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Some cheering figures on the AIDS front in Ukraine

According to the Head of the Regional Centre for Prevention and Treatment of AIDS Stanislav Servetsky, the number of deaths from AIDS In the Odessa region during 2006 fell by 50%. | detail

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Experts warn of misused funds destined for fighting AIDS

A representative of the All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS warns that while the corrupt deals which marred Ukraine’s reputation have stopped, the procedure for tenders is still not transparent | detail

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The situation with healthcare is critical

KHPG, in monitoring healthcare services, plans in the next months to establish how transparent in fact the expenditure on central district hospitals is, what modern equipment they have, whether they have ambulance teams and cars and how able they are to send doctors to each populated area, as well as whether they have sufficient supplies of blood. | detail

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AIDS in Ukraine spreading faster than almost anywhere else in Europe

Today, 1 December, is World AIDS Day. According to UNAIDS and WHO figures 90% of all cases of HIV infection in Eastern Europe and Central Asia are in Russia and Ukraine. | detail

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Sugar Diabetes: not a sweet life

The state took upon itself the task of providing the insulin-dependent part of the population with medication. This is a commitment that cannot be neglected, with people’s lives in the balance | detail

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279 HIV-infected babies born in Ukraine in 2006

The number of HIV-infected mothers is rising by 20% each year. Yet, according to specialists, modern medicine is capable of enabling such women to give birth to healthy babies | detail

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Civic organizations in the Lviv region launch a movement against total vaccinations

Civic organizations in the Lviv region are proposing that public hearings be held with the involvement of doctors and legal experts on the issue of children’s vaccinations, the compulsory nature of which is an infringement of constitutional and civic rights | detail

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Are children’s vaccinations harmful?

The present system whereby parents may - or may not - find out about their child’s vaccination, and the school may - or may not - find out about reasons why a child shouldn’t receive a vaccination needs to be addressed | detail

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“On a doctor’s liability, and not only..”

The author argues that doctors must be freed from idiotic paperwork, and recognized as professionals able to make responsible decisions - and answer for them | detail

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An “Obstetrics situation”

About those valiant women giving birth in Kharkiv and what they, and their doctors, go through | detail

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Human rights group calls for public councils to work on reforming the ailing health service

The Kharkiv Working Group of the International Society for Human Rights Ukrainian Section has issued a statement regarding the need for work in the area of health care | detail

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Xeroxed medical certificates?

Human beings are so difficult - they can’t even be ill in accordance with centralized medical certificate issue quotas | detail

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