innovation, but profanation

The results of an Accounting Chamber audit of a programme on introducing innovative technologies to provide prosthetic orthopaedic equipment are fairly damning | detail

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Too little being done to fight racism

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance is concerned that criminal legislation has not been strengthened and it remains difficult to prosecute people for racially-motivated crimes | detail

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Do you need to grab for a gun to get a wheelchair from the State?

Thanks to UHHRU and an organization for the disabled, Oleksandr Melnyk, driven to despair by the callous indifference of the authorities and court, has received a pardon – and the wheelchair he shouldn’t have had to fight for | detail

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The Power of Parental Love

Two nine-year-old twins with cerebral palsy whose parents were advised to abandon them at birth have recently won an award for their poems. An incredibly moving story with a possible way of helping if you were able to | detail

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Ukrainian State and society against gays and lesbians: a brief report for 2008

The report points to various rights violations including infringement of the principle of freedom and non-discrimination; the right to information; to freedom of peaceful assembly and to form civic associations; access to justice | detail

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Maximum integration of children with special needs in the Lviv region

The Lviv Regional Council, the Lviv City Council and the All-Ukrainian Foundation “Step by Step” have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on plans for inclusive education in pre-school and school institutions in Lviv and the Lviv region | detail

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