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Legal assistance to victims of natural disasters not in the Human Rights Ombudsperson’s scope?

On a strange “response” to a request sent to Nina Karpachova asking her to appeal to the Government to help defend the constitutional rights of victims of the recent devastating floods | detail

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Stark warnings from Transparency International

Ukraine’s raiting has fallen and there are no noticeable signs that measures are being taken to fight corruption | detail

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Cultural organizations can’t compete

The Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union has expressed concerned over the increasing trend by bodies of local self-government to take premises away from organizations working in human rights defence and the cultural sphere | detail

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Karl Marx Mine had ignored orders to stop work

At present rescue work is continuing, however there is little hope of finding the remaining 12 miners alive | detail

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Safety is not just another word

The Head of the Independent Miners’ Union is adamant that the reason for the latest accident in a Donbas mine was systematic neglect of industry safety norms | detail

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The right to education and of freedom of movement violated in Crimean villages

The Crimean Prosecutor is demanding that the government of the autonomous republic take urgent measures to safeguard the rights of residents of the Crimea to education, medical care and freedom of movement. | detail

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Constitutional Court again defends benefits against the Budget

The Court has declared unconstitutional the norms of the Law on the Budget for 2008 which narrow or eliminate benefits and social guarantees for the country’s citizens. | detail

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Experts estimate that 4 and a half million Ukrainians are working abroad

Ukraine must come to an agreement with those countries where migrants are working on the latter’s legalization, on the use of international legal opportunities for defending migrants’ rights, regardless of their status, and improving their social conditions | detail

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IOM says Ukraine is not protecting its labour migrants

Specialist on labour migration believes the lack of progress in overcoming the shadow economy within Ukraine makes it impossible to protect labour rights of Ukrainians abroad | detail

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Mortality rate in Ukraine critically high

Ukrainian scientists say that the mortality rate in Ukraine is the highest in the world. Among the reasons they give are smoking, alcoholism, but also a lack of spiritual values | detail

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Is it good there away from us?

Huge amounts have been written about the problems of Ukrainian migrant workers. It seems that all kinds of civic organizations both Ukrainian and international, UN bodies, etc, are concerned about this issue while the Ukrainian government and State bodies look on passively | detail

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Less and less Ukrainians

Over the first 10 months of the year, according to the State Committee of Statistics, there were 398 thousand births against 630 thousand deaths however the Ministry of Justice asserts that the ratio is decreasing | detail

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Ukrainians believe the courts are the worst for taking bribes.

Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer 2007 reports that Ukrainians see the judiciary, political parties and the police as most corrupt | detail

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Only a word

Transparency International reports a total lack of progress on fighting corruption in Ukraine, with the battle remaining in word, rather than in deed. | detail

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The Price of Zasyadko’s “gold” or Money above life

All of this raises the question of why, if there is still no technology in Ukraine to ensure the safety of the miners in the Zasyadko mine, the management of the enterprise and all State supervisory organizations send men down at such risk | detail

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Every fifth industrial death is that of a miner

Since the beginning of this year, 4,735 miners have been injured, with 120 of the accidents being fatal. Due to lack of timely or else merely formal medical checks and screening, the death rate among miners from heart and vascular disorders remains high | detail

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Call for Ukraine to cancel moratorium on the sale of land

According to the UNDP Blue Ribbon Analytical and Advisory Centre, Ukraine needs to abolish the moratorium on selling agricultural land as soon as possible in order to revitalize the agricultural sector | detail

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Russia falls behind Ukraine on corruption

Not that Ukraine has anything to boast about, having taken 118th place (with 2.7 points) out of 180 countries on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index | detail

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Almost one in two Ukrainians has paid a bribe over the last year

Around 47% of the respondents said that they had paid bribes over the last year (against 50.2% in 2006). Most often, although this was down on last year, this had been to doctors (30.9% against 35.9% in 2006). In second place were bribes to teachers – 16.9%; in third – traffic police – 13.1%. According to Ms Naidyonova, these last two had virtually not changed. | detail

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Constitutional Court cancels norms in the State Budget which had suspended concessions

The Court concluded that a number of these Articles ran counter to Article 1 of the Constitution which states that Ukraine is a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, law-based state | detail

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