Vaccinations only with parents’ consent: has anything changed?

The problem has up till now been, and is likely to remain, the fact that if parents do not give consent, the child cannot remain in the school | detail

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UN in Ukraine Press-Conference to mark World AIDS Day 2009

Actual government allocations for AIDS in 2009 in Ukraine fell 40% short of the amount named for 2009 in the State AIDS Programme, adopted as law by the Parliament earlier this year | detail

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Spread of HIV/AIDS in the world is abating, not so in Ukraine

According to the latest UNAIDS report, figures are on the rise generally in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 90% of all new cases of HIV in this region were in Russia and Ukraine. | detail

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Is the HIV/AIDS situation in Ukraine stabilizing?

The International Alliance on Combating HIV-AIDS and UNAIDS say that the rate at which HIV-AIDS is spreading among high-risk groups – injecting drug addicts and women sex workers has slowed down significantly | detail

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No innovation, but profanation

The results of an Accounting Chamber audit of a programme on introducing innovative technologies to provide prosthetic orthopaedic equipment are fairly damning | detail

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Conclusions on monitoring of patients’ rights

The monitoring carried out two rural districts of the Kharkiv region shows clearly how empty the words about free medical care are | detail

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Do you need to grab for a gun to get a wheelchair from the State?

Thanks to UHHRU and an organization for the disabled, Oleksandr Melnyk, driven to despair by the callous indifference of the authorities and court, has received a pardon – and the wheelchair he shouldn’t have had to fight for | detail

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Your health – and ours

With an epidemic raging, who in their right mind would reduce the number of hospital beds, personnel and facilities for fighting the disease? Calling on all who care about their health, football and Euro-2012 to help us force the Kharkiv authorities to come to their senses | detail

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Tuberculosis is the illness, the authorities – the diagnosis

This was just one of the banners displayed during a picket on 24 March organized by KHPG to mark World TB Day and to draw attention to the criminally irresponsible measures taken by the city authorities in radically cutting facilities | detail

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World marks TB Day while the Kharkiv authorities fuel the epidemic

The Kharkiv authorities have, as threatened, closed three tuberculosis units and are planning further reductions. This is despite widespread criticism, including from the Ministry of Health and is in direct violation of a number of laws and the Constitution | detail

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«You’re right!”: Documentary film on patients’ rights

The documentary film is part of the Sixth International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival – – beginning this Friday, 27 March in Kyiv | detail

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Important new website on protecting patients’ rights

It is intended to facilitate effective cooperation between nongovernmental organizations, medical workers, patients’ associations, leading lawyers, journalists and members of the public on protecting rights in the area of healthcare | detail

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Kharkiv authorities stubbornly “reorganizing” tuberculosis epidemic

All use the word “reorganization”, clearly aware that the words “reduction” and “closure” are all too brutal – though much closer to the truth | detail

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Start tackling those who push illegal drugs

Representatives of Ukrainian and international NGOs are calling on the authorities responsible for policy on narcotic substances to demonstrate greater transparency and openness | detail

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If the State wants people to drink themselves into the grave, they’re going the right way about it

Every year in Ukraine 40 thousand people die as the result of alcoholism. This approximate figure is named by consultants on alcohol dependence | detail

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7 Pharmaceutical companies suspected of banding together to raise prices. The list could get longer

The Anti-Monopoly Committee’s preliminary findings suggest that a conspiracy between several pharmaceutical companies could have heightened a rise in prices of medicines | detail

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Proposed changes to system of insulin supply deferred

The Cabinet of Ministers had been proposing to provide money for insulin to people suffering from diabetes directly. Huge concern had been expressed by doctors and civic organizations, especially given the economic crisis | detail

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Fighting or fuelling the tuberculosis epidemic?

The measures being undertaken in Kharkiv leave little scope for questions, except maybe whether the authorities are oblivious or simply indifferent to the catastrophic results they are risking through their actions | detail

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Update on critical situation with anti-tuberculosis units in the Kharkiv region

If the inpatient facilities of City Clinic No. 1 are cut, then the funding for the regional units will have to cover patients from the city. At present the region’s anti-tuberculosis units have 1070 inpatient places and 380 places in sanatoriums this being clearly not sufficient | detail

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Recklessly irresponsible reduction in anti-tuberculosis units in Kharkiv

KHPG is sounding the alarm over an extraordinary and highly dangerous reduction in anti-tuberculosis facilities in the city. | detail

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