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Lutsenko returned to prison

Irina Lutsenko, wife of imprisoned former Interior Minister and opposition politician, asserts that her husband’s two weeks of treatment in hospital ended as soon as the European Court of Human Rights public hearing in his case was over (on Tuesday) and the international experts left Ukraine | detail

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Ukrainians fork out huge amounts on “free medical care”

There are not enough doctors and State reforms of the medical sector are worsening, not improving the situation. These and other points are discussed in the just released report Human Rights in the Medical Sphere. | detail

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Pshonka issues instruction for Tymoshenko to be treated outside prison

As reported, the European Court of Human Rights decided on 15 March 2012 to indicate to the Ukrainian Government, under Rule 39 that it ensure that former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko receive adequate medical treatment in an appropriate institution. | detail

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Negotiations on treatment of Yulia Tymoshenko in Germany

A spokesperson for the German Government confirmed on Saturday that the Government is holding talks with Kyiv on treating former Prime Minister and opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko in a German hospital | detail

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Ukrainian doctors admit Tymoshenko needs hospital care

Ukrainian doctors have admitted that jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is in need of hospital care as her health deteriorates. | detail

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Former ECHR Judge: Sanctions will be serious if Tymoshenko not given proper treatment

Former Judge from Ukraine at the Court in Strasbourg, Volodymyr Butkevych stresses that the very fact of the application of Rule 39 indicates that the Court does not believe the prison is in a position to provide the necessary medical care | detail

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European Court of Human Rights orders that Tmoshenko be hospitalized (updated)

According to former Prime Minister and opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko’s defence lawyer, Serhiy Vlasenko, the European Court of Human Rights has applied Rule 39 and ordered the government of Ukraine to treat Ms Tymoshenko in hospital | detail

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Council of Europe Secretary General concerned about YuliaTymoshenko’s health

On Monday Thorbjørn Jagland today expressed his concerns over the treatment of persons detained in Ukraine. He also expressed particular concern about Yulia Tymoshenko’s deteriorating health condition | detail

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Patients’ rights in domestic courts

Ukrainians who have suffered from doctors’ mistakes are normally pessimistic about their chances of gaining redress in domestic courts however at a press conference this week human rights activists demonstrated that justice can be found closer to home | detail

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Lutsenko trial: forced day out with Prosecutor hurling allegations

Dmytro Loban, the State Prosecutor asserted at a press briefing that the former Internal Affairs Minister had “refused” to go to court; that the Penitentiary Service medical staff saw no grounds and that it was the defence’s fault that he had been in court for 15 hours the day before until 23.30 | detail

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Karpachova: Tymoshenko needs medical treatment outside SIZO

The Human Rights Ombudsperson Nina Karpachova hs stated that former Prime Minister, presidential candidate and opposition leader, Yulia Tymoshenko, is in a grave condition in the detention unit [SIZO]. Ms Karpachova made an unannounced visit the previous evening | detail

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Political Motives behind Failure to treat Yury Lutsenko?

Despite serious grounds for concern over the former Minister of Internal Affairs’ health, as well as over his prosecution and detention in general, Judge Serhiy Vovk is refusing to hospitalize him, claiming that the SIZO Administration is responsible for his treatment | detail

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Healthcare for Remand Prisoners should be under the Health Ministry

Human rights stress the need for a range of measures to ensure that prisoners receive proper medical care, including removing medical staff from under the jurisdiction of the State Penitentiary Service and making changes to the Penal Code and the Law on Pre-Trial Detention; | detail

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Patients in detention must receive medical care!

Measures are planned on 6 October to highlight the grave situation in Ukrainian SIZO [pre-trial detention centres] where people with illnesses, sometimes very serious, are not given proper treatment or moved to the appropriate hospitals | detail

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Yury Lutsenko kept in custody despite his state of health

Despite clear warnings from doctors about a serious health condition, the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv on Monday refused to release former Minister of Foreign Affairs Yury Lutsenko from custody | detail

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Irina Lutsenko accuses authorities of trying to blur her husband’s diagnosis

Irina Lutsenko, wife of the former Minister of Internal Affairs, Yury Lutsenko, has confirmed that her husband was taken on Thursday morning for examination at the Kyiv City Diagnostic Centre | detail

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Lutsenko’s health in hands of procrastinating officials

Iryna Lutsenko, wife of former Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko has asked the presiding judge in the trial of her husband, Serhiy Vovk to give permission for him to receive professional medical care outside the SIZO or detention unit. Vovk refused | detail

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Penal authorities promise more tests for Yury Lutsenko, not hospital care

During examinations in May, the results of which were only made public last week, and on 30 August, doctors considered that the former Minister of Internal Affairs required specialized hospital care. Instead he continues to be held in a detention centre without the appropriate specialists or equipment with more examinations prescribed | detail

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Ombudsperson calls for Lutsenko to receive hospital treatment

The Human Rights Ombudsperson, Nina Karpachova has appealed to the management of the Penitentiary Service over the state of health of former Minister of internal Affairs, Yury Lutsenko who has been held in detention since December 2010 | detail

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Failure to provide Yury Lutsenko with Medical Care constitutes Inhuman Treatment. Document 4

The Committee warns that failure to provide medical care for the former Minister of Internal Affairs held in custody since December 2010 is in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights. It demands that Lutsenko be immediately provided with proper specialized hospital care | detail

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