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Total impunity for Ukrainian politician suspected of involvement in killing of journalist Serhiyenko

On 25 November, Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Court revoked a ruling against former MP Hennady Bobov over his failure to list an incredible 124 million UAH worth of his own and his wife’s assets | detail

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Crisis deepens after Constitutional Court sabotages Ukraine’s anti-corruption reform

A major crisis has erupted in Ukraine following a 27 October Constitutional Court [CCU] judgement that has seriously obstructed Ukraine’s efforts to fight corruption and placed visa liberalization and other aspects of EU relations, as well as IMF funding, in jeopardy | detail

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Head of Ukraine’s Constitutional Court concealed illegal purchase of land in Russian-occupied Crimea

A day after Ukraine’s Constitutional Court [CCU] issued a shocking judgement that seriously obstructs efforts to fight corruption, investigative journalists have reported a highly incriminating land purchase in 2018 which CCU President Oleksandr Tupytsky illegally concealed | detail

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Ukraine’s Constitutional Court rules against fighting corruption and European integration

Ukraine’s Constitutional Court appears to have again struck a blow against efforts to properly fight corruption | detail

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Miners protesting over pay arrears arrested and tortured in Russian-controlled Luhansk ‘republic’

At least 14 people are reported to have been seized by Russian-controlled ‘Luhansk people’s republic’ militants over a strike by miners demanding pay arrears | detail

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Ukrainians who fled Putin face new pandemic realities

When the coronavirus crisis reached Ukraine in early 2020, the country was already struggling to cope with the fallout from an undeclared war with Russia that was then entering its seventh year | detail

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Ukraine’s Parliament abolishes agricultural land moratorium

The move was a condition for continued cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and widely advocated by, among others, human rights groups, but also very widely opposed | detail

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Ukraine’s MPs leave Donbas pensioners to keep dying for their pensions

Ukraine’s legislators have refused to support a bill which would make it possible for people living in occupied territory to get their pensions without gruelling, and sometimes fatal, journeys to government-controlled areas. | detail

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Ukraine’s parliament moves to abolish moratorium on sale of agricultural land

The move has long been advocated by human rights groups, and made imperative by a recent European Court of Human Rights judgement against Ukraine, however the referendum the President is proposing could well produce a quite different result | detail

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“Fatal blow” feared to fighting corruption in Ukraine after shock Constitutional Court ruling

NABU has reacted with outrage to another judgement issued by the CCU on 5 June, and positively accuses the Court of having legalized money embezzled from state enterprises and removed an effective method for countering corrupt setup | detail

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Ukraine will only help Russia if it strips Donbas residents who take Russian citizenship of their pensions

The threat to stop social payments may be an understandable reaction to Russia’s new act of aggression in offering its citizenship to Ukrainians in its proxy Donbas ‘republics’, but it is one that is likely to backfire | detail

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Russian proxy republics ‘officially’ seize Ukrainians’ homes in Donbas

The so-called ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ [‘DPR’] are stealing apartments in Donbas and claiming this to be legal because the property owners did not respond to their ‘summons’.  In many of the cases, the apartments are owned by Ukrainians who left occupied territory and who would be in danger of imprisonment (or worse) if they returned | detail

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Bombshell PrivatBank ruling and other disturbing moves on the eve of Ukraine’s presidential elections

Three of the judges involved in the controversial ruling finding the nationalisation of PrivatBank unlawful have previously been accused of corruption and / or suspect rulings. Nor is this the only court ruling that has aroused concern in the context of the presidential elections | detail

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Extraordinary Ukrainian collaboration with Russia against Crimeans forced to flee their homes

Five years after Russia invaded and annexed Crimea, Ukraine’s Pension Fund is trying to save money on Ukrainians forced to flee Crimea by collaborating with the aggressor state | detail

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Fears of carte blanche for corruption in Ukraine as law against illicit enrichment declared unconstitutional

Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau and NGOs have issued urgent warnings after an extraordinary ruling by the Constitutional Court has left 65 corruption prosecutions in danger of collapse, together with Ukraine’s faltering battle to stem corruption | detail

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Why are Ukrainian pensioners from Donbas forced to fight or die for their pensions?

At least ten pensioners have died this year alone at the checkpoints between areas under the control of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics’  and government-controlled Ukraine.  While the death certificate may well give ‘natural causes’, the conditions in which the 70-year-old man on 7 February, and nine others died were anything but normal.  | detail

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Poroshenko urged to give 6 million rural Ukrainians their freedom after 18 long years

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko has the power to restore the rights of 6 million Ukrainian citizens but will he use it?  | detail

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Half the candidates for Ukraine’s new Anti-Corruption Court suspected of corruption or questionable rulings

Anti-corruption NGOs have scrutinized the candidates seeking to become judges of the new High Anti-Corruption Court [HACC]  and warn of serious doubts about a whopping 55 of the 113 candidates. | detail

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Nostalgia for the Soviet Union is rising in Russia, falling in Ukraine

66% of Russians regret that the Soviet Union collapsed, two percent less than the number of Ukrainians who express no regret | detail

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Ukraine risks paying billions in compensation for new extension of land moratorium

Ukraine’s lawmakers have extended a controversial ban on sale of agricultural land for another year, despite a European Court of Human Rights judgement which found this moratorium to be in violation of Ukrainians’ property rights | detail

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