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Ukrainian State and society against gays and lesbians: a brief report for 2008

The report points to various rights violations including infringement of the principle of freedom and non-discrimination; the right to information; to freedom of peaceful assembly and to form civic associations; access to justice | detail

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Maximum integration of children with special needs in the Lviv region

The Lviv Regional Council, the Lviv City Council and the All-Ukrainian Foundation “Step by Step” have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on plans for inclusive education in pre-school and school institutions in Lviv and the Lviv region | detail

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New Year greetings wrapped in statistics

The latest press report from the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Public Liaison Centre pulls statistics out of context and seems more designed to foster harmful stereotypes than to provide information | detail

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Recommendations on overcoming discrimination in Ukraine from UHHRU

These recommendations from the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union are based on a study of the recommendations of international bodies, European Court of Human Rights case law, as well as on an analysis of cases of discrimination and the action of the authorities in this sphere | detail

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Use of funding by organizations for the disabled not being monitored

The Accounting Chamber concludes that the existing procedure for providing financial assistance to civic organizations for people with disabilities requires fundamental changes, through providing it only on a competitive basis and for specific measures | detail

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Anger over new language measures in schools growing

Representatives of the Romanian National Cultural Society for the Chernivtsi Region have sent a letter of protest to the country’s leaders over the new language strategy which has been approved as a base by the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as in a Ministry of Education Order | detail

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Call for improvements on legislation against discrimination

Among measures prioritized are an anti-discrimination law; the creation of a special anti-discrimination state body and of mechanisms for gathering information about cases of discrimination, the actions of the authorities and assistance provided to victims | detail

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The Black Hole of “Ukrainian Anti-Semitism”

I write these words in the last month of 2008 in an attempt to pull the issue of anti-Semitism in Ukraine from the edge of a black hole in which time and space have ceased to exist, and to stop blurring different issues in order to move forward in our time and space | detail

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Trends in anti-Semitism in Ukraine at the beginning of the XXI century: reality and stereotypes

The author has been carrying out monitoring for several years which makes the empirical data here of the greatest interest | detail

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Children with Downs’ Syndrome in Ukraine

"Many parents if they find out during pregnancy that the child will have this syndrome still decide to have the child. Because there is more information now, people know that such children grow up, develop and can be among others.” | detail

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Bureaucratic torment for the disabled abolished

From now on people with disabilities will only need to undergo a medical examination once in order to obtain technical rehabilitation aids, and not once a year | detail

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Without labels

In many countries the most effective mechanism for fighting primitive hate speech is public condemnation. The public need to decide whether they want to tolerate attempts to manipulate them and stir up tension and intolerance | detail

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Studying together

The first project for inclusive education has been launched in Ukraine. This will enable children with special needs to study together with other children | detail

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When a country is ill, you hear cries of “They’re coming in hordes”

It sometimes seems like the Ukrainian enforcement bodies are deliberately pinning the image of enemy on people from the Caucuses who are quite legally in Ukraine | detail

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Ukraine joins the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol

The Convention is aimed at protecting and promoting the rights of the disabled, eliminating discrimination, ensuring rights for employment, health protection, education and full participation in the life of society | detail

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So what does “characteristic appearance” mean if not ethnic profiling?

A disappointing ruling from a Kharkiv court of appeal regarding the legitimacy of the actions of the Kharkiv metro police in stopping people to check their documents on disputed grounds | detail

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In defence of redheads

We should watch out for criminals, not for people of a certain race. The law enforcement agencies undoubtedly have a tough and complicated task, however primitive methods only generate new problems and contribute to a rise in racism and xenophobia | detail

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Inclusive education: a new chance for children with disabilities in the Lviv region

A new project has been launched in the Lviv region to enable children with disabilities to study in ordinary educational institutions. The project is supported by the Canadian International Development Agency | detail

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Racism and xenophobia in Ukraine: new challenges in human rights protection

An assessment of worrying trends and measures needed while the situation is still manageable | detail

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In defence of constitutional rights in Donetsk

While the Mayor of Donetsk’s suspension of an extraordinary decision by the City Council to restrict the planned number of schools teaching in Ukrainian is to be welcomed, tolerance of such an overt violation of constitutional rights for even two days is disturbing | detail

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