Raisa Radchenko released

Raisa Radchenko is already home with her daughter and grandson with the official version presented by the Health Ministry being that her forced psychiatric treatment was warranted, with the treatment having “considerably improved her state of health” | detail

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Health Ministry begins psychiatric examination of Raisa Radchenko

The police appear to have accused Darya Radchenko, the 70-year-old civic activist Raisa Radchenko’s daughter, of obstructing officers when they were forcing her mother into a psychiatric hospital. | detail

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The Courts deprived a man of any chance of survival

Ihor Parfenyuk, who was gravely ill, has died in the Kherson Prison Colony  The prison administration had applied to the court for his early release, however neither HIV, nor hepatitis C, nor tuberculosis of both lungs and the intestine were deemed grounds for the courts to release him | detail

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The Real Danger to the Public

70-year-old civic activist, Raisa Radchenko, remains in a psychiatric hospital against her will while the glimmer of hope provided by a statement from the Human Rights Ombudsperson on Thursday is, for the moment, only that | detail

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AI URGENT ACTION: Forced psychiatric treatment for activist: Raisa Radchenko

Please help call for 70-year-old civic activist Raisa Radchenko to be given a psychiatric examination outside the Zaporizhya Region to ensure impartiality and that she not be subjected to any treatment until she has exhausted all legal remedies; | detail

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Civic Activist to face forced psychiatric treatment

Raisa Radchenko, a civic activist campaigning against corruption in the housing and communal services sphere and the law enforcement agencies has been taken to a psychiatric hospital. The doctors assert she needs inpatient care, she, her family and friends claim it is retailiation for her civic activities | detail

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ECHR asks for information regarding medical care for detainee

The European Court of Human Rights has asked for information regarding medical care being provided a detainee at the Lukyanivsk SIZO in Kyiv who has AIDS. KHPG approached the Court since the detainee’s life is in danger | detail

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A Win for Palliative Care in Ukraine

Terminally ill patients and their families have received a long awaited piece of good news. After decades of restrictive drug policies severely limiting access to opioids for pain relief | detail

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Another Kyiv SIZO detainee’s life in danger

KHPG is calling for urgent measures to ensure that a detainee receive medical treatment and that the court considers a different preventive measure. | detail

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On irresponsible behaviour which left a baby with HIV

Oleh Nesynov from the Kharkiv Human Rights Group Network Legal Aid Network for Vulnerable Groups in Society recently succeeded in getting a child infected with HIV half a million UAH in compensation. | detail

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Health reforms hazardous to health

Human rights organizations have released their annual report on Human Rights in Healthcare – 2012. Its authors note that during the year the situation only improved in the sphere of palliative medicine | detail

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Another senseless death in detention

Another detainee held in a Ukrainian SIZO [remand unit] has died because he was deprived access to methadone replacement therapy | detail

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Court finally listens over death of remand prisoner

Volodymyr Kutsenko, a KHPG lawyer, has finally succeeded - at cassation level in the High Specialized Court on Civil and Criminal Cases - in getting a criminal case initiated over the death of a remand prisoner | detail

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Conflicting assessments of Tymoshenko’s state of health

German doctors from the Charite Clinic in Berlin have examined imprisoned former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and “strongly advise her to continue treatment in hospital conditions | detail

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Lutsenko refused release on health grounds

Ukraine’s leaders have little time left to put aside the selective justice which has led to the imprisonment of the most prominent opposition figures in the country and seriously marred Ukraine’s reputation. The refusal to release Lutsenko is clearly a bad sign. | detail

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When no sentence can be a death sentence

Olena Karas writes of yet another harrowing case where a person with serious illnesses has been held without proper treatment in SIZO [pre-trial detention centre] for a year. | detail

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Why gravely ill prisoners are not released

An analysis of the grounds for turning down applications for early release of prisoners with grave conditions, with these unfortunately including shoddy preparation of applications, etc | detail

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Court hearing or ploy to keep Lutsenko away from the public view?

Former Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko’s lawyers have been informed that their application for Lutsenko’s release on health grounds will be examined in the “courtroom” in the Mensk Prison Colony where Lutsenko is held. | detail

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Relatives report that Lutsenko needs intestinal surgery

Doctors who have examined imprisoned former Interior Minister and opposition leader Yury Lutsenko say that he will need an intestinal operation over the next 6 months. His family insist that this must be at a specialist clinic in Kyiv | detail

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The Fight against drug abuse hits cancer patients

Human rights workers and doctors believe that attempts to control the illicit drug trade are hitting the wrong people, namely people suffering from terminal illnesses who are deprived of urgently needed painkillers. | detail

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