Pension Fund asks what a “social, law-based State” means

The Pension Fund of Ukraine has asked the Constitutional Court to provide an interpretation of a number of articles of the Constitution and current legislation regarding inalienity of rights and the right to social protection | detail

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Donetsk: Funeral Procession in Memory of Gennady Konoplyov

Around a thousand people took part in a symbolic funeral procession on 29 November through the centre of Donetsk in memory of Mr Konoplyov who died on Sunday night when the police stormed the peaceful protest and hunger strike by former Chornobyl clean-up workers and their supporters | detail

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Demonstrations and heavy-handed police methods continue in Kyiv

Throughout Tuesday former Chornobyl clean-up workers and Afghanistan War veterans picketed the Cabinet of Ministers protesting over cuts to pensions and social benefits. There were a number of incidents with the Berkut riot police | detail

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Riot Police use heavyhanded measures against Chornobyl clean-up protesters

The Kharkiv man, Vladimir Proskurin, who lost consciousness during an action by Berkut riot officers against peaceful Chornobyl clean-up protesters in Kyiv would seem to have been deliberately targeted for arrest, possibly in connection with blunt criticism of the government | detail

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Chornobyl Clean-up Workers: We’ll hold out to the end

Members of the protest on Monday wore black ribbons in memory of Gennady Konoplyov, who died when police stormed and dismantled the protesters’ tents on Sunday evening | detail

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One dead in police dispersal of peaceful protest by Chornobyl Clean-up Workers

On Sunday evening police together with unidentified individuals in plain clothes began forcibly dismantling the tent camp erected by Chornobyl Clean-up Worker outside the regional department of the Pension Fund in Donetsk | detail

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Police draw up protocols against Chernobyl Clearup veterans’ peaceful protesters

The following information was translated only hours before the police, counter to assurances, stormed a peaceful protest as a result of which one man died and at least two others were hospitalized | detail

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No money to pay teachers’ salaries – because of Euro 2012?

There are reports from various regions that schools and universities are forcing educational staff to take unpaid leave. The teachers largely avoid giving their names through fear of being dismissed | detail

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Tax Code Protests and Prosecution of Peaceful Protesters

It is a year since the mass protests against the new Tax Code, which led among other things to a number of prosecutions on very dubious grounds of those exercising their constitutional right to freedom of assembly and expression | detail

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Chernobyl Clean-up Workers will defy court ban

The District Administrative Court in Donetsk has banned the protest actions by Chernobyl Clean-up Workers who are incensed over plans by the government to cut benefits. The City Council claims this is over "threats of a terrorist act" | detail

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Most demanding Chernobyl Clean-up Workers could face criminal prosecution

According to the Head of the Regions Party faction in parliament, Oleksandr Yefremov, Chernobyl Disaster Clean-up Workers who seek through the courts to have pension and benefit arrears awarded, could have criminal investigations initiated against them. | detail

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Apparent pressure being put on Chernobyl Rescue Workers in Kharkiv

KHPG has grounds for suspecting that the authorities are trying to exercise unlawful pressure on people asserting their right to legally fixed benefits. | detail

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Government thinks up new way out of enforcing court rulings on benefits

The Cabinet of Ministers has registered a draft law which will revoke payment in full without delay of pensions and compensation in accordance with court rulings | detail

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Protests throughout Ukraine: riot police clash with demonstrators in Kyiv

Two thousand took part in a demonstration calling for parliament’s dissolution on 3 November. In Donetsk there were 3 thousand, the largest demonstration in recent times | detail

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Yet more miners die in Ukraine’s mines

On 31 October two miners died of gas poisoning in the former mine Stozhovska-2 in the Donetsk region. Every year men die in Ukrainian mines and each time government officials make empty promises about moves to heighten safety | detail

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Afghanistan War Veteran Leader’s Flat searched

On Wednesday a search was carried out of the flat owned by Alexander Kovalyov, leader of the Afghanistan War Veteran NGO “Nobody Except Us”. The search comes less than a month after major protests in Kyiv and an attempt by the war veterans to storm parliament over plans to cut benefits | detail

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New Draft Bill on Enforcement of Court Rulings, Same Old Problems

The proposed changes, and mainly the powers the bill would give the Cabinet of Ministers to determine the size and scope of benefits at their own discretion, remain as unconstitutional and therefore unacceptable now as back in January | detail

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Tear gas used against protesting war veterans

A large crowd made up mainly of Afghanistan War veterans gathered outside parliament to protest against a draft law which will legalize reductions in benefits due war veterans, rescue workers whose health was seriously damaged at the site of the Chernobyl Disaster and pensioners | detail

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Chernobyl victims on hunger strike outside President’s Administration

The Chernobyl victims’ demands include: providing housing; raising pensions; proper medical security and being attached to a military hospital. | detail

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New bill would oblige deputes to come clean on income and spending

Opposition Deputy, Ruslan Knyazevych has proposed that the Verkhovna Rada clarify the list of officials whose income declarations are not treated as information on limited access. National Deputies would also have to publish their income declaration in official media outlets | detail

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