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Unemployment hitting prestigious posts as well

In the Kyiv Employment Centre around 30% of those registered formally held middle or higher positions. | детальніше

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The Pain of children of migrant workers

In Lviv a second book has been presented containing 130 true stories from children whose parents are working abroad and gives a poignant insight into the depth of the problem of the exodus of Ukrainians abroad in search of work | детальніше

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Ukraine’s agricultural policy inconsistent

According to an OECD report, among all countries with a transitional economy, Ukraine has the most inconsistent policy as regards supporting agricultural producers | детальніше

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Level of Corruption in Higher Education Admissions Reduced

Monitoring studies conducted by the ACTION Project indicates that the nationwide introduction of a certificate of standardized external testing contributed to a considerable reduction of the level of corruption during admission processes | детальніше

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Ministry of Justice invites calls on corruption

The Ministry of Justice is introducing a direct phone line under the title “Society without corruption”. The aim is to prevent corrupt dealings in the central office of the Ministry of Justice and its regional offices | детальніше

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Parliamentarians to feel a pinch or two

A Resolution just passed will until 1 January 2010 halve the salary of the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament, the heads of their secretariats, Ministers and their Deputies, National Deputies, and others. Other substantial benefits remain intact | детальніше

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Angry factory workers storm Kherson Regional Administration building

Employees of the Kherson Machine-Building Plant are demanding huge amounts owed in wage arrears and that the plant resumes work | детальніше

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Ukrainian-German projects on miner safety suspended

For several years the Ukrainian Confederation of Free Trade Unions has cooperated with the Industrial Trade Union for Chemical, Energy and Mining Workers in Germany mainly on improving safety and conditions of work for miners. | детальніше

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Lviv region villagers call on Human Rights Ombudsperson to defend their right to unemployed status

According to a new anti-crisis law, from 13 January this year all residents of a village who own plots of land are considered members of a personal agricultural enterprise and are considered employed | детальніше

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So when can banks repossess without a court order?

The Ministry of Justice clarifies that morgaged property can be seized without a court order only in relation to mortgage agreements after 14 January 2009 and only after the introduction of the necessary amendments to a number of laws | детальніше

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Parliament takes first step to moratorium on sale of mortgaged property

The Verkhovna Rada has adopted in its first reading a draft law which prohibits repossessions of mortgaged flats if the debt has been restructured, and the mortgagee is paying the interest on the loan | детальніше

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Banks can seize property without a court order

The Ministry of Justice has stated that banks are fully entitled to repossess flats if their clients have used them as security and do not meet their contractual agreements | детальніше

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Prosecutor puts stop to entry fee for cemeteries

Following another, shall we say, controversial innovation in Kyiv, by which a fee was charged to people visiting cemeteries, the Kyiv Prosecutor has carried out a check and cancelled the new system | детальніше

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Lack of jobs becoming ever more noticeable

At the beginning of February there were 930 thousand registered unemployed, with only 86.5 thousand jobs available. This means that for February this year there were 11 people for each job as opposed to 4 at the same time last year | детальніше

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Level of Corruption in Higher Education Admissions Reduced

Monitoring studies conducted by the ACTION) Project has found that the nationwide introduction of standardized external testing contributed to a considerable reduction of the level of corruption during admission processes | детальніше

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Ukraine is not integrating immigrants into society

According to the State Committee on Nationality and Religion, money is not allocated, nor are there any special State programmes for effective integration of immigrants who have received Ukrainian citizenship into society | детальніше

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System of benefits in Ukraine too complicated

This was the general result of a survey to ascertain how people assess the system of benefits, how well-informed they are of their rights with regard to specific benefits, and whether they would prefer targeted financial assistance to the present system | детальніше

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Nobel Laureate critical of IMF policy for Ukraine, Iceland and Pakistan

Joseph Stiglitz said in Paris on Tuesday that he believes recent International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) loans will undermine the economies it is trying to help | детальніше

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Parliament approves moratorium on evictions of publishing and bookselling outlets

The measure should go some way to countering the frightening decline of the book industry in Ukraine which is often compounded by local authorities eager to rent premises to commercial outlets | детальніше

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EU aid to Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova has ’limited’ impact

The European Union’s aid to Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus to help fight corruption, human trafficking and smuggling has made little impact, a report issued on Thursday 15 January by the European Court of Auditors shows. | детальніше

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