Russian fake shows CEC claiming Right Sector win

Ukraine’s presidential elections brought good news for the country, both in an outright win for one candidate and in the negligible support given to far-right candidates. Both were a blow to the Kremlin. So devastating that Russia’s First TV channel obligingly sought to soften it. Or just claim deceit. | detail

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Crimean Tatars come to Kherson oblast to vote

A large number of Crimean Tatars of different ages set off on Sunday in around 20 cars to vote in Ukraine’s presidential elections | detail

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Donetsk: pro-Russian gunmen terrorize polling stations

The very few polling stations which even opened following days of systematic attacks, seizures and threats from Kremlin-backed militants are being forced to close | detail

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Donetsk region: Hostages to lawless armed militants

The following statement issued by authoritative Donetsk civic organizations refers mainly to the Donetsk oblast, but also reflects the atmosphere of terror, threats and violence imposed by pro-Russian militants in the neighbouring Luhansk oblast. | detail

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Donetsk election commission work – conspiratorial and dangerous

Armed pro-Russian ‘separatists’ are using all means, including attacks on polling stations (and election commissions); hostage-taking and threats to frighten members of election commissions and voters | detail

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More armed attacks on Luhansk regional election commissions

In one case the armed pro-Russian militants were helped to remove documentation and computer technology by the police ‘guard’ | detail

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Luhansk CVU: election commission members are not cannon fodder

The Luhansk Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine stresses that election commission members must not be used as cannon fodder in the fight between the Kyiv authorities and Luhansk separatists, and believes in some districts the elections cannot be held. | detail

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Armed militants attack election commission in Artemivsk

In the latest attack on election commissions in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, gunmen behaved extremely aggressively and stole not only commission documentation, but also members’ personal items | detail

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CVU warms of heavy pressure on election commission heads

Oleksandr Chernenko, head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine has spoken of the methods which pro-Russian militants are applying to deter heads of district election commissions in eastern regions from taking part in the elections. | detail

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Luhansk: Pro-Russian militants threaten election officials with reprisals

Pro-Russian separatists have threatened members of the Antratsyt District Election Commission with reprisals against them and their families if they continue to work towards the May 25 presidential elections. Others have turned up at the DEC in Krasny Luch | detail

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Armed militants attack Luhansk regional election commission

Masked and heavily armed men have attacked a district election commission and injured its head. They appear to be working in close coordination with a Party of the Regions deputy and with police tacit support, if not connivance | detail

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CVU: Don’t deprive Ukrainians of their voting rights

“Attempts to deprive residents of the Luhansk region, Ukrainian citizens, of the opportunity to vote at the early presidential elections on May 25, 2014 are illegal and criminal" | detail

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CEC: The presidential elections will not be stopped

Andriy Mahera, deputy head of the Central Election Commission has however reported that the Central Election Commission has been forced to close 14 offices of the State Registrar of Voters in Donbas due to the recent events | detail

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Another vote demolishes Russian claims

Yet another survey has found extremely low support for the changes at present being pushed by Kremlin-supported militants in the east of Ukraine, while giving some interesting results regarding the presidential elections due on May 25. | detail

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Parliament finally adopts important local election amendments

A small majority in parliament on Tuesday adopted a law introducing amendments to the gravely flawed local elections act. Among the most important changes are those concerning the makeup of election commissions which played a major role in vote rigging over recent elections. | detail

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MPs are jeopardizing local elections

Ukraine’s leading election watchdogs warn of procrastination in passing vital amendments to the most heavily criticized electoral law in Ukraine’s history | detail

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CVU issues list of undesirable election commission members

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine has marked the beginning of the presidential election campaign by issuing a list of members of election commissions believed to have been involved in vote rigging and other irregularities during previous elections | detail

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Hired thugs at all electoral districts

All election observers noted the large number of “titushki” or athletic young men, often hired to pick fights, etc in or around polling stations and near electoral commissions | detail

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Observer ejected for noticing infringements

Maria Tomak, an official OPORA observer at Obukhiv (Kyiv oblast), was removed by members of the precinct electoral commission for “provocative behaviour” after she recorded an attempt by one of the PEC members to steal ballot papers | detail

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CVU: Election results already distorted

As well as rampant vote-buying, the Committee of Voters of Ukraine reports a suspicious number of unidentified individuals around or in polling stations and the district election commissions; obstruction of observers and numerous other infringements | detail

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