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Victims of Chornobyl: past and present

On the 26th anniversary of the Chornobyl Disaster former Chornobyl clean-up workers gathered to honour the memory of those who sacrificed so much and to protest against the cynical refusal to remember our debt before all Chornobyl veterans | detail

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Fighting corruption: fine words and hard-hitting reports

Of 25 recommendations which Ukraine was given in 2006, less than half (12) have been more or less successfully implemented. Since 2009 when GRECO stressed that 17 recommendations remained unimplemented, only four have been fulfilled | detail

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President’s Administration can’t provide Yanukovych’s copyright agreement

The President’s Administration has informed Ukrainska Pravda that it does not have the agreement according to which President Yanukovych apparently sold rights to his books – past and future - for 16.4 million UAH ($2 million). | detail

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Ukrainian President’s millions in book fees raise eyebrows

An income declaration published on his presidential website claims that in 2011 Yanukovych earned more than 16.4 million hryvnyas ($2 million) in copyright fees for numerous books, including "A Year in Opposition," "A Year in Office," and "How Ukraine Should Live Further," as well as any books he may pen in the future. | detail

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Ongoing pressure on Afghanistan War veterans since action snubbing the President

Members of the organization “Nobody but Us” say that they have been subjected to repression since their action on 15 February when they demonstrably turned their back on Viktor Yanukovych | detail

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Pit No. 8: Illegal Mines in Ukraine

Towards the end of March, illegal mines or “kopanki” attracted public attention over the scandalously abrupt and unexplained removal of the film “Pit No. 8” from the contest at the documentary film festival Docudays.UA. | detail

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Constitutional Court allows MPs to not inform this year’s voters about income

The Constitutional Court has passed yet another judgement reducing the scope of anti-corruption legislation. On 20 March it published its judgement which allows National Deputies to not make public their expenses for the second half of 2011 | detail

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I never promised you a rose garden

Analysis of the promises made last week by President Yanukovych to increase social payouts in preparation for the upcoming presidential elections | detail

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Afghanistan War Veteran alleges pressure after veterans snubbed Yanukovych

Members of the NGO “Nobody but Us” which defends the rights of Afghanistan War veterans assert that the law enforcement officers are trying to arrest the organization’s leader, Oleksand Kovalyov | detail

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More victims of Donbas’ illegal mines

The Donetsk Regional MIA has reported that the bodies have been found of six men who died in an explosion at a kopanka or illegal mine near Yenakiyeve in the Donbas region on 29 February | detail

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Ukrainian farm workers could be left without pensions

Former kolkhoz workers are unable to prove how long they have worked and therefore receive the pension they earned. The problem could be faced by thousands of Ukrainians who have worked on the land all their lives | detail

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Kharkiv Chornobyl clean-up workers picket regional prosecutor’s office

Former Chornobyl clean-up workers assert that not only is the prosecutor failing to defend their rights and not ensuring that court rulings are enforced, but is also allowing the police to trump up criminal investigations against members of their movement | detail

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Fighting Transparency

While the Finance Ministry works to assuage fears that Ukraine could be hurtling towards default, others in power appear more concerned with keeping their dealings well away from public scrutiny or the clutches of the law. | detail

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Leader of Donetsk Afghan Veterans links search of his home with protest actions

The search came two days after 200 Afghanistan War veterans deliberately snubbed President Yanukovych and other public officials by demonstratively turning their back on them | detail

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Initiator of Afghan War veterans’ protest “advised” to leave the country

Oleksandr Kovalyov who initiated the memorable protest on 15 February when around 200 Afghanistan War veterans deliberately snubbed President Yanukovych and other public officials by demonstratively turning their back on them alleges that pressure is being placed on him | detail

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Parliament weakens protection of property rights

By seriously reducing the time limits within which people can apply to the court to have dubious court rulings or contracts revoked, guarantees of people’s rights, especially with regard to ownership, have also been reduced | detail

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Afghanistan War Veterans turn their back on the President - literally

On 15 February, the 23rd anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet soldiers from Afghanistan, around 200 veterans deliberately snubbed President Yanukovych and other public officials by demonstratively turning their back on them. | detail

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Donbas Miners: Neither decent working conditions, nor a normal burial

Civic activists believe that the authorities, including the Mayor and Luhansk Regional Governor, Prystyuk are positively hampering any efforts to bring out the bodies of two miners killed in the latest tragedy at an illegal mine. Each body is more "trouble" for them, more undesirable evidence | detail

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Cold weather deaths shed light on plight of Ukraine’s Homeless

Official statistics put the number of homeless in Ukraine at just 15,000, although civic organizations say the actual figure is closer to 600,000-800,000. | detail

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Black Gold mixed with Blood

The illegal mines in the Donbas region which the authorities pretend have been eradicated or somehow made “legal” continue to claim lives with men often simply left to die when accidents occur | detail

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