Displaced by Russian aggression, now stripped of right to vote

The law on local elections just passed deprives the huge number of displaced people in Ukraine of the right to cast their vote in the elections due in October this year | detail

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Surreal battle of old and new members at Donetsk electoral commission

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] and OPORA report that scandal continues over Donetsk oblast electoral district No. 59, where abnormal turnout and ballot stuffing were reported on Election Day | detail

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Peace, lustration, economic prosperity – what the public voted for

According to the results of the National Exit Poll, almost half (46%) of those who voted on Oct 26 believe the main priorities to be achieving peace and ensuring that the country is able to defend itself. 25% saw lustration and overcoming corruption as a priority, while 19.5% mentioned resolution of economic issues as of primary importance. | detail

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Crimean Tatars ignored in Ukraine’s new parliament

Members of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, or representative-executive assembly have expressed disillusionment over the failure by Ukrainian political parties to ensure that Crimean Tatars are represented in the new Ukrainian parliament | detail

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CVU: Electoral reform must be part of any coalition agreement

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] stresses the need for an electoral code and properly held local elections before any decentralization can be carried out | detail

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Russia’s Right Sector Fever and its Victims

Russian media response to the galling failure by Ukrainian voters to provide any indication of a descent into ‘fascism’ was predictable: they shouted louder. In the meantime at least 7 people remain in detention on absurd ‘Right Sector plot’ charges. | detail

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Significant number of ‘new’ MPs voted in Jan 16 dictatorial laws

Despite active campaigning to ensure that voters knew which MPs voted for the Jan laws aimed at crushing peaceful protest, freedom of speech and civil society in general, it is claimed that around 65 MPs who voted for them have been re-elected | detail

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CVU: serious concerns over at least 2 single mandate constituencies

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine believes the elections should be declared invalid in the Kirovohrad oblast No. 102 single mandate constituency where former secretary of the Kyiv City Council Oles Dovhy is in the lead | detail

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Fighting stops vote count in Donetsk oblast

This was the first report of shelling since voting began on Sunday, however the conflict took its toll on the elections in the Donetsk oblast with only around 42% able to vote | detail

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Ukrainian voters drive off ‘carousel’ vote-riggers

Voting is underway in Ukraine and against all odds appears to be going reasonably well. Small but welcome indicators are a wonderful response from responsible voters in Dubno, the fact that the websites of the 2 main election watchdogs have not been subjected to DDoS attacks. The police are also reporting electoral irregularities, not implicated in them as they were in 2012 | detail

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Dangerous war heroes on Ukraine’s political scene

A number of candidates are likely to enter parliament because of their role in defending Ukraine against Russian aggression. Unfortunately there are some whose political background makes their possible victory on a wave of support for war heroes of serious concern | detail

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45% in Donetsk oblast will not vote

According to the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] 1.5 million people in the Donetsk oblast (45%) will not take part in the parliamentary elections on Oct 26. In the Luhansk oblast people in the territory bordering on the zone of fighting are frightened to vote. | detail

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Thousands of soldiers prevented from voting

Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada has failed to introduce amendments to electoral legislation which would have enabled military servicemen from the ATO zone to vote in the elections | detail

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Crimean ‘elections’: boycott, spoilt ballot papers and pre-determined result

Any hopes that Russia’s occupation regime in the Crimea had of legitimizing its rule appear to have been in vain with most Crimean Tatars and many other Ukrainians boycotting the elections or writing ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ across the ballot paper | detail

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Menaces de poursuites judiciaires contre les Criméens qui votent en Ukraine

Sergei Aksenov, chef du gouvernement fantoche "élu" quelques heures après l’invasion de la Crimée par les forces armées russes, a menacé de poursuites judiciaires les Ukrainiens qui feraient le déplacement depuis la Crimée pour aller voter dans le district de Kherson aux élections parlementaires ukrainiennes d’octobre. | detail

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Crimeans threatened with prosecution for voting in Ukrainian elections

Sergei Aksenov, head of the puppet government ‘elected’ hours after Russian forces invaded the Crimea, has threatened to impose criminal liability on Ukrainians who go from the Crimea to the Kherson oblast to vote in Ukraine’s October parliamentary elections | detail

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Crimean opponents of United Russia party prevented from running in elections

A number of well-known politicians and officials in the Crimea have lost any chance of running in the Crimean parliamentary election on September 14. | detail

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MPs told it’s money that stops them changing electoral law

Members of the civic initiative “Re-elections by Different Rules” are demanding proper amendments to parliamentary elections legislation and believe MPs’ procrastination is governed by venal motives | detail

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Russian fake shows CEC claiming Right Sector win

Ukraine’s presidential elections brought good news for the country, both in an outright win for one candidate and in the negligible support given to far-right candidates. Both were a blow to the Kremlin. So devastating that Russia’s First TV channel obligingly sought to soften it. Or just claim deceit. | detail

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Crimean Tatars come to Kherson oblast to vote

A large number of Crimean Tatars of different ages set off on Sunday in around 20 cars to vote in Ukraine’s presidential elections | detail

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