Poroshenko signs anti-Maidan law against NGOs & journalists fighting corruption

President Poroshenko has signed into law a dangerous bill which could be used to put pressure on NGOs, investigative journalists or activists, especially those most actively seeking to expose and eradicate corruption. He has in short allowed a law which his predecessor, now in hiding in Russia, would be proud of. | detail

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Courthouse Drama: Jailing Of Ukraine Tax Chief Could Signal Watershed In Fight Against ’Corrupt Untouchables’

A ruling by a Kyiv district court to place Ukraine’s top tax official under arrest pending trial on embezzlement charges is being heralded as a landmark win for the country’s independent anticorruption agency and civil society as a whole in its uphill battle against entrenched graft. | detail

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Mystery Surrounds Blockade Forcing Kyiv’s Hand

With only "a little more than 100 men" among the blockaders, according to Semen Semenchenko, a lawmaker and former volunteer-battalion commander who supports the blockade and is the voice behind the livestreamed video, many have questioned the initiative’s grassroots narrative. In particular, they question how it has managed to force Kyiv’s hand so quickly with seemingly little financial support. | detail

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Ukrainian court sabotages fight against judicial corruption

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau [NABU] has reacted with anger after a court rejected its application to have a Kyiv judge caught taking a huge bribe remanded in custody. The agency pulls no punches, calling the move sabotage and rejecting the court’s attempt to hide behind a dubious ‘statement’ issued recently by the High Council of Justice. | detail

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Top Ukraine court posts for super-rich judges & defender of Yanukovych’s dictatorship laws?

Among the candidates for posts in the Supreme Court [SCU] are the former President of the Court who justified Viktor Yanukovych’s draconian ‘dictatorship’ laws and judges involved in politically motivated prosecutions. The CHESNO civic movement has sounded the alarm to ensure that purportedly fair competition does not re-establish the heavily tarnished status quo. | detail

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Ukraine’s High Council of Justice fights back against measures to combat judicial corruption

Corrupt judges can breathe a sigh of relief. An amendment to Ukraine’s Constitution restricting judges’ immunity from arrest in cases where they have been caught committing an offence has been deftly ‘readjusted’ by the High Council of Justice | detail

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Germany’s Siemens Company accused of scam to bypass Crimean sanctions

A new twist has been reported in the story of Siemens gas turbines which could be used to deliver the turbines to Russian-occupied Crimea without Germany’s Siemens openly bypassing EU sanctions. A check is urgently needed since the scam suggested would cast a shadow over Siemens and demonstrate serious failings in sanction controls. | detail

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EU report: Ukraine carrying out unprecedented reforms

A joint report by the European External Action Service and the European Commission says that Ukraine is carrying out unprecedented reforms across its economy and political system, and its democratic institutions have been further revitalised. | detail

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Ukraine’s Most Overlooked Reform Could Bring in Billions

Of the key battles fought in post-Maidan Ukraine, the one over land reform attracts little attention which is a shame | detail

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Here’s Why Ukraine Failed to Get More IMF Funding

Clearly the IMF does not trust the Ukrainian authorities to fight corruption. The Ukrainian government must convince the IMF that it is doing something about corruption either through deeds or credible policies. | detail

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Why the Revelation of Officials’ Cash, Cars, and a Church Will Change Ukraine for Good

Although the dominant response to the vast wealth declared was disgust, many, including the author, consider "this transparency far more important. It cannot be rolled back." | detail

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Assets On Parade: Ukraine Officials Made To Declare Their Bling

The new e-declarations has finally given Ukrainians an opportunity to assess the wealth of senior public servants such as President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroysman . | detail

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Serious Risks in Parliament to Rollback Anti-corruption Reform

The Reanimation Package of Reforms is seriously concerned with continuous attempts of the Ukrainian political elite to rollback anticorruption achievements and calls on state leaders to refrain from suspension of the anticorruption reform. | detail

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"Faked reform" on electronic declarations lets Ukrainian officials steal with impunity

Civic activists and prominent newspapers have condemned what they see as deliberate sabotage of the electronic income declaration system and called on the West to refuse both financial aid and visa-free travel until Ukraine’s leaders stop trying to con the country’s citizens . | detail

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’Like Being A Slave’: Workers On Russia’s Bridge To Crimea Report Abuse, Deceit

The Kerch Strait Bridge is Russia’s top-priority infrastructure project. At a cost of at least $4.5 billion, the 19-kilometer car-and-rail bridge will tie Russia to Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula Moscow annexed from Ukraine after sending in troops and staging a referendum dismissed as illegitimate by 100 countries in a UN vote | detail

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Anti-corruption organizations demand action on Yanukovych regime prosecutions

Transparency International Ukraine, lawyers representing the families of the Heavenly Hundred and other anti-corruption organizations point to the failure of Ukraine’s law enforcement bodies to convict even one high-ranking official of the previous regime. | detail

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What’s Behind the Resignation of Minister Abromavicius?

The resignation of Aivaras Abromavicius from the position of Minister of Economic Development and Trade is another nail in the coffin for the hopes for serious reform in Ukraine | detail

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Open Letter: It is Not Minister Abromavichus Who Has to Resign

Minister Abromavichus’ resignation could result in loss of legitimacy by President Poroshenko “which will put on hold the reform efforts, corruption fighting, eliminate any opportunity for the constitutional reform and Minsk-2 format, and simplify the task for the Russian government to destroy the Ukrainian state. | detail

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Donbas miners charged with ‘treason’ for going on strike

Miners in Kremlin-backed militant-controlled Makiyivka may face trial for ‘treason’ after going on strike earlier in January over unpaid wages. | detail

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