Ministry of Justice not convinced over racism problem in Ukraine

The Ministry of Justice has posted a text on its official website asserting that statements about the existence of racism as a general phenomenon in Ukraine are incorrect. The Ministry maintains that at present one can speak only of isolated incidents | detail

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UNHCR appalled by murder in Ukraine

The UN is asking the Ukrainian authorities to consider the possibility of a racially motivated attack in their investigation of the murder of a Congolese asylum seeker | detail

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Photo of the Minister of Education burned in the Crimea

A civic association in Sevastopol is demanding measures against those who organized a protest action at which the Minister’s photo was burned. The protest was in fact unwarranted since students in the Crimea are not being forced to take external exams in a language they have not studied in | detail

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Crimean Prosecutor protests against the actions of the Simferopol City Council.

According to the Prosecutor, by allocating a different site for the Soborna Mosque to that applied for , the Council failed to comply with legislation and exceeded its authority | detail

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For a tolerant Crimea

The civic movement “For a tolerant Crimea” has directed an appeal to the Simferopol Mayor and Deputies expressing concern over discrimination against Muslim and other religious communities in the city | detail

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SBU catches alleged gang of Nazi racists

The behaviour is classified under the articles for hooliganism and for violations of equal rights on the basis of race, nationality or religion, which involve quite serious legal consequences | detail

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Proposal to toughen liability for discrimination

President Yushchenko has submitted a draft law “On amendments to Article 161 of the Criminal Code regarding liability for infringements of equal rights on the basis of race, nationality or religious convictions | detail

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No Tower of Babel

One senses that for some people the Charter and situation in Ukraine are confined to a virtual realm in which contact with reality is of absolutely no importance. A journey by public transport in Kyiv for example, will assuage all concerns about the threatened position of the Russian language | detail

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Ugly and unacceptable, but are the fans anti-Semitic?

“Kyiv Dynamo’s” final match before the winter break has been clouded by thoroughly unacceptable behaviour by its fans, however it is not perhaps entirely clear how consciously anti-Semitic the culprits are | detail

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Who is fuelling inter-ethnic problems in the Crimea?

Improper utterances in the press, ethnic and religious insults are not only the source of negative emotions, but can in the end lead to outbursts of violence. Such problems are particularly acute in the Crimea where relations between the Slavonic majority and repatriated Crimean Tatars sometimes spill out into conflict | detail

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Journalists learn about tolerance

Journalists on this training course considered the role of the media in forming public opinion about people living with HIV/AIDS and analyzed the media image presented at the moment | detail

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New official post on combating racism and xenophobia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced the position of Special Ambassador on Combating Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination and appointed Oleksandr Horin to the post | detail

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Out of the shadows

Any xenophobic behaviour must be stopped. However, rather than making global statements which are too vague to be checked or refuted, we need to address the issues, pool our resources and ensure that problems emerging do not get out of hand | detail

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Forum of civic organizations for the disabled in Odessa

The main aim of the forum, attended by delegations from 11 former Soviet republics, was to prepare a joint mechanism for implementing the objectives of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Disabled in post-Soviet countries | detail

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Removing language barriers for national minorities

Following appeals from national minorities, the Minister of Education has made the first moves to ensuring that university entrance exams are in the applicants’ language | detail

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Disturbing rise in anti-Semitism and xenophobia in Zhytomyr

Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi Azriel Khaikin has addressed a letter to main government bodies with regard to constant incidents involving anti-Semitism in Zhytomyr | detail

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Internet legal consultations in Ivano-Frankivsk for people living with HIV

As well as providing legal advice and help with applications etc, lawyers will also be accompanying people in court proceedings over cases of discrimination and other infringements of their rights | detail

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Court passes sentence over desecration of graves at a Jewish cemetery

Two of those convicted face 2 years imprisonment for desecrating graves and the Memorial to the Victims of Nazism in Odessa | detail

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International wheelchair marathon reaches Poltava

The “Marathon Commonwealth” is a demonstration of courage and strength of will, the triumph of the human spirit over any adversity. It is the ardent longing of people with limited opportunities to see a WORLD WITHOUT BORDERS and without barriers. | detail

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Construction of schools for HIV-infected children going nowhere

And this means that the children are also going nowhere since they are prevented from attending normal kindergartens or schools | detail

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