Kremlin-backed militant ‘rallies’: machine guns and ‘humanitarian aid’ sold cheap

Leaders of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ have responded to the generally catastrophic humanitarian situation in Donbas and mounting disgruntlement by staging ‘rallies’ with the enticement being free food and / or products sold at very cheap prices | detail

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In Donbas protests against militant rule – and hunger - mounting

The Kremlin-backed militants in Sverdlovsk have come up with pitiful amounts for public sector workers following the angry protests by over a thousand residents last week. | detail

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Donbas Ukrainians feel betrayed

The Ukrainian government has issued a blow to people living in areas under the control of Kremlin-backed militants.  That at least is how many view measures which could leave some of the most vulnerable people in Donbas without pensions, or access to hospitals, etc. | detail

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Part of Mezhyhirya returned to the State

Almost 1.8 hectares of the former State residence and grounds at Mezhyhirya illegally privatized by Viktor Yanukovych has been restored to public ownership | detail

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Positive anti-corruption laws passed with dubious amendments

The adoption of vital anti-corruption legislation, including on the creation of a national anti-corruption bureau was marred by criticism of amendments which anti-corruption campaigners believe may cripple the body | detail

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Law against front organizations passed

Claims that an end has been put to the offshore age may be overly optimistic, however the law passed on Tuesday making it mandatory to name the real owners of companies is undoubtedly a good step. | detail

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Vital anti-corruption legislation passes first hurdle

Draft laws aimed at creating an independent anti-corruption bureau, transparent funding of election campaigns and other measures vital for really fighting corruption in Ukraine were passed at their first reading on Tuesday. They could be adopted in full on Oct 14. | detail

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Journalist investigating prosecutor deal receives threats

One of the journalists on the investigative programme ‘Nashi Hroshi’ on TV ZIK has been threatened while reporting a story. Most disturbing is the fact that the feature in question was about the Prosecutor General’s Office | detail

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Kremlin-backed militants continue ‘appropriating’ vehicles

On the same day that parliament in a secret vote passed a law giving areas controlled by pro-Russian militants special status, a Luhansk website reports another case where a car has simply been taken away by armed members of the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s republic | detail

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Veto Crimea bill or shame Ukraine

Ukraine’s parliament has adopted a bizarrely inappropriate bill on a ‘free economic zone’ in the Crimea which would seriously infringe the rights of Crimean Ukrainians and, by effectively recognizing Russian occupation, cast serious doubts over Ukraine’s position on Crimea. | detail

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Crimean authorities get green light for forceful purchase of private property

A new law adopted by the occupation regime in the Crimea permits the regional authorities to forcibly purchase private property owned by individuals or legal entities. Experts believe that the wording of the document makes it possible for not only land or real estate to be forcibly purchased, but any company | detail

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Corruption watchdogs warn of danger to public procurement transparency

If some urgent decisions are not taken now, in two weeks there could be large-scale disruption to publication of information by tens of thousands of contractors throughout the country | detail

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Akhmetov’s miners go on strike

The miners are not demanding anything excessive, only an increase in their wages to the average wage for the Donbas region. They need publicity to ensure that they’re not just given the sack | detail

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Crucial move to cut secrecy on public spending

A minimum majority in the Verkhovna Rada (226 MPs) has managed to pass an important law opening up information about public procurement and revoking legislative moves under the previous administration which hid vast amounts of public funding from public view | detail

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Parliament kills vital anti-corruption law

The Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday passed one important law on increasing transparency of public procurement and then proved incapable of passing another law which would have prevented concealment of real estate ownership | detail

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Ukraine’s economy remains repressed

According to the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom, Ukraine’s record has only improved by 9 points over the last 20 years and is ranked 155th out of 178 countries in the study, and the worst out of 43 countries in Europe | detail

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5 reasons why corruption is rampant in Ukraine

These include "extremely muddled laws which are also not understood by the public. And that makes it possible to abuse them" | detail

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Important court victory for passengers’ rights

On Sept. 17 the Kyiv Court of Appeal issued a ruling in favour of passengers inconvenienced over the breakdown of the much-vaunted Hyundai trains | detail

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Anti-corruption units for the record

The Cabinet of Ministers has adopted Standard Provisions for anti-corruption units to be formed in all executive bodies which will however answer to the heads of those bodies making the point of the exercis rather questionable | detail

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Another nail in the coffin of private enterprise in Ukraine

The government is proposing to create yet another controlling body. Small business owners complain that all the checks cost them too much, while consumers do not feel any particular benefit from the work of the state regulatory bodies | detail

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