EU: Nonparticipation of ’key opposition figures in elections to influence EU’s assessment

The European Union, while making its assessment of the holding of parliamentary elections in Ukraine, will take into account the fact that "key opposition representatives" cannot participate in them | detail

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EU + US concern over coming elections

In an opinion article entitled Ukraine’s Troubling Trends, Hillary Clinton and Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative on Foreign Affairs and Security Policy have outlined some of the concerns regarding next Sunday’s parliamentary elections | detail

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OPORA observer prevented from watching receipt of ballot papers

On 23 October an official observer from the civic network OPORA, Olha Martynovska was not allowed to attend the meeting of District Electoral Commission No. 59 (centre: Maryinka, Donetsk oblast). | detail

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OPORA official observer refused registration

OPORA notes that this is not the first time that attempts have been made by DEC to obstruct observers from registering. This time, on receipt of the official refusal, OPORA will turn to the court | detail

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Jagland: Strasbourg judgements on Tymoshenko and Lutsenko must be enforced

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe says that he has told Ukraine’s leaders that the fact that the elections are taking place without Tymoshenko will probably lead to further protest and that there is the danger that because of this the elections will not be viewed as fair and free | detail

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Public sector workers complain of being coerced to vote for Party of the Regions

Members of staff of a territorial social services centre in Dnipropetrovsk say that they were made to give written statements of support for the Party of the Regions at the elections and to provide personal data | detail

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Party of the Regions campaigners in Kyiv pretend to be from electoral commission

Kateryna Dyachuk, a journalist from the Institute for Mass Information reports that an apparent member of representative of electoral precinct No. 800247 in electoral district No. 215 (the Desnyansky District in Kyiv) tried to campaign on behalf of the Party of the Regions | detail

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Donetsk CVU appeals to journalists

The Donetsk Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine has issued an official appeal to journalists and the media following the latest example of entirely erroneous information supposedly emanating from the CVU | detail

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Campaign in the Crimea is becoming criminal

Andriy Krisko, Head of the Crimean Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] has expressed grave concern over the increasingly wide-scale use of illegal activities during the election campaign in the Crimea | detail

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Police search of popular Kherson region parliamentary candidate

Fedir Nehoy is the General Director of the market, and is considered by analysts to be in the first three candidates for No. 186 electoral district along with Zhuravko from the Party of the Regions and Kateryna Samoilyk from the Communist Party | detail

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Disturbingly misleading monitoring from the State Broadcasting Committee

NGOs have reacted with concern at an attempt to use highly original monitoring by the State Committee on TV and Radio Broadcasting to manipulate public opinion in Ukraine and abroad | detail

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Public opinion monitors sued

The Sociological Association of Ukraine has issued a statement over the law suit lodged against sociological services. | detail

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Court of Appeal reinstates issue of Luhansk paper “Our Choice”

The Donetsk Administrative Court of Appeal has overturned the ruling of the Leninsky District Court in Luhansk which had ordered issue of Nash Vybir – Our Choice suspended until after the elections | detail

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Leaders in (ab)use of administrative resources identified

OPORA has drawn up a list of heads of regional administrations rated from the point of view of how they are using administrative resource to influence the elections. | detail

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Most covert political advertising in September about Azarov and Tihipko

According to the monitoring carried out by the Institute for Mass Information, 11% of the material in the printed press was political “dzhynsa” [commissioned material presented as “news”] | detail

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Brazen efforts at creating malleable electoral commissions

Roman Yakel gives more worrying details of efforts by those in power to fiddle the makeup of precinct electoral commissions and / or set the scene for declaring void inconvenient results. | detail

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On the upcoming parliamentary elections in Ukraine

In a joint statement by High Representative/ Vice-President Catherine Ashton and EU Commissioner Štefan Füle concern is expressed over lack of political pluralism on television and of transparency of the activities of the Central Election Commission | detail

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Police block streets for removal of anti-Regions Party candidate leaflets

In Rozdilna (Odessa region), several blocks were cordoned off by police while municipal workers pulled down leaflets with information against a parliamentary candidate from the Party of the Regions, Oleksandr Presman | detail

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Kharkiv court bans opposition rally in city centre

The Kharkiv District Administrative Court has allowed an application from the Kharkiv City Council and prohibited one of the leaders of the United Opposition from meeting with voters on Freedom Square on 15 October. | detail

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OPORA: CCTV at polling stations a mark of façade democracy

While President Yanukovych asserts that video cameras at polling stations will prove that the coming elections are transparent and elections, analysts and opposition members say that they create pretence while avoiding the real sources of rigging | detail

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