OPORA: 525 infringements of electoral legislation in September

OPORA states that “as a result of wide-scale use of administrative resources in favour of certain parties and candidates, the possibilities for competitive and open political struggle between election players is extremely restricted | detail

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Chernivtsi school – overt political campaigning for Party of the Regions candidate

OPORA reports that on 26 September in the village of Konovka, Chernivtsi oblast, they found a Party of the Regions flag on the local school as well as Party of the Regions campaigining material in support of Artem Semenyuk | detail

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Party of the Regions fails to close popular Rivne weekly

The Rivne District Administrative Court has rejected a civil suit from the Party of the Regions which demanded that the court prohibit issue of the newspaper “Rivne Vechirnye | detail

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Luhansk regional court bans newspaper “Our Choice” until end of elections

The court’s reasons seem disturbingly trivial and the “repeat” infringement would seem to have occurred because the respondents had not been informed of previous rulings. | detail

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CVU reports Luhansk police interference in electoral process

A parliamentary candidate has been prevented from attending a meeting of voters because the police threatened to detain him for holding an unauthorized gathering. | detail

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Surge of dodgy „public opinion surveys”

Iryna Bekeshkina, Director of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation says that the situation is worse than during previous elections in that earlier such dodgy “studies” were not reported by leading television channels. | detail

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CVU criticizes process for forming precinct electoral commissions

The Central Election Commission’s change of the Rules of Procedure for running the draw led to certain election players being deprived of representation on electoral commissions and the appointment to PEC of a considerable number of people who do not have the relevant training | detail

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Elections in the Crimea: Black PR and bribing the voters

The Crimean Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine reports widespread use of black PR methods, manipulation of information and bribing of voters. Unfortunately the election campaign in the Crimea stands out from the rest of Ukraine for another reason | detail

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ENEMO: Video the vote count as well

In an interview given to TV Channel 5, Peter Novotny, Head of the Observation Mission for the European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations spoke of the use of video cameras and of a number of infringements already detected | detail

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Memorandum on standards of coverage of election campaign

Internews Ukraine and the Institute for the Development of the Regional Press have drawn up a Memorandum on Standards of Coverage of the Election Campaign and invite other journalists to join them | detail

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CEC prohibits voting outside electoral district

Oleksandr Chernenko, Head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine welcomes the move, but says that from a legal point of view such restrictions are questionable and easy to challenge in court | detail

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On selecting electoral commission members

The Luhansk Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine writes that the method of holding a draw thought up in the Central Election Committee has proven too complicated for district electoral commission [DEC] lawyers | detail

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Involvement of district administrations in electoral commission fiddles

Civic activists in different parts of Ukraine report worrying cases of flagrant interference by state administrations aimed at ensuring that the members of electoral committees are people dependent on those now in power or bribed | detail

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CVU on real instruments for fighting bribery and use of administrative resources

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine has presented a human rights project on legal support and education for vulnerable groups via the creation of a network of permanent and mobile public advice centres | detail

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OPORA accuses CEC of destroying the system of mutual control on commissions

In a worrying move, the Central Election Commission has changed its rules on the draw for precinct electoral commission members bringing this closer to the system for district electoral commissions already slammed by election monitoring groups | detail

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Crimean CVU spurns dubious “Supervisory Council”

The Crimean Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] states that it is not planning to join the Supervisory Council (on Lawfulness and Transparency in Running the Election Campaign) created under the Crimean Parliament | detail

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NDI: Immediate and concerted steps needed to increase voter confidence in parliamentary elections

Noting a disturbingly low level of public confidence in political institutions, a National Democratic Institute pre-election assessment delegation urged action addressing problems, real and perceived, that threaten to undermine the integrity of the parliamentary elections | detail

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Party of the Regions accused of using voters’ personal data

Civic activists in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast have accused parliamentary candidates from the Party of the Regions of unlawful use of voters’ personal data from school journals | detail

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CEC implicated in electoral commission fiddles in the Donetsk oblast?

The Central Election Commission would unfortunately seem to have taken a direct role in this unsubtle fiddle aimed at getting a Party of the Regions head of the No. 55 district electoral commission | detail

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Regions Party deputies on electoral commissions in disguise

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine Donetsk regional branch reports that deputies from the Party of the Regions are working as members of district electoral commissions [DEC] as representatives of the “Union of Anarchists of Ukraine”, “Rus Yednyna” and “Ruska Yednist”. | detail

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