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Road to slavery

Work abroad has all the allure of Klondyke’s gold mines for our fellow citizens. It’s not just yesterday’s schoolgirls who forget the saying that free cheese comes only in a mousetrap, but worldly wise construction workers and specialists with a higher education | detail

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Ukraine “leading” in human trafficking

According to figures released by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Belarus and Moldova also top the list of European countries with the largest number of “live commodities” for heavy agricultural labour, prostitution and begging. | detail

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Ukrainian victims of human trafficking freed in Turkey

The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs reports that thanks to their formal request to the Turkish police, 20 Ukrainian women, some of whom they believe to be victims of human traffickers, have been freed. | detail

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16 Ukrainians were slaves in Russia

The Vinnytsa Regional Prosecutor’s Office has launched a criminal investigation against a Moldovan national suspected of human trafficking involving residents of the Vinnytsa region | detail

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Centre for the Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children opens in Kharkiv

One good iniitiative for the huge problem of children living on the streets and desperately in need of help | detail

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The Rights of homeless children in Ukraine: Who’s protecting them?

In Ukraine today there are more than 200 000 children who are homeless, uncared for or who have been taken away from their parents | detail

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Social-legal protection of family, children and youth: ways, form and methods of the solution at the regional level

Main problems and tasks in this sphere, illustrated with real examples and sad statistics. | detail

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Tradition of indifference

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Doomed children

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