The Real Barricades

European integration is Ukraine’s chance to climb out of a post-Soviet dead-end. That, however, means real commitment to electoral and other democratic values, not more cosmetic touches which will have rubbed off before any agreement can be ratified | detail

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Budget sector workers deployed in battle over Kyiv local elections

Berkut riot police were, as usual, out in force and attempts by protesters to prevent a much disputed session of the Kyiv City Council on Monday morning failed | detail

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Adjustable Goalposts

The process underway in Ukraine of moving all goalposts may lack finesse, but it is certainly comprehensive. Adjust all rules; add your own referee and you’re home and dry. Two Kyiv Administrative Court rulings on 9 August were disturbingly predictable. | detail

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Prominent civic activists jailed for five days

Prominent journalists and civic activists Ihor Lutsenko and Yehor Sobolev have been jailed for 5 days over a peaceful, f unconventional, attempt to draw attention to the refusal to call new elections for Kyiv Mayor and City Council | detail

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CVU: Too many corrupt deeds to lose power lightly

CVU: In an interview for Ukrainska Moloda, the head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU], Oleksandr Chernenko was asked whether the Presidential elections might be postponed; about the likely role played by Yulia Tymoshenko and other questions | detail

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Court finds expired term of office for Kyiv Council no impediment

Kyiv’s District Administrative Court on Friday allowed a session of the Kyiv City Council to be called and held, finding that the work of this council was lawful. This is despite the fact that the term of office clearly stipulated in the Constitution has expired | detail

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Attempt underway to neutralize Kyiv voters’ choice for Mayor?

The government is increasing the powers of the Head of the Kyiv City State Administration [KCSA] Oleksandr Popov. Observers and the opposition see this as an attempt to neutralize the future mayor chosen by Kyiv residents. | detail

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Ukraine ignores most recommendations on electoral legislation

The Justice Ministry has ignored most of the Venice Commission’s recommendations on changes to electoral legislation with only 2 of 10 recommendations on improvements in legislation fully taken into account | detail

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CVU: Donetsk MPs not worried about keeping election promises

A study has found that MPs’ legislative activities are little in keeping with those promises, and most of their time is spent lobbying their business interests | detail

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Italy rejects Romanyuk extradition request

Not unexpectedly, a Milan court has refused to extradite Viktor Romanyuk, parliamentary candidate in the problematic single-mandate electoral district No. 94. The criminal charges were brought after an election which Romanyuk was winning until a court invalidated 30 thousand votes on application from his Party of the Regions rival | detail

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One of Ukraine’s richest men wins Sevastopol by-elections

Both main election watchdogs – OPORA and the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] point to a number of infringements of legislation and international standards in Sunday’s by-election for 224 single mandate election district No. 224, but do not believe the infringements distorted the outcome. | detail

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Two other MPs stripped of mandates, pay and aides

Verkhovna Rada Speaker Volodymyr Rybak has instructed that Pavlo Baloha and Oleksandr Dombrowsky have their MP cards cancelled, as well as their pay, and the powers of their consultants, following the highly controversial court ruling in February | detail

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Referendum Law could jeopardize Ukraine’s stability

Venice Commission Secretary Thomas Markert mentions the Commission’s concern that the controversial National Referendum Law allows for amendments to be made to the Constitution on the basis of a referendum despite the Constitutional stipulation that all amendments must be passed by a constitutional majority in parliament | detail

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Political will missing on electoral code

The Venice Commission and OSCE have been told by the government and Party of the Regions that an electoral code will not be adopted, and that only a few amendments will be made to the referendum law | detail

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Cherkasy CVU warns of possible vote-buying setups

While the lack of a law on the re-elections and an official start to the campaign, there is no way of stopping such behaviour which raises concern already about the fairness of the coming re-election | detail

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Venice Commission critical of National Referendum Law

The Commission reiterates previously expressed concern that the role of parliament must not be undermined. It states that "the most problematic provisions in the law under examination concern the possibility to hold referendums on popular initiative on a new Constitution or constitutional amendments." | detail

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EU Delegation expresses concern over postponement of Kyiv elections

A spokesperson said that the EU is closely following common democratic principles such as free and fair elections. | detail

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Constitution to Order

On 30 May 2013 Ukraine’s Constitutional Court once again came up with the political goods in a judgement as worthy of EU scrutiny as the manipulative game Kyiv is playing over relations with the Customs Union | detail

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Party of the Regions less than clean mayoral sweep

Sunday’s preterm elections resulted in all six cities involved gaining Party of the Regions Mayors. While the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] and OPORA both reported infringements in other places as well, two cities – Yalta and Vasylkiv – were of particular concern | detail

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CVU: Yalta elections rigged before polling stations closed

According to the Crimea branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU], the elections for Mayor of Yalta on 2 June 2013 were flagrantly falsified during the last four hours of voting. | detail

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